Frigidaire Washer/Dryer Owner's Manual

Frigidaire washer/dryer user manual
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  • Page 2 Si desea obtemer una copia en espa_l de este _mrmaldelUsuario,s_ escribir a ladirecci6n queseincluye a c_ntirmaci_. SolicitelaP/N131547000. Spanish Owmer ' s Guides Frigidaire @smpar_ P. O. Box 9061 Dublin, Ohio 43017-0961 Thankyou for_ this _ c_nter. T hisowmer 'sguide will_<plain properoperation a ndcare.
  • Page 3 ThisO,mer'sGuide provides germ_ral cperating instructions foryour latrJry om_ter. I talsoccmtaims i nformation absut features f orseveral o ther inodels. Y our laundrycenter maynot bareevery feature included. Use the laundry center cnly as instructed in this Owner ' s Guide and the Opera_-ng _--n_ cards...
  • Page 4 ImportantSafety nstruc not use or mix liquid chlorinebleach with other householdchemicalssuchas toilet cleaners, rust removers, acidor products containing ammonia. These mixtures produce dangerous fumes which can cause se_-ous iuJurycr death. preventpersonalinjuryor damagetothe laundrycenter,the electrical powerc_rdn_ist h epluggedintoaproperly grounded andpolarized 3- prong outlet.
  • Page 5 Washing Procedures Sort laundry into loads that can be washed together. Emptypocket Place delicate iten_ inai_shbag. Bleach Dispenser ( soae T_Ddels) • Followthe9uidelines b elowforpreparing thewashload. • Readthe_ 0E_-a_ imiel. • Always read and follow fabric care and la_dryprod_ct labels. _Toregm_ theriskof f ire, electrical shock, c sinjurytoperscrs, _Instructions,...
  • Page 6 Washing Procedures Do notuseliquid chlorime bleachwith otherhousehsld chemicals. Donot loaditems above top rowof holesin washtub. Built - InFabric Softener DLe_enser (some m sdels) R_able Fabric S oftener Dispenser (soae _ dels) & Add laundry load to washer. • Dryloadlevelsheuldnotbehigherthantoprowofholesinwashtub. DO not overload washer. •...
  • Page 7 Safety Lid Lock Stain Removal Do not combine stain removal products. 9. start tJaewa_ae_. Close thewasher lidandpull o_t the cycle selectorkmob.Washer will filland agitatewiththe lidopen. Thetubwill not spinunless the lidisclosed. • To stop thew_sh_r, push inthe cycle selector knob. • To c_ a cycle,_ushinthe cycle selectorknob.Turnit clockwise tothe desired...
  • Page 8 STAIN TREATMENT Adhesive tape, chewing g_E_, Applyic_. rubber ceJ_nt r_lamvsbledry Baby for_, dairyprotucts, Use product Beverages (coffee,tea, scda, Pretreat stain. Washusir_coldwaterandbleachsafe juice, alt_holicheverages) Blood Ri_e witl_coldwater. F_b withbar soap. Or, pret teat or soak with product cantalni_ s_fefcr f_c. CaDdie wax, crayon Scrape of f surface wax.
  • Page 9 Mar_washing problems involve poorsoilandstain removal, residues of lintandscion, andfabric damage.Forsatisfactory washing results, fol lowthesestr3_est PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES •Deter_t oi- liquid fa_ic softener d_dllotdlssOlVe©_-di_i_e. 0Not enough detergent. • Wash water t en_Derature • _ro_ct sortin 9 . _41y_ •Not er_m/ghdet ergc_lt. •...
  • Page 10 Place small item_ in ai_esh bag+ Fill dr!er dru]ll/3 to 1/2 full. • Fol lowthe9uidelines b elowfor prepanng theloadfordrying. • ReadtheD_yer 0_erating _M_.icms • A.%s_'l_ read and £o110w fabric _Torelicetheriskof fire,electrical shock, orinjurytoperscms,read S_fety Ius_, pages 2-4,before operatingthis dryer. items £or ck'l, ing.
  • Page 11 Feat -es drying rack it_ns which should tumbled. Common Drying Problems Marydryingprobl&%s involve p oorcleaning resmlts, poorsoilandstain removal, residues of lintandstun, andfabric damage. Forsatis factory d rying result s,fol lowthese _sticms PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES Grassy, _ily •Fabric sof b_ler _et _ •Overlceding.
  • Page 12 Care and Cleaning Cle_ lint screen after every load. Wash lint screen cccasicrmlly. _Use carewithlaundry products.Theycandamagefinish on the relice rJ skoffLre orserious i njurytopersmms withthebasic warmm_gslisted in_ the_ listedhel_. Beforecleanm_ thewasheror dryerinterior, _ avoidelectrical shock hazards. Donotuseanytypespraycleanser whencleaning dryerinterior. H azardous fumes or electrical shock osuldoccztr.
  • Page 13 FollowWinterizing In_ucti_s fcr cold weather care ° Avold Ch .k Before calling forservice,reviewthis list. Itmaysavebothtimeamd_e. the resultof defectiveworkmanshiporn_terialsinthis latmdrycenter. OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE WASHER - NOISE -Clunking_ crgear so_ulds. A certain ar_unt of ,,clunking,, som_ds arenormalinahea_y dutywas_r. Foreignobjectssuchascoinsorsafety pins may be in tub or pump. Beltbaskle_ _i_ wash tub.
  • Page 14 OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE WASHER - OPERATING washer does not start Cycle selector isnotincc_rect pcsit icn. Motor isoverheated. 't _. Lidisnotccmpletelyclceed. left i_t_. Heavily soileditems. WASHER - WATER Wash load too wet after washerisoverloaded. Loadisoutofbalance. Drainhceeiskinked. Water does enter Watersupplyisnotadequateinarea. weaher or it e_ slowly, Watersupplyfaucets arenot ccnpletelyopen.
  • Page 15 OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE DRYER I)ryer _oes not start. Electr i calpcw_r c cmdis notseoar e lypl_ in orplugmaybe loose. Hsusefuseblcmn mrcircuit b reaker trip!_d. Dryer runs but won't _nereare2hcusefusesinthecky_rcircuit. R_placefuse. heat. If I of the 2 fuses isblown, the drummay turnhuttheheaterwillnotc_erate.
  • Page 16 Consolidated Industries, Inc. WCI has authorized Frigidaire Consumer Services _d per folT_services tn_er this _rr_ty. WCI authorizes no one else to change or add to any of these obligations for service and parts under thl s warranty ira/st be performed by Frigidaire Cons_r WARRANTY PERIOD...