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FujiFilm FinePix FinePix S9600 Owner's Manual

Fujifilm owner's manual digital camera finepix s9100, finepix s9600.
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This manual will show you how to use your
FUJIFILM DIGITAL CAMERA FinePix S9100/FinePix S9600 correctly.
Please follow the instructions carefully.
Getting Ready
the Camera
Viewing Images
BL00558-200 ( 1 )


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL This manual will show you how to use your FUJIFILM DIGITAL CAMERA FinePix S9100/FinePix S9600 correctly. Please follow the instructions carefully. Getting Ready Using the Camera Advanced Features Settings Software Installation Viewing Images BL00558-200 ( 1 )
  • Page 2: Warning

    5. Limited Warranty. SOFTWARE RECORDED ON THE CD-ROM. BY OPENING FUJIFILM warrants to you that Media is free from any defect in material THE PACKAGE, YOU ACCEPT AND AGREE TO BE and workmanship under normal use for ninety (90) days from the date of BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Warning ... 2 Accessories included ... 8 IMPORTANT ... 2 Camera parts and features ... 9 EC Declaration of Conformity ... 3 Example of screen text display ... 10 ■ Photography mode ... 10 Disposal of Electric and Electronic Equipment in Private Households ...
  • Page 4 Then seek ■ Exif Print (Exif ver. 2.2) medical assistance. Exif Print Format is a newly revised digital camera file format that contains a variety of shooting information for optimal printing. Do not store or use the camera in direct sunlight or in places subject to extreme temperature rises, such as in a closed car in summer.
  • Page 5: Accessories Included

    Accessories included h AA-size Alkaline Batteries (LR6) (4) h A/V cable (1) Approx. 1.2 m (3.9 ft.), plug (2.5 mm dia.) to pin-plug ×2 h Strap (1) h USB cable (mini-B) (1) h Lens cap (1) h CD-ROM (2) h Lens cap holder (1) •...
  • Page 6: Example Of Screen Text Display

    Camera parts and features Flash (P.51) Flash pop-up button (P.23, 51) Focus ring (P.22, 49) Zoom ring (P.22, 29) Lens hood Focus mode selector switch (P.22, 48, 49) (One-touch AF) button (P.22, 49) Example of screen text display ■ Photography mode High-speed shooting Continuous shooting Photometry...
  • Page 7: Attaching The Lens Hood

    (0°C to +10°C/+32°F to +50°F). The use of AA-size Ni-MH batteries is better for this reason. h Use Fujifilm Battery charger (sold separately) to charge AA-size Ni-MH batteries. h See P.137-138 for other notes on using batteries.
  • Page 8: Inserting The Media

    Push the CF/Microdrive firmly all the way Card slot with the gold contact area on into the CF/Microdrive slot. the xD-Picture Card and push the card Compatibility is listed on Fujifilm website: firmly all the way into the slot. ●...
  • Page 9: Turning On And Off / Setting The Date And Time

    TURNING ON AND OFF / SETTING THE DATE AND TIME To turn the camera on, set the Power switch to “ or “ ”. To turn the camera off, set the Power switch to “OFF”. When using the camera for the first time after DATE/TIME NOT SET DATE/TIME NOT SET purchasing, the date and time are cleared.
  • Page 10: Selecting The Language

    CORRECTING THE DATE AND TIME / CHANGING THE DATE FORMAT Correcting the date and time DATE/TIME DATE/TIME 2008 1 Press “d” or “c” to select Year, Month, Day, 2007 Hour or Minute. 2006 Y Y. M M . D D Y Y.
  • Page 11: Basic Operation Guide

    Using BASIC OPERATION GUIDE the Camera This section describes the camera’s functions. Power switch ON/OFF and “ Photography mode / Command dial selector switch In Photography mode, turn the Use the Power switch to Command dial to select program select the mode. shift and specify settings such as the shutter speed and aperture.
  • Page 12: Taking Pictures ( Auto Mode)

