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Frigidaire side burner use and care manual
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LP Side Burner Conversion
7. Reattach bezel and screw new LP valve onto
front of side burner. (See Fig 4, again)
8. Reattach the flex line to the LP valve assem-
bly and tighten securely. (See Fig. 7
9. Reattach the control knob onto the manifold
stem. (See Fig. 3, again)
10. Looking down at top of side burner, use a
7mm nut driver to remove the NG. (See Fig.
16. Install the new LP orifice (See Fig. 9)
17. From the bottom of the side burner place the
LP orifice into the main burner assembly, fin-
ger tighten. (See Fig. 10)
18. Using the 7mm nut driver tighten the LP
orifice in the main burner assembly.
(See Fig. 11)
19. This completes the side burner conversion.
Flex line
NG orifice
LP orifice
LP orifice
Fig 7
Top of Side Burner
Looking down
Fig 8
Fig 9
Bottom of side
burner main
Fig 10
Nut driver through
top of side burner
Fig 11



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