Cycle Settings - Frigidaire affinity 137409500c Use & Care Manual

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Cycle Selectionr
Cycle Settings
quick wash
Quickly wash a small, lightly soiled.
kids wear
Wash normally-soiled
kids wear and baby wear with
this specialty cycle.
Designed for a small load of machine-washable woolen
items, the wool cycle uses gentle washing action along
with cold rinses to eliminate shrinking and damage to
wool. You may use an _
wool detergent approved for
automatic washers.
Use this cycle for white fabrics and lightly colored
clothing. Refer to fabric care label for use of liquid
chlorine bleach. Hot water is recommended to ensure
optimal bleach activation. For peak rinsing performance
and to avoid chlorine residues on your laundry add
rinse to this cycle.
drain & spin
Use the drain & spin cycle anytime you want to drain
water from the washer and spin out the load.
rinse & spin
Select rinse & spin for loads that need a cold water
rinse or to add fabric softener that may have been
omitted in a regular cycle.
Use this cycle to soak heavily soiled and stained items
before washing. Any temperature
except hot may be
selected, but cold water is recommended with this cycle
as warmer water may set some stains. Use the amount
of detergent recommended for a normal wash cycle. If
desired, use a bleach or a soaking agent safe for the
fabric. The washer will drain at the end of the cycle.
For best
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be washed.
Appropriate wash water temperature,
soil level, spin
speed, water level and options will automatically
displayed for each cycle. The settings can be modified
before the cycle is started. Make modifications according
to fiber content, colorfastness and soil level. Modifications
for each cycle will be remembered and recalled each time
that cycle is selected in the future.
the same time and hold until
the signal sounds.
If changes are attempted after the cycle starts, the
lights will flash and a signal will beep, but the cycle will
To change the settings once the cycle has begun, push
in the cycle selector knob to pause the cycle, make the
new selections and push in the selector knob again to
restart the washer.
Follow presoak with a complete wash cycle suitable
for the load using a half dose of detergent.
Use this cycle for poly blends with a permanent press
or no-iron finish.



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