    BASIC OPERATION GUIDE Flash pop-up button To use the flash, press the flash pop-up button to Focus ring release the flash. The camera focuses on the subject using Manual INFO (information check) button focus mode. Press this button to view image information. Photography mode: Displays the current Zoom ring settings (white balance, sharpness, etc.)
  • Page 13 TAKING PICTURES ( AUTO MODE ) PHOTOGRAPHY MODE Brace your elbows against your sides and hold the camera with both hands. ● Moving the camera while shooting gives a blurred picture (camera shake). Use a tripod to prevent camera shake, particularly for shots in the dark when the selected flash mode is Suppressed flash.
  • Page 14: Indicator Lamp Display

    TAKING PICTURES ( AUTO MODE ) PHOTOGRAPHY MODE INDICATOR LAMP DISPLAY Display Status Lit green AF/AE lock in progress, Setting video output Blinking green Camera shake warning, AF warning or AE warning (ready to shoot) Blinking green and Recording to media (ready to shoot) orange alternately Lit orange Recording to media (not ready)
  • Page 15: Using Af/ae Lock

    TAKING PICTURES ( AUTO MODE ) PHOTOGRAPHY MODE USING AF/AE LOCK In this shot, the subjects (two people in this case) N N N are not in the AF frame. Taking the picture at this point will result in the subjects being out of focus. Move the camera slightly so that one of the N N N subjects is in the AF frame.
  • Page 16: Shooting Assistant Function

    Still images viewable on the FinePix S9100 / FinePix S9600 This camera will display still images recorded on the FinePix S9100 / FinePix S9600 or still images (excluding some uncompressed images) recorded on any FUJIFILM digital camera that supports xD- Picture Cards or CF/Microdrives.
  • Page 17 VIEWING THE IMAGES ( w PLAYBACK ) PLAYBACK MODE Sorting by date Text displayed In Playback mode, press the “DISP/BACK” button to change the display shown on the screen. Press No text displayed the “DISP/BACK” button until the sorting by date Multi-frame playback screen appears.
  • Page 18: Playback Zoom

    VIEWING THE IMAGES ( w PLAYBACK ) PLAYBACK MODE Playback zoom Press “a” or “b” during single-frame playback to zoom the image. A zoom bar appears on the screen. Zoom bar ● Press the “DISP/BACK” button to cancel playback zoom. PANNING PANNING CANCEL...
  • Page 19 Advanced FOCUSING ( DISTANCE ) PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS Features The distance from the subject to the camera is referred to as the shooting distance. When the shooting distance is set correctly and the image appears sharp, the image is focused. ■ Three focusing methods The mechanisms for focusing are S-AF (Single AF), C-AF (Continuous AF) and MF (Manual focus).
  • Page 20: Taking Pictures — Selecting The Camera Settings

    PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS TAKING PICTURES — SELECTING THE CAMERA SETTINGS Specify the camera settings for taking pictures to get the best result. A general guide is given below. Select the Photography mode (➡P.40-44). Specifies all settings other than “Quality”, “Sensitivity” and “FinePix COLOR”...
  • Page 21: Selecting Photography Mode

    SELECTING PHOTOGRAPHY MODE PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS B AUTO Set the Mode dial to “ This is the easiest mode to use and can be used for most types of shots. ● See P.39 for information on available flashes. SCENE POSITION Set the Mode dial to “ This mode provides the best Scene position setting for the scene being shot.
  • Page 22 M SHUTTER-PRIORITY AUTO PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS Set the Mode dial to “ This is an automatic mode to set the shutter speed. Use this mode to freeze a moving subject (fast shutter speed) or convey the impression of movement (slow shutter speed). Setting the shutter speed Turn the Command dial to select the shutter speed.
  • Page 23: D Exposure Compensation

    > MANUAL PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS Set the Mode dial to “ Use Manual mode to set any shutter speed and aperture setting. Setting the shutter speed Turn the Command dial to select the shutter speed. h Shutter speed setting 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec. in 1/3 EV increments Bulb (B) ISO 200 ●...
  • Page 24: Ae-l Using Ae Lock

    PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS AE-L USING AE LOCK B, √, À, U, ,, /, N, M, < Use this function to take pictures with the exposure locked for a particular subject. Set the Power switch to “ Set the Mode dial to “ “...
  • Page 25 PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS CONTINUOUS AF B, √, À, U, ,, /, N, M, <, > Use this button to take pictures of a moving subject. Using Continuous AF mode reduces the time required for focusing. Set the Focus mode selector switch to “C-AF”. Frame the shot so that the subject fills the entire AF N N N frame.
  • Page 26: D Flash Photography

    PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS e MACRO ( CLOSE-UP ) Use this mode to take close-up shots. Set the Power switch to “ Set the Mode dial to “ “ < ” or “ > ” mode. The Macro mode setting changes each time you press the “...
  • Page 27: X Auto Flash

    PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS d FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY x Auto flash Use this mode for ordinary photography. The flash fires as required by the shooting conditions. ● If pressing the shutter button while the flash is charging, the picture will be taken without the flash. b Red-eye reduction Use this mode to guarantee that the subject’s eyes appear normal when taking pictures of people in low-light...
  • Page 28: F Continuous Shooting

    f CONTINUOUS SHOOTING PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS Set the Power switch to “ 1 Hold down the “ 2 Turn the Command dial to select the Continuous shooting mode. 3 Release the “ N N N ISO 200 ISO 200 ISO 200 O F F O F F 320 F5.6...
  • Page 29: H Long-period Continuous Shooting

    f CONTINUOUS SHOOTING PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS h Long-period continuous shooting Available Photography modes: B, √, À, U, ,, / This mode allows you to take up to 40 continuous N N N shots (max. 1.1 frames/sec.). ● Long-period continuous shooting cannot be used in the “ “...
  • Page 30: Photography Information

    PHOTOGRAPHY INFORMATION PHOTOGRAPHY FUNCTIONS This function displays the histogram for an image and allows the brightness distribution during shooting to be checked. This function can also be used to check the current photography settings. 1 Set the Power switch to “ 2 Set the Mode dial to Photography mode.
  • Page 31: Quality Settings In Photography Mode

    p PHOTO MODE PHOTOGRAPHY ˘ QUALITY MODE ( NUMBER OF RECORDED PIXELS ) Quality settings in Photography mode Choose from 7 settings. Using the table below as a guide, select the setting that best suits your aims. Quality mode Sample uses ⁄...
  • Page 32: ü Finepix Color

    ü FinePix COLOR p PHOTO MODE PHOTOGRAPHY 1 Set the Power switch to “ 2 Set the Mode dial to Photography mode. 3 Press the “ screen. ● In “ ” Movie mode, do not set the “ setting. The FinePix COLOR setting is retained even when the camera is off or the mode setting is changed.
  • Page 33: Äself-timer Photography

    SETTING PHOTOGRAPHY MENU PHOTOGRAPHY MENU Changing the page number 1 Press the “MENU/OK” button to display the menu on the monitor. 2 Press “d” to move to page number. 3 Press “a” or “b” to select the page. PA G E 1 PA G E : O F F : O F F...
  • Page 34: High-speed Shooting

    PHOTOGRAPHY MENU PHOTOGRAPHY MENU A WHITE BALANCE ( SELECTING THE LIGHT SOURCE ) Available Photography modes: N, M, <, > Change the white balance setting to suit for the WHITE BALLANCE WHITE BALLANCE surroundings and lighting. In “AUTO” mode, the correct white balance may not AUTO AUTO be achieved for subjects such as close-ups of...
  • Page 35: Haf Mode

    PHOTOGRAPHY MENU PHOTOGRAPHY MENU H AF MODE Available Photography modes: N, M, <, > AF MODE AF MODE Ï CENTER AUTO AUTO ˝ MULTI Ë AREA The AF mode can only be selected when the focus mode is S-AF (➡P.23). Ï...
  • Page 36: Saturation

