KitchenAid KSRF36DT Installation Instructions Manual

36" built-in refrigerator
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  Summary of Contents for KitchenAid KSRF36DT

  • Page 2: Tools And Materials Needed For Installation

    Three colors of acrylic door panel Location of the built-in refrigerator kits are available from your must permit the doors to open to KitchenAid dealer: White, Black at least 900. and Almond. Each kit includes door Because of the weight and size of...
  • Page 3 Dimensions for built-in area Eieclricai outlet should be installed within shaded area, Gr ‘ouhded electrich +tl let location Width and depth of the built-in area are determined by the type of installation. The built-in refrigerator can be installed with the doors flush with the wall, with the doors protruding from the wall, or with side panels enclosing refrigerator.
  • Page 4: Product Dimensions

    Levelers fully extended l-1/4” below rollers *Top grille Height The 8-l/2” top grille is provided. dimensions when the Smaller top grilles must be ordered maximum from your KitchenAid dealer. Check extension the chart below for the part numbers levelers (l-114” below rollers)
  • Page 5 Custom door panels, handle inserts and top grille panels Panel routing for door Refrigerafot door panel and top grille panels. Door and top grille panels: L -I Dimensions shown are with routed *l/4” max. edges. Routing is required if panels are more than l/4”...
  • Page 6 Side panel requirements +I- l/8” tolerance 36”- p--35-5/15”-d 5/32”+ 23-116” depth > protruding door inslallafion 118” spacer thickness* 23-716” depth <’ 3-314” flush door installation doors side TV trim Side Refrigerator One method is to attach side when 25” depth is available. If panel to outside of side trim.
  • Page 7: Electrical Requirements

    Electrical Water supply Ground electric drill or use a hand drill. Drill a 3/l 6” hole in vertical requirements requirements cold water line. Attach a saddle valve to the water line with a Use only l/4” copper tubing for clamp in an easily accessible water line.
  • Page 8: Product Support

    Product support wood /block(s) A solid soffit or a wood block is required to prevent the refrigerator Important: Block(s) from tipping forward after it is must extend to installed. An anti-tip bracket is fully cover top of antl-tip bracket. located at the top, center rear of the refrigerator.
  • Page 9 Now start... Move refrigerator to kitchen. Place cardboard plywood under Remove top grille assembly Floor Damage refrigerator. Remove appliance package, literature package Keep cardboard shipping piece dolly. Open doors and remove all and parts bag taped to the or plywood under refrigerator boxes, parts packages and packing refrigerator door and save.
  • Page 10 ‘g%ndbg plug power supply cord 15.1 Move refrigerator close to leveling rods clockwise using a 5/l 6” final position. Remove socket and ratchet until the cabinet cardboard or plywood from weight is supported by the rear legs. under refrigerator. Plug electrical Use l-3/8”...
  • Page 11 (Consult your builder to adjust countertops.) your KitchenAid’ and Care Guide. Keep Installation Instructions Check the water Attach the two braces to connections at the...
  • Page 12 Use and Care Guide. unsatisfactory, contact the Customer Relations Department, KitchenAid, Inc., P.O. Box 558, St. Joseph, Ml 49085.0558. Call Toll Free 800-422-l 230. Part No. 1113200 Prepared by KitchenAid@, Printed in U.S.A. St. Joseph, Michigan 49085 0 1988 KitchenAid...