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HP StorageWorks 4/32B SAN Switch Specification Page 4

Switch power pack /b-series family.
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Product Highlights
Software Components, Optional
4/32B SAN Switch
Power Pack Software
Fabric Watch
Advanced Performance
Extended Fabric
ISL Trunking
Fabric Manager
Secure Fabric OS
The Power Pack Software Bundle for 4/32B SAN Switch includes the following:
Fabric Watch
Advanced Performance Monitor
Extended Fabric
ISL Trunking
Fabric Watch enables each switch to monitor the SAN for potential faults and automatically alert
network managers to problems before they become failures. Fabric Watch tracks a variety of SAN
fabric elements, events, and counters. Monitoring fabric-wide events, ports, SFPs, and
environmental parameters permits early fault detection and isolation as well as performance
measurement. Each switch in the SAN needs its own Fabric Watch license.
This enabling technology helps administrators monitor and watch specific fabric metrics from a SID
(Source ID) to a DID (Destination ID), so they can fine-tune and scale the fabric more efficiently.
Plus, Advanced Performance Monitoring includes the ability for early warning detection of hot
spots within the fabric, a powerful tool for maintaining overall balanced performance.
Extends all of the scalability, reliability, and performance benefits of Fibre Channel Storage Area
Networks (SANs) beyond the native 10 km distance specified by the Fibre Channel standard.
For high performance enhanced Trunking, this optional license logically groups up to four E-ports
to provide a high bandwidth trunk between two switches. Each 4Gb switch needs its own license.
The switch operating system views the trunk as a single, high bandwidth resource (up to 32Gb)
when routing connections between 4G switches. Connections are load-balanced across the
individual links, which comprise the logical trunk group.
Fabric Manager is a highly scalable, Java-based application that manages multiple switches and
multiple fabrics (up to eight) in real time, helping SAN administrators with SAN configuration,
monitoring, dynamic provisioning, and daily management. SAN administrators gain rapid access to
critical SAN information across multiple personality fabrics, including both Fabric OS SANs and
enhanced Secure Fabric OS SANs.
Secure Fabric OS™ is available only on the B-Series platform and is the only solution that
provides protection for both management access and switch-to-switch authentication. This
comprehensive security solution for SAN fabrics provides policy-based security protection for more
predictable change management, assured configuration integrity and reduced risk of downtime.
Secure Fabric OS protects the network by using the strongest, enterprise-class security methods
available, including digital certificates and digital signatures, multiple levels of password protection,
strong password encryption and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based authentication, and 128-bit
encryption of the switch's private key used for digital signatures. With its flexible design, Secure
Fabric OS enables organizations to customize SAN security to meet specific policy requirements.
In addition, Secure Fabric OS works in conjunction with Advanced Zoning to further secure access
to the SAN, simplify storage management, and reduce provisioning time.
DA - 12712 EMEA — Version 2 — June 8, 2007
HP StorageWorks 4/32B SAN Switch & 4/32B SAN
Switch Power Pack /B-Series Family
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