    PHOTOGRAPHY MENU PHOTOGRAPHY MENU ‘ SATURATION Available Photography modes: N, M, <, > Use this setting to adjust the quality of the image, SATURATION SATURATION including making the colors more vivid or toning the colors down. HIGH HIGH HIGH: Obtains deep and vivid color. This setting is effective for taking more vivid shots of EV EV subjects such as scenery (blue sky and...
  • Page 37 PHOTOGRAPHY MENU PHOTOGRAPHY MENU Ê USING AN EXTERNAL FLASH Available Photography modes: N, M, <, > Select “ON” in this setting when using an external EXTERNAL FLASH EXTERNAL FLASH flash unit. Synchronized shutter speeds up to 1/1000 sec. can be used. E V E V ●...
  • Page 38: Playback Information

    PLAYBACK INFORMATION PLAYBACK FUNCTIONS Use this function to check the photography information. Hold down the “INFO” button to check the information. ● This function cannot be used during multi-frame playback (➡P.31). Quality mode Sensitivity I S O 4 0 0 I S O 4 0 0 Shutter speed / Aperture 1 / 5 0 0...
  • Page 39: Úimage Rotate

    Ò ERASING SINGLE / ALL FRAMES PLAYBACK MENU FRAME ERASE OK? ERASE OK? 1 Press “d” or “c” to select the erasing frame (file). 2 Press the “MENU/OK” button to erase the currently displayed frame (file). To erase another frame (file), repeat steps 1 and CANCEL CANCEL When erasing frames (files) is completed, press the...
  • Page 40: Photo Mode Playback

    DPOF stands for Digital Print Order Format and refers to a format that is used for recording printing specifications for images shot using a digital camera on media such as an xD-Picture Card and CF/Microdrive. The recorded specifications include information on which frames are to be printed.
  • Page 41: Playback Menu

    ¸ SPECIFYING DPOF SETTINGS EASILY p PHOTO MODE PLAYBACK Always press the “MENU/OK” button after the settings are completed. Pressing the “DISP/BACK” button cancels those settings. PRINT ORDER (DPOF) PRINT ORDER (DPOF) DPOF :00009 DPOF Total number of prints Setting for that frame SHEETS SHEETS FRAME...
  • Page 42: Dpof All Reset

    ¸ DPOF SET FRAME PLAYBACK MENU 1 Press “d” or “c” to display the frame (file) for specifying DPOF settings. 2 Press “a” or “b” to set a value up to 99 as the number of copies of the frame (file) to be printed. For frames (files) that you do not want printed, set the number of prints to 0 (zero).
  • Page 43: Ç Protecting Images: Frame / Set All / Reset All

    PLAYBACK MENU Ç PROTECTING IMAGES: FRAME / SET ALL / RESET ALL 1 Set the Power switch to “ 2 Press the “MENU/OK” button to display the menu on the screen. Protection is a setting that prevents frames (files) from being accidentally erased. However, the “FORMAT”...
  • Page 44: Recording Voice Memos

    ◊ AUTOMATIC PLAYBACK PLAYBACK MENU 1 Set the Power switch to “ 2 Press the “MENU/OK” button to display the menu on the screen. 1 Press “a” or “b” to select “ 2 Press “c”. PLAYBACK PLAYBACK NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL FADE-IN FADE-IN...
  • Page 45: Playing Back Voice Memos

    Â RECORDING VOICE MEMOS PLAYBACK MENU The remaining recording time appears during RECORDING RECORDING recording. Blinking red Remaining time ● To end your comment during recording, press the “MENU/OK” RE-REC RE-REC button. 2 8 s After 30 seconds of recording, “FINISH” appears on FINISH FINISH the screen.
  • Page 46: Adjusting Volume Of Voice Memos

