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Kenmore 27-1nch Wide - Extra Large Capacity Plus LAUNDRY CENTER Washer - Electric Dryer Use & Care Manual page 13

27-inch wide-extra large capacity plus laundry center washer-electric dryer
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Install the front leveling feet
1. Prop up the front of the laundry center about 4 in. (10.2 cm)
with a wood block or similar object. The block needs to
support the weight of the laundry center.
2. Screw the lock nut onto each foot to within 1 in. (2.5 cm) of
the base.
To prevent floor damage, set laundry center onto cardboard
before moving across floor. Move laundry center close to its final
Do not cut yellow strap. Pull yellow strap firmly, until
removed from laundry center. There should be
three cotter pins on the end of the shipping strap. The
electrical plug is attached to this shipping strap.
2. Tilt the laundry center forward. Move each of the two rear
legs in an up-down motion to check the self-adjusting
leveling legs for free movement. This is required for proper
leveling. Gently lower the laundry center to the floor.
3. Cut the shipping strap about 16 in. (40.6 cm) from the plug
end. Look for the words "CUT HERE." Discard end with three
cotter pins. You will use the remaining piece of shipping strap
to secure the drain hose.
(2.5 cm)
3. Screw the feet into the correct holes at the front corner of the
laundry center until the nuts touch the washer.
NOTE: Do not tighten the nuts until the laundry center is level.
4. Tilt the laundry center back and remove the wood block.
Gently lower the laundry center to the floor.
Proper connection of the drain hose protects your floors from
damage due to water leakage. Carefully read and follow these
1. Wet the inside of the straight end of the drainhose with tap
water. Do not use any other lubricant.
2, Squeeze ears of the silver, double-wire
clamp with pliers to
open. Place clamp over the straight end of the drain hose _/_
in. (6.4 mm) from the end.
3. Open clamp. Twist hose back and forth while pushing onto
drain connector on the side of the laundry center. Continue
until hose contacts the ribbed stops on the cabinet.
Place clamp over the area marked "CLAMR" Release clamp.


Table of Contents

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