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Frigidaire side burner use and care manual
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1. Loosen the flex line attached to the side burn-
er valve using an adjustable wrench. (See Fig.
2. Remove the flex line completely from the side
burner valve. (See Fig. 2)
3. Remove the control knob from the front of the
side burner. (See Fig. 3)
4. Remove the screw holding the bezel in place
on the side burner and remove bezel from
front of side burner. (See Fig. 4)
5. Grasp and remove NG valve assembly from
the side burner tube assembly and remove
from the side burner. (See Fig. 5)
6. Install LP valve assembly into the side burner.
(See Fig. 6)
LP Side Burner Conversion
Valve Assembly
Flex Line
Fig 6
LP valve
Underside of
right side
burner shelf
Fig 1
Flex Line
Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4
Fig 5



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