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Care and Cleaning

Figure 1
(Lock tab is visible only after drawer has
been pulled out)
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
To reduce risk of fire or serious injury to persons or property, comply
with the basic warnings listed in Important Safety Instructions and those listed
Before cleaning the washer or dryer interior, unplug the electrical power cord
to avoid electrical shock hazards.
Do not use any type of spray cleanser when cleaning the dryer interior. Hazardous
fumes or electrical shock could occur.
Cleaning the Dispenser Drawer Area
Detergent and fabric softener may build up in the dispenser drawer. Residue should
be removed once or twice a month.
Remove the drawer by first sliding the safety latch to the right, then pulling
the drawer out until it stops. (Figure 1)
Reach back into the left rear corner of the drawer cavity and press down
firmly on the lock tab (left rear portion of the drawer). Pull out the drawer.
(Figure 2)
Remove the inserts from the bleach and fabric softener compartments.
(Figure 3)
Rinse the drawer and inserts with hot tap water to remove traces of
accumulated powders and liquids. Large amounts of fabric softener residue
may indicate improper dilution or more frequent cleaning is required.
To clean the drawer opening, use a small brush to clean the recess. Remove
all residue from the upper and lower parts of the recess. (Figure 4)
Return the bleach and fabric softener inserts to their proper compartments.
Replace the dispenser drawer and run the short wash cycle without any wash
load in the drum.
Remove items from the washer as soon as the cycle ends. Excess wrinkling, color
transfer, and odors may develop in items left in the washer.
Before cleaning the washer interior, unplug the electrical power cord to avoid
electrical shock hazards.
Dry around the washer door opening, flexible gasket, and door glass. These areas
should always be clean to ensure a water tight seal.
When extremely soiled items have been washed, a dirty residue may remain on
the drum. Remove this by wiping the drum with a nonabrasive household
cleanser. Rinse thoroughly with water.
The plastic drum vanes may become stained from fabric dye. Clean these parts
with a nonabrasive household cleanser. This prevents dye transfer to future loads.



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