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Please read these instructions carefully before using this
product, and save this manual for future use.
More detailed instructions on the operation of
this camera are contained in "Owner's Manual
for advanced features (PDF format)" in the
supplied CD-ROM. Install it on your PC to read it.
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Basic Owner's Manual
Model No.

Digital Camera

(U.S. customers only)


   Summary of Contents for panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

  • Page 1: Digital Camera

    (PDF format)” in the supplied CD-ROM. Install it on your PC to read it. Register online at (U.S. customers only) For USA and Puerto Rico assistance, please call: 1-800-211-PANA(7262) or, contact us via the web at: VQT5B59 M0713KZ0...
  • Page 2 Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Panasonic! You have purchased one of the most sophisticated and reliable products on the market today. Used properly, we’re sure it will bring you and your family years of enjoyment. Please take time to fill in the information below.
  • Page 3: Information For Your Safety

    Information for Your Safety WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or product damage, • Do not expose this unit to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing. • Use only the recommended accessories. • Do not remove covers. • Do not repair this unit by yourself. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
  • Page 4: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of Conformity Trade Name: Panasonic Model No.: DMC-FZ70 Responsible Party: Panasonic Corporation of North America Two Riverfront Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102-5490 Support Contact Telephone No.: 1-800-211-PANA (7262) This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject...
  • Page 5 ■ About the battery pack CAUTION Battery pack (Lithium ion battery pack) • Use the specified unit to recharge the battery pack. • Do not use the battery pack with equipment other than the specified unit. • Do not get dirt, sand, liquids, or other foreign matter on the terminals. •...
  • Page 6: Battery Charger

    Cables that do not comply with the HDMI standards will not work. “High Speed HDMI mini cable” (Type C-Type A plug, up to 3 m (9.8 feet) long) • Always use a genuine Panasonic AV cable (DMW-AVC1: optional). Keep this unit as far away as possible from electromagnetic equipment (such as microwave ovens, TVs, video games etc.).
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents Information for Your Safety ..3 Using the rear dial ....20 Care of the camera ....8 Setting the menu ....21 Standard accessories ..... 9 Reading the Owner’s Manual Names and Functions of (PDF format) ......22 Main Parts ......
  • Page 8: Care Of The Camera

    Care of the camera ■ Camera handling Keep the camera away from excessive vibration, force, or pressure. ● Avoid using the camera under the following conditions, which may damage the lens, LCD monitor, viewfinder, or camera body. This may also cause the camera to malfunction or prevent recording.
  • Page 9: Standard Accessories

    • Please dispose of all packaging appropriately. • For information about optional accessories, refer to the “Digital Camera Accessory System”. • If any accessories are lost, customers should contact Panasonic’s parts department at 1-800-833-9626 for further information about obtaining replacement parts.
  • Page 10: Product View

    Names and Functions of Main Parts 1 2 3 13 14 15 16 9 10 11 12 19 20 24 25 26 27 28 29 VQT5B59 (ENG)
  • Page 11 (Delete/Cancel/Quick menu) 16 DC coupler cover button • When using an AC adaptor, 34 Cursor button / [MENU/SET] ensure that the Panasonic DC button coupler (DMW-DCC6: optional) • In this manual, the button that is and AC adaptor (DMW-AC8PP: to be used is indicated by optional) are used.
  • Page 12: Attaching The Lens Cap/shoulder Strap

    Attaching the lens cap/shoulder strap ■ Attaching the Lens Cap • When you turn the camera off or carry the camera, attach the lens cap to protect the surface of the lens. Pass the string through the hole on the camera Pass the same string through the hole on the lens cap •...
  • Page 13: Charging The Battery

    Charging the battery • Use the dedicated charger and battery. • The battery is not charged when the camera is shipped. Charge the battery before use. • We recommend charging in a location where the ambient temperature is between 10 °C and 30 °C (50 °F to 86 °F). Position the battery contacts to meet the charger, then insert the battery into the charger Ensure [LUMIX] faces outwards.
  • Page 14: Inserting And Removing The Card (optional)/the Battery

    Close the card/battery door and slide the release lever to the [LOCK] position ● Always use genuine Panasonic batteries (DMW-BMB9PP). ● If you use other batteries, we cannot guarantee the quality of this product. ● Keep the Memory Card out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
  • Page 15: Sequence Of Operations

    Sequence of operations Before using the camera, remove the lens cap. Turn the camera on ( ) Motion picture button • The clock is not set when the camera is shipped. Set the date and time before using the camera. Set to the desired recording mode Rotate the mode dial slowly to select the desired mode.
  • Page 16: Take Pictures

    Sequence of operations Take pictures ■ ■ Taking still pictures Recording motion pictures (Shutter button) (Motion picture button) Press Press Press halfway Press fully (Start recording) (End recording) (press lightly and (press the button all focus) the way to record) ■...
  • Page 17: Taking Pictures With Automatic Settings [intelligent Auto] Mode

    Taking pictures with automatic settings [Intelligent Auto] Mode The camera will set the most appropriate settings to match the subject and the recording conditions so we recommend this mode for beginners or those who want to leave the settings to the camera and take pictures easily. Set to [ ([Intelligent Auto] Mode) Take a picture...
  • Page 18 Taking pictures with automatic settings [Intelligent Auto] Mode Recording using [Intelligent Auto Plus] Mode When [Intelligent Auto Plus] (iA+) mode is selected, you can easily adjust the brightness and coloring, in addition to the background defocusing, without compromising the user-friendly operation of the [Intelligent Auto] Mode. Press [MENU/SET] when in [Intelligent Auto] Mode Press to select [...
  • Page 19: Taking Pictures With Different Picture Effects [creative Control] Mode