    Â PLAYING BACK VOICE MEMOS PLAYBACK MENU Adjusting volume of voice memos Volume can be adjusted while playing back voice memos. Adjust the volume to suit your condition. Press the “MENU/OK” button while playing back voice memo. The voice memo is paused during playback.
  • Page 47: Movie Mode

    ¯ TRIMMING PLAYBACK MENU 1 Press “d” or “c” to select to “PANNING”. 2 Press “a”, “b”, “d” or “c” to display another part of the image. The current displayed image appears on the navigation screen. 3 Press the “MENU/OK” button to trim the image. TRIMMING TRIMMING Navigation screen...
  • Page 48: Recording Times Per Media

    When used media is 4GB or more, a movie up to 60 minutes long (at the “ long (at the “ Visit website for information on available Microdrive / CompactFlash card: ˘ QUALITY SETTINGS IN MOVIE MODE 1 Set the Mode dial to “...
  • Page 49: Playback Mode

    w PLAYING BACK MOVIES PLAYBACK MODE 1 Set the Power switch to “ 2 Press “d” or “c” to select the movie file. ● Movies cannot be played back using multi-frame playback. Press the “DISP/BACK” button to select single-frame playback. PLAY PLAY Indicated by the “...
  • Page 50: Settings

    SET-UP Settings ˜ USING THE SET-UP SCREEN Press the “MENU/OK” button to display the menu on the screen. SELF-TIMER SELF-TIMER AUTO AUTO 1 Press “a” or “b” to select “ 2 Press “c”. SET-UP SET-UP AUTO AUTO 1 Press “d” to move to page number. 2 Press “a”...
  • Page 51: Set-up Menu Options

    SET-UP ■ SET-UP menu options Settings Display Factory default Specifies whether an image checking screen (photography result) appears after taking a picture. áIMAGE CONT/3 SEC/ 1.5 SEC The image appears for a few moments and is then recorded. 1.5 SEC/OFF DISP.
  • Page 52: Adjusting Screen Brightness

    SET-UP ã PLAYBACK VOLUME Adjust volume while playing back movie and voice memo. 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 1 0 1 0 1 Press “d” or “c” to adjust the volume. The larger the number, the larger the volume is emitted.
  • Page 53: Auto Power Off

    SET-UP î AUTO POWER OFF When this function is enabled and the camera AUTO POWER OFF AUTO POWER OFF remains unused for 2 or 5 minutes, it is turned off. Auto power off function prevents leaving the power 30 fps fps 5 MIN AE-L 1 AE-L...
  • Page 54: Software Installation

    FinePixViewer is a software application that enables you to save still images, movies and sound files that you have recorded using a digital camera onto your computer, and then organize, modify and print the saved files. This section provides a brief overview of these FinePixViewer functions.
  • Page 55: Installation On A Windows Pc (finepixviewer)

    5.2 INSTALLATION ON A Windows PC (FinePixViewer) Pre-installation checklist To run this software, you must have the hardware and software described below. Check your system before you begin the installation. ✽1 Operating System Windows 98 SE Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) Windows 2000 Professional SP4 Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Windows XP Professional SP2...
  • Page 56: Installation On A Mac Os X (finepixviewer)

    5.3 INSTALLATION ON A Mac OS X (FinePixViewer) Pre-installation checklist ■ Hardware and software requirements To run this software, you must have the hardware and software described below. Check your system before you begin the installation. ✽1 ✽2 Compatible Mac Power Macintosh G3 , PowerBook G3 Power Macintosh G4, iMac, iBook,...
  • Page 57: Installation On A Windows Pc (hyper-utility2)

