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Haier HWMP55-918 User Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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Fully Automatic Washing Machine User manual
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  • Page 1 Fully Automatic Washing Machine User manual This manual is for HWMP55-918 Please read this manual carefully before using. Retain it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS CONTENTS nside cover Parts Safety precautions Installation and adjustment Install the drain hose Install the water inlet hose Preparation before washing Load the laundry Detergent peration Cycle completed Maintenance Trouble-shooting Packing list Specification Back page...
  • Page 3: Parts

    Parts Cold water valve Hot water valve Top lid Screw cover Detergent box Power cord Handle Control pannel Lint filter Balance ring Inner tub Pulsater Back Front control cover board Cabinet Fixed leg (2 pieces) Drain connector Drain hose Adjustable leg Back cover (2pieces) Instruction for adjustable leg...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions After installation of the washing A separate earthed socket is required machine, the power plug should for the power supply.Hold the plug be accessible. Ensure the plug is not the electric cable when removed and the taps turned off unplugging the washing machine.
  • Page 5 Safety precautions...
  • Page 6: Installation And Adjustment

    Installation and adjustment Please install and adjust the machine according to the requirement of the manual. It is very important to your safety and the correct operating the machine. Install the lint filter After opening the package, please take out the lint filter from the document bag, install it to the inner tub.
  • Page 7: Install The Drain Hose

    Install the drain hose Install the drain hose First install the drain hose hook on the part of outer drain hose component. Put the drain hose clamp on the outer drain hose, Insert the outer drain hose into the joint for it, and then clutch tightly with drain hose hoop.
  • Page 8: Install The Water Inlet Hose

    Install the water inlet hose Install the water inlet hose Use the new hose supplied, do not reuse old hoses. 1. Insert a new flat washer into each end of the inlet hose. Firmly put the washers in the coupling. Note: Use the new hose supplied with the washer.
  • Page 9: Preparation Before Washing

    1.Preparation before washing Preparation before washing Preparation before washing 1. Connect the water inlet hose. 2. Inset the power plug into the electrical socket. 3. Ensure the drain hose is mounted at the correct height. 4. Select a suitable location for the washer on a hard, even surface away from direct sunlight or heat sources, e.g.
  • Page 10: Load The Laundry

    2.Load the laundry The rated washing capacity refers to the largest dry weight of a load that can be washed. The thickness, size and type of clothes will influence the actual capacity. Be careful to only load a reasonable amount of laundry. Do not select more than water level for clothes less than 1.0kg, to avoid splashing of water...
  • Page 11: Operation

    5 Operation Long Medium Rapid Express Indicator display On Indicates the program is about to run and indicates the selected cycle and options Flashing Indicates the program is running and indicates the selected cycle and options Remaining time display Displays Displays total remaining Displays remaining time when the "Delay"...
  • Page 12 D Water Level button During the Memory and Synthetic programs the washing machine will detect the size of the laundry and automatically select the water level between levels 4, 6, 8 or 10. To change the water level, press the Start/Pause button and make your selection. Press the Start/Pause button to start the machine, it will not set the water level automatically.
  • Page 13 G Cycle button Program Recommended for Normal Washing the Mixed fabrics laundry Heavy Items that are very dirty or items that are heavy or big Delicate Delicate items that are machine washable Quick Small load of lightly soiled laundry less then 1.5kg The customer favourable cycle, it can remember the cycle setted this Memory time(Water level will not be remembered because it will be setted by...
  • Page 14 Press the buttons to customise the pre-set options Rinse Spin Wash During wool cycle, you can not set the washing time, rinse times and spin time. You can only use the default settings. Water Water Press the button to change the water level Level Level For the "Synthetic"and "Memory"...
  • Page 15: Cycle Completed

    Ãê Press the button to start the cycle and an alarm will sound. ˜Ñ Note The energy test program was performed using the "Normal" cycle default setting of: wash long , 1 rinse, spin 7 mins, water level 10. Please use low sudsing or high efficiency detergent. Cycle completed an alarm will sound.
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    Maintenance Remove the power plug from the wall before cleaning. Clean the lint filter after each wash. The lint filter must be used during Remove and clean the detergent washing. box, replace after cleaning. It must be cleaned after each Lint filter: 1.Pull it up to remove it.
  • Page 17: Trouble-Shooting

    Trouble-shooting If there is a breakdown, remove the power plug before checking the machine. Using the following list please confirm the machine requires repair. If repair is required please contact our Customer Care Team, do not try to fix it yourself. Problem Possible causes What to do...
  • Page 18 Common occurrences Cause Situation The spinning is intermittent Redistribute the load evenly. when it starts. Close the top lid. The wash procedure pauses. The cloth sensor is detecting , it will add water after about 48 senconds. The program is setting the drain time Select spin program, but it does a period of time is needed before the spin not work.
  • Page 19: Packing List

    Packing list Name Quantity Storage position Inside the document bag Inside the document bag Components of the water inlet hose Connect to the Inside the accessory bag washing machine Connect to the tap Lint filter Inside the document bag Tapping screws Eight Inside the accessory bag Bottom plate...
  • Page 20: Specification

    Specification Fully Automatic Washing Machine Type HWMP55-918 Model 220-240V 50Hz Rated voltage/frequency 380W Rated washing power 300W Rated spinning power About 35kg Weight L 520 W 530 H 900 Dimensions (mm) 1/14 L 2/18L 3/22L 4/26L 5/30L Water level/Water 6/34L 7/38L 8/43L 9/47L 10/52L quantity(about) 0.03MPa-1.0MPa (when water temperature is...