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Installation of water inlet hoses
NOTE: Use the new inlet hoses supplied, do not reuse
old hoses.
Insert a new flat washer into each end of the inlet hose.
Connect the water inlet hose to the water faucet. You may have
to use pliers to tighten the coupling. Do not over tighten as this may
cause damage to the valve or hose fittings.
3. Connect the other ends to their respective cold and hot water inlet valves
located on the top of the washer.
4. Fasten each hose on the washing machine, and ensure a tight connection.
Check the inlet hose connections
1. Swing the hose gently to confirm that the hose is
securely fastened.
2. After installation, open the tap to check for leaks.
3. Do not bend the hose unduly.
4. Periodically check the hose connections are firm
at both ends. This is to ensure the connections
remain watertight over time.
Removing the water inlet hoses
1. Turn off the water taps.
2. Loosen each connection at faucet and washer.
3. Carefully remove each hose separately, as they may contain residual water.
to Joiner of the water inlet valve
Nut of the water inlet hose
Water absorption cushion

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