    5.3 INSTALLATION ON A Mac OS X (FinePixViewer) The “FinePixInstallOSX” window appears. Click the [Install] button to install FinePixViewer and RAW FILE CONVERTER LE. The ImageMixer VCD2 LE for FinePix installer automatically starts up and a window showing the installation progress appears (Installation may take several minutes). The “FinePixViewer installation completed”...
  • Page 58 5.4 INSTALLATION ON A Windows PC (Hyper-Utility2) Installing Hyper-Utility2 Switch on your PC and start up Windows. If you have already switched on your PC, restart your PC at this point. ● Log on using a computer administrator’s account (e.g. “Administrator”). Quit all other active applications until no applications are shown in the taskbar.
  • Page 59 5.4 INSTALLATION ON A Windows PC (Hyper-Utility2) The software version is checked. If the window shown at right appears, click the [Next] button to uninstall the software. Hyper-Utility2 is then installed. In Windows 2000 Professional, if the latest version of Windows Media Player is not installed, install Windows Media Player as directed by the on-screen instructions and then restart the PC.
  • Page 60: Installation On A Mac Os X (hyper-utility2)

    5.5 INSTALLATION ON A Mac OS X (Hyper-Utility2) Hardware and software requirements To run this software, you must have the hardware and software described below. Check your system before you begin the installation. ✽1 Power Mac G4 (except for PCI Graphic)/G5, PowerBook G4/MacBook, Compatible Mac MacBook Pro/Mac mini Operating System...
  • Page 61: Viewing Images

    Viewing Images 6.1.1 Using the AC power adapter Always use a FUJIFILM AC Power Adapter AC-5VX (sold separately) (➡P.136). Use the AC power adapter to prevent losing power at inconvenient times, such as when downloading photographed images to your PC. You can take pictures and play back images without worrying about depleting the batteries.
  • Page 62: Connecting The Camera Directly To The Printer - Pictbridge Function

    6.2 CONNECTING THE CAMERA DIRECTLY TO THE PRINTER — PictBridge FUNCTION When a printer that supports PictBridge is available, images can be printed by connecting the camera directly to the PictBridge-compatible printer without using a PC. ● In PictBridge function, images photographed on other than a camera may not be printed. 6.2.1 Specifying images for printing on the camera 1 Set the Power switch to “...
  • Page 63: Specifying Images For Printing Without Using Dpof (single-frame Printing)

    6.2.2 Specifying images for printing without using DPOF ( single-frame printing ) 1 Set the Power switch to “ 2 Select “ in the “ 3 Set the Power switch to “OFF” to turn the camera off. PICTBRIDGE PICTBRIDGE OK OK ENGLISH ENGLISH ●...
  • Page 64: Connecting To A Pc

    6.3 CONNECTING TO A PC 6.3.1 Connecting to a PC The “Connecting to a PC” section explains how to connect the camera to your PC using the USB cable (mini-B) and describes the functions you can use once the camera and PC are connected. If the power cuts out during data transmission, the data will not be transmitted correctly.
  • Page 65: Disconnecting The Camera

    Set a PC Windows 98 SE / Me / 2000 Professional / Macintosh ● The Windows CD-ROM may also be required during installation. In this event, change CD-ROMs as directed by the on-screen instructions. h FinePixViewer automatically starts up and the Save Image Wizard window (Save Image dialog box) appears.
  • Page 66: Using Finepixviewer

    6.4 USING FinePixViewer 6.4.1 Mastering FinePixViewer For all information on FinePixViewer functions, refer to “How to Use FinePixViewer” in the Help menu for details. h What is explained in “How to Use FinePixViewer”... “How to Use FinePixViewer” covers a range of topics, including batch processing and ordering prints. ■...
  • Page 67 6.5 USING Hyper-Utility2 Launching Hyper-Utility2 Use the procedure below to launch Hyper-Utility2. Windows h Double-click the [Hyper-Utility2] icon on the desktop. h In the “Start” menu, click “All Programs” / “Hyper- Utility2”. ● In Windows, specifying the use of ICM will slow down image display.
  • Page 68: System Expansion Options

    Hyper-Utility2 cannot be deleted in Mac OS X. System Expansion Options eBy using the FinePix S9100 / FinePix S9600 together with other optional FUJIFILM products, your system can be expanded to fill a wide range of uses. Accessory availability may vary by country.
  • Page 69: Accessories Guide

