Adjusting The Sound; Adjusting Sound Settings - Insignia NS-39D400NA14 User Manual

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Adjusting the sound

Adjusting sound settings

You can adjust sound settings to improve the sound
quality. You also can reset all sound settings to the
factory default.
To adjust sound settings:
1 Press MENU. The on-screen menu opens.
2 Press
to highlight AUDIO, then press
ENTER. The AUDIO menu opens.
3 Press
to highlight an option, then press
ENTER to access the option. You can select:
• Sound Mode—Selects the sound mode. You
can select:
• Standard—Balances treble and bass. This
setting is good for watching standard TV
• Theater—Enhances treble and bass for a
rich sound experience. This setting is good
for watching DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and
• Music—Preserves the original sound. This
setting is good for listening to music.
• News—Enhances vocals for TV audio. This
setting is good for watching news
• Custom—Lets you manually adjust sound
• Balance—Adjusts the balance between the
left and right audio channels.
• Bass—Adjusts the low sounds.
• Treble—Adjusts the high sounds.
• TV Speakers—You can select On (default
• Digital Audio/SPDIF—Sends digital audio to
• MTS/SAP—(Analog channels only) Selects the
• Audio Language—(Digital channels only)
• Headphone/Audio Out—You can use the
• Reset Audio Settings—Reset all audio
4 Press
5 Press MENU to return to the previous menu, or
press EXIT to close the menu.
NS-39D400NA14 Insignia 39" LED TV
setting) to play audio through the TV speakers,
or select Off to turn off the TV speakers and
play audio through a connected sound
an external audio system. You can select:
• RAW (to pass through the original digital
audio sound).
• PCM (to output audio in 2-channel stereo).
• Audio Delay—Fine tunes the audio when
it is not in sync with the video.
audio mode. You can select:
• Mono—Select this option if there is
noise or static on weak stereo
• Stereo—Select this option for
programs broadcast in stereo.
• SAP—Select this option to listen to a
secondary audio program, if available.
You can also press MTS/SAP one
or more times to select the
audio mode.
Selects an alternate audio language, if
/AUDIO OUT jack on the side of your TV to
connect headphones, an amplifier, a home
theater system, or a sound bar. When a device
is connected to the
/AUDIO OUT jack, the
TV speakers are muted. This option selects
where the audio is played. You can select:
• Headphones—Select this option if you
connected headphones.
• Audio Out Fixed—Select this option to
use the remote control that came with the
amplifier, home theater system, or sound
bar you connected to the
jack to control the audio.
• Audio Out Variable—Select this option to
use the remote control that came with
your TV to control the audio from the
amplifier, home theater system, or sound
bar you connected to the
settings to factory defaults.
to adjust the option, or press
to select a setting.


Table of Contents

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