Avoid Service Checklist - Frigidaire 134889200 Owner's Manual

Tumble action laundry center
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Follow Winterizing
Instructions for cold
weather care.

Avoid Service Checklist

Before calling for service, review this list. It may save both time and expense. The list includes common concerns that are not the
result of defective workmanship or materials in this laundry center.
"Clicking" noise.
High pitch "jet engine" noise.
Rattling and clanking noise.
Squealing sound or hot rubber odor.
Thumping sound.
Vibrating noise.
Winterizing Instructions
If the laundry center is stored in an area where freezing can occur or moved in freezing
temperatures, follow these winterizing instructions to prevent damage to the laundry
1. Turn off water supply faucets.
2. Disconnect hoses from water supply and drain water from hoses.
3. Plug electrical cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet.
4. Add 1 gallon nontoxic recreational vehicle (RV) antifreeze to empty wash drum.
Close door.
5. Set cycle selector knob at a spin setting. Pull out knob and let washer spin for
1 minute to drain out all water. Not all of the RV antifreeze will be expelled.
6. Push in knob, unplug electrical power cord, dry tub interior, and close door.
7. Store washer in an upright position.
8. To remove antifreeze from washer after storage, run empty washer through a
complete cycle using detergent. Do not add wash load.
• A normal sound made by the timer.
• A certain amount of motor whine is normal during the spin cycle.
• Foreign objects such as coins or safety pins may be in drum or pump. Stop washer
and check drum. If noise continues after washer is restarted, objects may be in
pump. Call your authorized servicer.
• Belt buckles and metal fasteners are hitting wash drum. To prevent unnecessary
noise and damage to drum, fasten fasteners and turn items inside out.
• Washer is overloaded. Do not overload washer. Stop washer and reduce load.
• Heavy wash loads may produce a thumping sound. This is usually normal. If sound
continues, washer is probably out of balance. Stop washer and redistribute wash
• Washer is not resting firmly on floor. Move washer so it rests firmly on floor. Adjust
leveling legs. See INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for details.
• Shipping bolts and foam block have not been removed during installation. See
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for removing shipping bolts and foam block.
• Wash load unevenly distributed in drum. Stop washer and rearrange wash load.



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