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Program Shift

The function for maintaining the same exposure (brightness) while changing the shutter
speed and aperture value combination is called "Program Shift". You can use "Program
Shift" to take pictures by adjusting the shutter speed and aperture value even in [Program
AE] Mode.
Press the shutter button halfway
• The shutter speed and aperture value are displayed on the screen.
Rotate the rear dial while the values are displayed
(approximately 10 seconds) to select a combination of shutter
speed and aperture value
] is displayed during Program Shift (while the combination of a shutter speed and aperture
value is being changed).
• To cancel Program Shift
→ Rotate the rear dial until the Program Shift indicator goes off (
When the camera is turned off, Program Shift is canceled.
Program Shift is canceled if more than 10 seconds pass after Program Shift is
activated. However, the Program Shift setting is memorized.
Depending on the brightness of the subject, Program Shift may not be activated.
Program Shift is available in all [Sensitivity] settings except [
Taking pictures with your own settings [Program AE] Mode
Exposure meter
Shutter speed (Automatic adjustment)
Aperture value (Automatic adjustment)
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  • Zoran ILIĆ May 16, 2018 06:48:
    I need a full version accessible from within my I Phone independen​tly where I use the camera, I.e., it will be at most places where wi-Fibdoes not exist!
    Tha​nk you!
  • #unknown May 16, 2018 06:32:
    I am traveling and can not afford the weight of the 226 page manual that shows advanced features of my DMC-FZ70 camera, but, I can put it inside my iPhone to use independen​tly of the existence of local Wi-Fi...
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    D​ate of purchase: 8/23/14
    De​aler purchased from: Costco#600​
    Dealer Address: 3102 Plank Rd.,Freder​icksburg VA
    Unit serial number: WJ4GA00249​6
    Note: I also own (and use) your point&​shoot DMC-ZS19..​.