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Toshiba XM-6401B Instruction Manual

Toshiba XM-6401B Instruction Manual

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APRIL 2000


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  • Page 2 TOSHIBA AMERICA ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, INC. Storage Device Division 35 Hammond Irvine, CA 92618 Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. © 1998 TOSHIBA AMERICA ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, INC. All rights reserved Printed in USA TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive P/N 470073-B0...
  • Page 3 TXM6401F1 Certification Date: 11/9/98 Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. - SDD 35 Hammond, Irvine, CA 92618 This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 4 Photo CD symbol is a trademark of Kodak used under license. Future Domain is a registered trademark of Adaptec Must be used with Kodak approved host adapter board and software driver. Version Date Published Revised Contents December 1998 Initial release April 2000 DPD to SDD TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Operating the CD Loading Tray .......... 20 Emergency Eject ..............21 Specifications ................22 Performance ................. 22 Environmental Conditions ........... 24 Physical Characteristics ............25 Technical Support ..............26 Repair Center ................. 27 Warranty ................28 TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    This manual covers both the internal CD-ROM (XM-6401B) and the external CD-ROM (TXM6401F1). Instructions in this manual apply to both models, unless otherwise stated. The XM-6401B is one of the fastest CD-ROM drives currently avail- able. Features include: ➬ 40X speed Brings leading edge performance.
  • Page 7: Scsi Drives

    SCSI DRIVES he XM-6401B is a SCSI-2 (Small Computer Systems Inter- face) device. Some other SCSI devices you may already have connected to your computer are scanners, tape drives, or an- other CD-ROM drive. PC SYSTEMS: To add a SCSI device to your computer, you must have a SCSI interface card already in place.
  • Page 8: Installing Cd-Rom

    External Terminator (TXM6401F1 installations only) ❑ Power Cord (TXM6401F1 installations only) INSTALLING AN INTERNAL CD-ROM (XM-6401B) The instructions that follow are for use on PC systems only. In order to install your internal CD-ROM successfully, you will need to com- plete the following steps: ☛...
  • Page 9: Cd-Rom Jumper Settings

    OFF. This section will discuss the following jumper settings: SCSI ID, Parity, Eject, Test/ Audio Reproduction, Termination, and Power Supply. SCSI-ID 0 Spare no jumpers Jumper on ID1, 2 or 4 Plug TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 10 The Parity Jumper should be set to OFF (no jumper present). This jumper activates/de-activates the parity bit check function on the SCSI data bus. This enhances data bus reliability. (Cannot be used if no parity generation function is provided on the I/F card.) TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 11 This jumper turns termination power ON or OFF. If you are “daisy- chaining” a series of SCSI devices (connecting more than one SCSI device to your system), and the XM-6401B CD-ROM is not at the end of the chain, you must remove the jumper.
  • Page 12: Placing Cd-Rom Inside Your Computer

    (make sure to allow yourself enough workspace for the CD- ROM installation). The XM-6401B CD-ROM drive can be placed in any free half-height drive slot at the front of your computer. (It can be mounted horizon- tally or vertically.) You most likely will have to remove the cover plate which conceals the front of the open slot (see your computer book on how to remove panel).
  • Page 13: Cabling

    Push plug completely into the socket making sure the plug fits into the socket correctly. CAUTION! Severe damage to the CD-ROM circuits may occur if power cable is plugged in upside-down with power ON. Installing Power Cable TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 14 CD-ROM at the other end. Refer to the instructions that came with your sound card for details on any sound-driver software required. Installing Sound Cable TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 15 Terminator on last drive on BUS (see note 1) (see notes 1 & 3) TXM6401F1/XM-6401B DAISY-CHAIN CONNECTION (MULTIPLE DRIVES) Notes: 1. Terminator jumper must be jumpered when CD-ROM is the last or only device on the SCSI BUS. 2. Terminator jumper should be removed when CD is in a "daisy-chain" and is NOT the last drive.
  • Page 16: Completing Installation

    After you have connected all the necessary cables, you can push the CD-ROM completely into the slot. There are 12 screw holes on the XM-6401B that are used to mount the CD-ROM into your computer. The screw length should not exceed 3±0.5mm (measured from out- side surface of side or bottom of CD-ROM to tip of screw).
  • Page 17: Installing An External Cd-Rom

    Note that your SCSI interface card, in most cases, has a SCSI ID of 7. The SCSI ID Switch is located on the rear of the CD-ROM Enclo- sure. Click button to select a SCSI ID between 0 and 7. TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 18: Termination

