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Pella 35123 Owner's Manual And Installation Manual

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Owner's Guide and Installation Manual
Recommended Tools
Read the legend below in order to easily follow along and install your storm door.
For reference, the storm door assembly is illustrated on page 2.
To order replacement parts, call
or visit us at
Please have your registration number
ready when you contact us either by
telephone or on the internet.
is located on page 12 of this manual.
NOTE TO THE INSTALLER: This Owner's Guide and Installation Manual is the property of the
homeowner. Please leave it with the homeowner upon completion of the installation.
Tape Measure
For safety reasons, the assistance of a second person is recommended when handling the door.
Follow the steps in order, from 1 to 35.
RED objects are the action items for that step.
Steps in BLUE apply to LEFT HINGE configurations ONLY.
(Hinge side will be determined in a later step.)
Steps in GREEN apply to RIGHT HINGE configurations ONLY.
(Hinge side will be determined in a later step.)
Instructions in this box style are IMPORTANT!
Power Drill with
3/32" drill bit
Lay door flat.
Before discarding the carton, make sure ALL parts are
accounted for -- check in carton roll-ups.
Loose Parts
The carton material is recyclable
Updated 4/10
Screwdriver #2
Loose Parts
(in Roll-up)


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  • Page 1

    35123 Updated 4/10 Owner’s Guide and Installation Manual PELLA EXPRESS INSTALL STORM DOOR MODELS ® ® NOTE TO THE INSTALLER: This Owner’s Guide and Installation Manual is the property of the homeowner. Please leave it with the homeowner upon completion of the installation.

  • Page 2

    Storm Door Components NOTE: Actual door styles may vary from illustrations, however, the installation steps will be the same. Screw Cover Strips Header Frame Hardware Kit Door Door Closers Includes mounting Latch Mounting Frame screws and some Mounting handle components Glass/Screen Frame Retainer Strips...

  • Page 3

    START Remember this is the Your Installation INTERIOR SIDE of the door t f i Turn door over. Remove shipping clips. Remove glass and screen. Align outer edges FIRST, center header ... THEN, Predrill the two holes. frame in entryway align with face of opening ...

  • Page 4

    Continued from page 3 This is the TOP of Your Position door for Door LEFT hinge or RIGHT hinge. Right RIGHT HINGE DOORS Hinge position metal plate Illustration on this side LEFT HINGE DOORS position metal plate on this side Left Hinge Illustration This is...

  • Page 5

    Continued from page 4 Set door in opening (resting on bottom spacer from step 10). Right Hold tight to hinge side. Hinge Illustration Left Hinge Illustration Predrill the five hinge side hole locations. Secure with screws. Drill 3/32” Qty. Pilot Holes “Mounting Frame Screw Bag”...

  • Page 6

    Continued from page 5 Install horizontal strips Horizontal first (top then bottom) Retainer Strip Install Install Both Both Left and Vertical Right Retainer Install glass panel. Bottom Strip IMPORTANT: Hold glass in place while installing retainer strips. Secure with retaining strips. Predrill the five hole locations.

  • Page 7

    Continued from page 6 Break-off Tab (Remove if necessary) Position top mounting frame. Note: if you have interference with siding, remove the break-off tab Leave this with a pliers, then caulk plate in place along the back surface, for protection from rain. Right Hinge Illustration...

  • Page 8

    Continued Remove the two hole plugs from from the closer bases. Hardware Instruction Insert into the factory drilled holes near the top Hole Plugs Qty. corners of the door. Break off of closer base Determine which LEFT HINGE Install Closers side to install on This Side.

  • Page 9

    Continued To Use: Locate from Open the door, One-Touch ® the top Closer page 8 then tap then button. Button One-Touch ® To Close: Closer bottom Nudge the door BOTTOM closers. open slightly. Closer Slide top and bottom closers onto their bases. Rotate bottom closer as shown.

  • Page 10

    Continued from page 9 Close door. , t s Adjust bottom expander to lightly contact the sill. Sweep Sill Angled Edge Points Away Install screw cover strips From Door (1 Horizontal, 2 Vertical). Hint: With the angled edge in place, run your finger down the length of the inner edge to snap in place. Finished with the installation.

  • Page 11: Care And Maintenance

    ROUTINE CLEANING: Use any household glass cleaner. DECORATIVE STAINED GLASS (If included with your model) ONE-OF-A-KIND ORIGINALS The stained glass on your Pella panel is hand crafted. Slight imperfections or variation of color ® are normal. No two glass panels are exactly alike.

  • Page 12

    20 years after the purchase date. The purchaser will be responsible for transportation charges. Should the door be determined to be defective in material or workmanship AFTER 20 years from the purchase date, the original purchaser may buy one new Pella storm door at 50% of the then- current manufacturer’s suggested list price for as long as the original purchaser owns the home on which the door was installed.

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