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Frigidaire side burner use and care manual
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IMPORTANT: Make sure you have converted
the side burner to Liquid Propane prior to
completing the following steps.
1. Remove the LP gas hose assembly from the
flare fitting. (this has the regulator attached to
it.) (See Fig. 12)
2. Using an adjustable wrench remove the
flare fitting coming out of the bottom of the
grill.Once the flare fitting is removed the main
gas pipe will be showing under grill. (See Fig. 13)
4. Using pipe sealant, attach the "T" Fitting to the
main gas pipe coming out of the bottom of the
grill and tighten with a wrench. (See Fig. 14)
5. Using pipe sealant, attach a 3/8" flared fitting to
the side and bottom of the "T" fitting. (See Fig.
6. Attach the Flex Line to the fitting on the side of
the "T" fitting. Connect the other end of the flex
line to the side burner valve. (See Fig. 16)
Note: This line can be extended using a 3/8"
flared coupling and an additional flex line if
7. Attach the LP gas hose assembly to the
bottom flared fitting. (See Fig. 17)
Be sure your L.P. cylinder has an overfill
protection device on it. Max inlet pressure
cannot exceed 10"-11" water column.
Flex Line
Gas Hose
LP Grill Conversion
LP hose/
with grill.
"T" fitting
Attach to fitting
Fig. 12
Fig. 13
Main Gas Pipe
Fig. 14
Fig. 15
Fig. 16



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