    Accessories Guide eVisit the FUJIFILM web site for the latest information on camera accessories. Accessory availability may vary by country. Please check with your local Fujifilm representative to confirm product availability. h xD-Picture Card Use the following xD-Picture Cards: 16MB/32MB/64MB/128MB/256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB There are two types of xD-Picture Card: standard type and Type M (containing “M”...
  • Page 70 However, care must be taken with the input terminal of the FUJIFILM Digital camera. way Ni-MH batteries are used if their original h Turn off the FUJIFILM Digital camera before performance is to be maintained. disconnecting the cord from the FUJIFILM Digital h Ni-MH batteries left unused in storage for long camera’s DC input terminal.
  • Page 71 CompactFlash functions, operation details and system requirements. Card types approved for use with the FinePix S9100 / FinePix S9600 are listed on the FUJIFILM website. h The CompactFlash card may be hot immediately after being used in the camera and should be handled with care.
  • Page 72 You may not be able to print some images photographed on other cameras. Displayed for PictBridge. This message appears when printing is performed from a FUJIFILM printer that supports PictBridge. u PRINTING Refer to the Owner’s Manual for the printer for details.
  • Page 73 Warning Displayed Explanation MICRODRIVE IS An attempt was made to shoot a movie OVERHEATING MOVIE when the Microdrive was too hot. RECORDING WILL AUTOMATICALLY STOP SOON MOVIE RECORDING HAS STOPPED CANNOT RESTART A WHILE Remedy Turn the camera off and stop using it for about 30 minutes until it has cooled down.
  • Page 74 Effective pixels 9.0 million pixels 1/1.6-inch Super CCD HR Storage media xD-Picture Card (16/32/64/128/256/512 MB/1 GB/2 GB) CF card and Microdrive™ (Compatibility is listed on Fujifilm website: File format Still image: DCF-compliant Compressed: Exif ver.2.2 JPEG, DPOF-compatible Uncompressed: CCD-RAW (RAF) ✽...
  • Page 75 Specifications System White balance Automatic scene recognition/Preset (Fine, Shade, Fluorescent (Daylight), Fluorescent (Warm White), Fluorescent (Cool White), Incandescent/Custom white balance (2 types)) Self-timer Approx. 10 sec./2 sec. Flash type Auto flash Effective range (û: AUTO): Wide-angle: approx. 30 cm-5.6 m Flash mode Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro, Red-Eye Reduction + Slow Synchro...
  • Page 76: Explanation Of Terms

    Card before use. Back up important frames (files) onto your PC or another media. ✽ These specifications are subject to change without notice. FUJIFILM shall not be held liable for damages resulting from errors in this Owner’s Manual.
  • Page 77 Memo Memo...
  • Page 78: Fujifilm Digital Camera Worldwide Network

    Procesos de Color S.A. Technical support & Pablo Bermudez 111 Apartado 3794 - Esq. Arequipa - Lima 11 Repair service TEL +51 14 33 5563 FAX +51 14 33 7177 Uruguay Fotocamara S.R.L. Technical support & Cuareim 1439, montevideo, Uruguay Repair service TEL +598-2-9002004 FAX +598-2-9008430
  • Page 79 Fujifilm Slovakia Technical support Pribylinska 2, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia TEL 00421 2 44 888 077 FAX 00421 2 44 889 300 Repair service FIS Tatracentrum, Hodzovo nam. 4 - Tatracentrum, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia TEL 00421 2 54 647 347 Spain Fujifilm España S.A.
  • Page 80 Memo Memo...
  • Page 81: Safety Notes

    This could cause a fire or electric shock. The charger is designed for Fujifilm HR- Do not cover or wrap the camera or AA Ni-MH batteries. Using the charger the AC power adapter in a cloth or to charge conventional batteries or blanket.
  • Page 82 Memo Memo...
  • Page 83 26 - 30, Nishiazabu 2 - chome, Minato - ku, Tokyo 106 - 8620, Japan Printed on recycled paper. FPT - 608107 - YP Printed in Japan...

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