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Cycle Settings; Other Features; Cycle Options - Frigidaire FFTW1001P Important Safety Instructions Manual

Use and care guide
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Cycle Settings

For best results
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be washed.
Select appropriate wash water temperature and options
most suitable for each load. Make selections according to
fi ber content, colorfastness and soil level.
The settings can be changed before the cycle is started. If
changes are attempted after the cycle starts, the lights will
fl ash and a signal will beep, but the cycle will continue.
To change the temperature once the cycle has begun,
press the pause button, make the new selection and
press START again.
Wash Water Temperature
Turn the temp knob until the desired wash water
temperature is selected. To protect your fabrics, the
temperature range from low to high settings may be
different depending on cycle selected. If an unavailable
temperature setting is selected by the user, the nearest
available temperature will be substituted.
The water heater setting and its distance from the
washer, water usage in other parts of the home, and
seasonally low ground water temperature in some
geographic areas can affect water temperature.
Use this setting for heavily soiled white or colorfast
cottons and blends.
Use this setting for normally soiled white or colorfast
cottons or blends.
Use this setting for normally soiled sheets, casual items
and washable woolens.
Some warm water will automatically blend with cold tap
supply to achieve cold. Use this setting for lightly soiled
non-colorfast items, knits, delicates, and hand washables.

Cycle Options

fabric softener
If your model is equipped with an automatic fabric
softener dispenser, you must turn the fabric softener
switch to the "on" position for correct operation. See
Care and Cleaning for dispenser cleaning procedures.

Other Features

Load Size Sensing
Water level is automatically calculated by the washer.
The washer will perform a dry load sensing procedure
to determine load size before adding water to the tub.
If your model has status lights, the "sensing" indicator
will be lit.
Status Lights
The following indicators may be lighted during the
• sensing
• add a garment
• wash
• fi nal spin
• clean
Out of Balance Protection
Your model is equipped with special sensors and
software to prevent machine damage caused by
extreme cases of unbalanced loads at high spin speeds.
In the event that a load is lopsided and weight is
not evenly enough distributed before fi nal spin, the
machine will pause the spinning phase and notify you
of an out of balance situation.
What does the washer do? The washer will stop
spinning, the status indicator lights will blink and an
alarm will beep 3 times quickly every 30 seconds until
the condition is resolved.
What do you do? Lift the washer lid, redistribute the
unbalanced load, close the lid and press START to
resume the fi nal spin of the current cycle.



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