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Laundry Tips; Loading - Kenmore 27-1nch Wide - Extra Large Capacity Plus LAUNDRY CENTER Washer - Electric Dryer Use & Care Manual

27-inch wide-extra large capacity plus laundry center washer-electric dryer
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When using extra detergent for heavily soiled clothes, or washing
items, you may find an extra rinse and spin is
1. Push in the Cycle Control knob and turn it clockwise to any of
the Rinse settings.
Pull out the Cycle Control knob. The washer fills to the
selected load size, agitates, drains and spins.
NOTE: You may also choose the 2nd Rinse cycle.
A drain and spin may help shorten drying times for some heavy
fabrics or special-care
items by removing excess water.
1. Push in the Cycle Control knob and turn it clockwise to any of
the Spin settings.
Pull out the cycle Control knob. The washer drains, then
When the Cycle Control knob is set to a number and pulled out,
the washer fills (to the selected load size) before agitation and
timing start. The washer begins agitating immediately after filling;
agitation occurs with the washer lid up or down.
During agitation, the agitator creates a continuous rollover action
that provides a thorough cleaning of the wash load.
After agitation starts, the Cycle Control knob turns clockwise until
it points to an Off area and the cycle ends.
NOTE: The washer pauses briefly throughout
each cycle. These
pauses are normal for washer operation.
1. Fill
1. Fill
2. Wash selected
2. Rinse
3. Drain
3. Drain
No agitation
No agitation
4. Spin
4. Spin-Spray
5. Spin
+The Permanent Press
I 6. Off
cyc(e partially dra(ns,
tills, agitates briefly, and
As with any new product, you will hear sounds that you are not
to. You may hear various sounds occurring during
the washing, rinsing, and spinning process. Between changes in
wash actions, there will be momentary pauses. You will hear
water spraying and splashing during the wash and rinse cycles.
You may hear air being pulled through the pump during the end
of draining or gears changing when the cycle changes. These
sounds are part of normal washer operation.
Preparing clothes for washing
Follow these recommendations
to help you prolong the life of
your garments.
Close zippers, snaps, and hooks to avoid snagging other
items. Remove pins, buckles, and other hard objects to avoid
scratching the washer interior. Remove non-washable
and ornaments.
Empty pockets and turn them inside out.
Turn down cuffs, brush away lint and dirt.
Turn synthetic
knits inside out to avoid pilling.
Tie strings and sashes so they will not tangle.
Mend tears, loose hems, and seams.
Treat spots and stains.
Stained or wet garments should be washed promptly for best
Separate heavily soiled items from lightly soiled ones, even if
they would normally be washed together. Separate lint givers
(towels, chenille) from lint takers (corduroy, synthetics,
permanent press). When possible, turn lint givers inside out.
Separate dark colors from light colors, colorfast items from
Sort by fabric and construction
(sturdy cottons, knits, delicate
Loading suggestions
size loads)
Extra Large Capacity
Laundry Center
Heavy Work Clothes
3 jeans
8 bath towels
2 work pants
8 hand towels
3 work shirts
10 wash cloths
1 coverall
1 bath mat
Permanent Press
Mixed Load
1 double sheet
2 sheets (double or twin)
1 tablecloth
4 pillowcases
1 dress
2 shirts
1 blouse
2 blouses
2 slacks
6 T-shirts
3 shirts
6 shorts
6 handkerchiefs
6 handkerchiefs
2 pants
2 camisoles
2 blouses
4 slips
4 shirts
6 undergarments
4 tops
2 sets of sleepwear
2 dresses


Table of Contents

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