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Charging A Very Cold Battery; Protecting The Environment - Black & Decker BDV1084 Instruction Manual


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F01 - Internal shorted cell battery
If the battery being charged has an internal shorted cell, F01
will be displayed. We recommend taking your battery to a
certified automotive service centre for evaluation.
F02 - Bad battery connection or battery voltage too low to
accept a charge
When F02 is displayed, the most common cause is a poor
connection to the battery.
Follow the steps outlined in "Safety instructions" at the front
of this manual to disconnect the ac power cord and the
battery clamps (4), clean the battery terminals and
reconnect the battery charger.
If the situation persists, we recommend taking your battery
to a certified automotive service centre for evaluation.
F03 - Internal open cell
Have the battery checked by a certified automotive service
F04 - Overtime condition
F04 is displayed when the charging time exceeds 18 hours.
You may be using a charging rate that is too low for the size
of the battery. Select a higher charging rate to charge the
F05 - Overheated condition
F05 is displayed to indicate that the battery charger is
overheating. The ventilation grill that prevents the air from
flowing in and out of the battery charger may be blocked.
Follow the steps outlined in "Safety instructions" at the front
of this manual to disconnect the ac power cord and the
battery clamps (4), allow the appliance to cool for 30
minutes and reconnect.
Make sure that there is ample ventilation before resuming

Charging a very cold battery

If the battery to be charged is very cold i.e., in temperatures
below freezing (0°C/ 32°F), it cannot accept a high rate of
charge. The initial charge rate will be low. The charge rate
will increase as the battery warms. Never attempt to charge
a frozen battery.
Mains plug replacement (U.K. & Ireland only)
If a new mains plug needs to be fitted:
Safely dispose of the old plug.
Connect the brown lead to the live terminal in the new plug.
Connect the blue lead to the neutral terminal.
Warning! No connection is to be made to the earth terminal.
Follow the fitting instructions supplied with good quality plugs.
Recommended fuse: 3 A.

Protecting the environment

Should you find one day that your appliance needs
replacement, or if it is of no further use to you, think
of the protection of the environment. Black &
Decker repair agents will accept old Black &
Decker tools and ensure that they are disposed of
in an environmentally safe way.
Separate collection of used products and
packaging allows materials to be recycled and
used again. Re-use of recycled materials helps
prevent environmental pollution and reduces the
demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of
electrical products from the household, at municipal waste
sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.
Black & Decker provides a facility for the collection and
recycling of Black & Decker products once they have
reached the end of their working life. To take advantage of
this service please return your product to any authorised
repair agent who will collect them on our behalf.
You can check the location of your nearest authorised repair
agent by contacting your local Black & Decker office at the
address indicated in this manual. Alternatively, a list of
authorised Black & Decker repair agents and full details of
our after-sales service and contacts are available on the
Internet at:
Lead acid batteries can be recharged many times.
At the end of their useful life, discard batteries with
due care for our environment:
Do not dispose of the battery in fire, as this may result in an
Lead acid (Pb) batteries are recyclable. They must not be
disposed of with household waste. The battery must be
removed and disposed of in accordance with local
Do not short-circuit the battery terminals.
Be aware that the battery is heavy.
If possible, operate the appliance to run the battery down
Place the battery in a suitable packaging to ensure that the
terminals cannot be short-circuited.
Take the battery to your service agent or a local recycling
station. Collected batteries will be recycled or disposed of

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