    If the CD-ROM is being installed as the last drive in a daisy-chain or as the only SCSI device, you must install an external terminator on one of the SCSI connectors at the rear of the CD-ROM. External Terminator TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 19: Cabling

    SCSI Cabling and Power Connector Audio (optional) - Audio jacks are located at the rear of the CD- ROM drive. These audio jacks can be used to connect your CD- ROM to an external amplified audio device. TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 20: Software

    CD-ROM software driver. PCs - If you do not have this software, contact the manufacturer of your SCSI host adapter card. Use the instructions that came with your software to install the CD-ROM software driver. TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 21: Using Your Cd-Rom

    Using your CD-ROM THE CONTROLS The XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM drives have the following controls and features: ➬ CD Loading Tray ➬ EJECT Button ➬ Emergency Eject Hole ➬ BUSY Light ➬ Headphone Jack ➬ Volume Control ➬ Audio Output Terminals (TXM6401F1 only)
  • Page 22: Front Panel

    Volume Control - The volume control is used to adjust the level of the audio signal from the headphone jack. The volume control does not affect the level of the signal sent to the audio output on the back of the drive. TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 23: Back Panel

    THE BACK PANEL The pictures below show the back panel of the XM-6401B and TXM6401F1 CD-ROM drives. Descriptions of features are as fol- lows: XM-6401B Back Panel TXM6401F1 Back Panel Audio Out Connector - Outputs analog signal on the XM-6401B only.
  • Page 24 Power Switch - Turns power ON and OFF on the TXM6401F1. Audio Jacks - Connects CD-ROM to external amplified device (TXM6401F1 only). SCSI ID Switch - Selects SCSI ID (TXM6401F1 only). TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 25: Operating The Cd Loading Tray

    Vertical Installations If you are loading a disc in a XM-6401B drive that has been mounted vertically, perform the following procedures: 1. The disc holders (4 locations) are fixed by four projections.
  • Page 26: Emergency Eject

    ON/OFF. * Use a bar that is less than 1.5 mm in diameter. Do not insert more than 50mm in depth. Inserting more than 50mm may damage the CD-ROM drive. Inserting Bar to Eject CD Tray TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 27: Specifications

    Note: All CD formats, except CD-Red book (audio), require additional application specific software and/or hardware. The XM-6401B CD-ROM drive is capable of reading these data formats. However, in order to run applications that use these formats, you must first have the required software and/or hardware.
  • Page 28: Data Buffer

    • Not Required I Acoustic Noise • 45dB max. at 1 (IEC 179 A-weighted) meter I Power Supply (XM-6401B) • +5 volts and +12V I F1 Enclosure • +5 volts and +12V AC input 96-276 VAC/50-60hz I Indicators • Busy I Signal Interface Connector •...
  • Page 29: Environmental Conditions

    100,000 hours I MTTR 0.5 hours I Drive Life 15,000/hours or 5 years I Load/Eject 10,000 times or more I Interface Connector Attach/Detach 20 times or more I DC Power Connector Attach/Detach 20 times or more TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 30: Physical Characteristics

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS I Dimensions and weight • Dimensions: XM-6401B: 5.75 x 1.63 x 7.6 inches (146 x 41.5 x 193 mm) TXM6401F1: 10 x 9.7 x 2.7 inches (254 x 246.4 x 68.5 mm) • Weight: XM-6401B: 1.96 lbs (.73 Kg) TXM6401F1: 7.05 lbs (2.63 Kg)
  • Page 31: Technical Support

    FaxBack system through the technical support phone number above. FaxBack is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also obtain technical information and software driver informa- tion from our web site at or from the BBS at 949/837-8864. TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 32: Repair Center

    CD-ROM require maintenance, contact Toshiba SDD's Repair Center. In order to return your CD-ROM a Return Authorization Number (RA#) must be obtained from Toshiba's SDD Repair Center (do not send drives without an autho- rized RA number). Toshiba Repair Center...
  • Page 33: Warranty

    Product to the attention of TAEC within the twelve (12) month period and no later than thirty (30) days after such malfunction, whichever occurs first. Failure to bring the malfunction to the attention of TAEC, within the prescribed time, will result in the Purchaser being not entitled to warranty service. TOSHIBA XM-6401B/TXM6401F1 CD-ROM Drive...
  • Page 34 It may not be released, discharged, changed or modified, except by an instrument in writing signed by duly authorized representative of Toshiba America Electronic Compo- nents, Inc.
  • Page 35 470063-B0 P/N 470073-B0...

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