    Taking Pictures with different picture effects [Creative Control] Mode You can select your own settings from various effects and take pictures while confirming these effects on the LCD monitor. Set mode dial to [ Press to select an effect, and then Preview screen press [MENU/SET] •...
  • Page 20: Using The Rear Dial

    Using the rear dial You can use the rear dial to compensate the exposure or adjust the aperture value and shutter speed. The items that can be adjusted differ according to the recording mode. Compensating the exposure Press the rear dial to set Exposure Compensation to a selected state Exposure Compensation value...
  • Page 21: Setting The Menu

    Setting the menu Refer to the following procedures to operate the menus. Example: Setting [AF Mode] from in the [Program AE] Mode Press [MENU/SET] to display the menu Press to select [AF Mode] and then press • Depending on the item, its setting may not appear or it may be displayed in a different way.
  • Page 22: Reading The Owner's Manual (pdf Format)

    Reading the Owner’s Manual (PDF format) More detailed instructions on the operation of this camera are contained in “Owner’s Manual for advanced features (PDF format)” in the supplied CD-ROM. Install it on your PC to read it. ■ For Windows Turn the PC on and insert the CD-ROM containing the Owner’s Manual (supplied) Click the [Owner’s Manual]...
  • Page 23: Keeping The Pictures On Your Pc

    Keeping the pictures on your PC Installing supplied software The supplied CD-ROM contains the following software. Install the software on your computer to use. For details about operating environment and usage, please read “Owner’s Manual for advanced features” (PDF format) or the manuals for each software. •...
  • Page 24: Downloading Silkypix Developer Studio

    (supplied) • Do not use any other USB connection cables except the supplied one or a genuine Panasonic USB connection cable (DMW-USBC1: optional). Doing so may cause damage to this unit. • Check the plug direction and insert straight in. (If the cable is inserted in...
  • Page 25: Specifications

    Specifications Digital Camera: Information for your safety Power Source DC 8.4 V Power When recording with LCD Monitor: 1.6 W Consumption When recording with Viewfinder: 1.5 W When playing back with LCD Monitor: 1.0 W When playing back with Viewfinder: 0.7 W Camera effective 16,100,000 pixels pixels...
  • Page 26 Specifications Exposure (AE) Program AE (P) / Aperture-Priority AE (A) / Shutter-Priority AE (S) / Manual Exposure (M) Metering Mode [Multi Metering] / [Center Weighted] / [Spot] LCD monitor 3.0″ TFT LCD (3:2) (Approx. 460,800 dots) (field of view ratio about 100%) Viewfinder Color LCD Viewfinder (Approx.
  • Page 27 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F) temperature Operating humidity 10%RH to 80%RH Language select [ENGLISH] / [ESPAÑOL] Battery Charger (Panasonic DE-A83B): Information for your safety Input ~ 110 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.15 A Output 8.4 V, 0.43 A Equipment mobility: Movable...
  • Page 28: Digital Camera Accessory System

    DMW-LC55 Close-up Lens The AC adaptor (optional) can only be used with the designated Panasonic DC coupler (optional). The AC adaptor (optional) cannot be used by itself. The lens adaptor (optional) is necessary to attach a tele conversion lens or close-up lens.
  • Page 29: Digital Camera Accessory Order Form

  • Page 30: Limited Warranty (only For U.s.a. And Puerto Rico)

    Limited Warranty Coverage (For USA and Puerto Rico Only) If your product does not work properly because of a defect in materials or workmanship, Panasonic Corporation of North America (referred to as “the warrantor”) will, for the length of the period indicated on the chart below, which starts with the date of original purchase (“warranty period”), at its option either...
  • Page 31 Owner’s Manual, and send it prepaid, adequately insured and packed well in a carton box. When shipping Lithium Ion batteries please visit our Web Site at as Panasonic is committed to providing the most up to date information. Include a letter detailing the complaint, a return address and provide a daytime phone number where you can be reached.
  • Page 32 THERE ARE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES EXCEPT AS LISTED UNDER “LIMITED WARRANTY COVERAGE”. THE WARRANTOR IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT, OR ARISING OUT OF ANY BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY. (As examples, this excludes damages for lost time, travel to and from the servicer, loss of or damage to media or images, data or other memory or recorded content.
  • Page 33 Monday-Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-7pm EST For hearing or speech impaired TTY users, TTY: 1-877-833-8855 Accessory Purchases (United States and Puerto Rico) Purchase Parts, Accessories and Owner’s Manual online for all Panasonic Products by visiting our Web Site at: Or, send your request by E-mail to:
  • Page 34 HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries. • “AVCHD” and the “AVCHD” logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation. • Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

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    I need an outlet know how to use it.
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    My best camera since 2014...
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    I need to know how do I transfer videos from my FZ70 to my pc, they show as cpi documents how can I transform them or open then in my computer, please help!
  • Ed Lewis Oct 01, 2017 06:54:
    I need to know how to reset factory settings on my FZ70. It does not now and never has taken sharp pictures. A technician suggests that I reset factory settings. I can get to the Setup menu, but I can't find how to activate the setup function (which I can't find). (I can find Clock Set, World time, Travel Date, etc., but nothing that allows me to activate a "setu​p."
    W​hen I go to the Setup menu and press the Menu/Setup button, I go back to the viewfinder​.