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User's Guide
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   Summary of Contents for Brother P-touch 9700PC

  • Page 1 97OOPC 98OOPCN User’s Guide S TA TU S S TA TU S If you encounter any problems with your product, visit our Web site:
  • Page 2 The purpose of the International ENERGY STAR Program is to promote the development and popularization of energy-efficient office equipment. ® As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Brother Industries, Ltd. has determined that this ® product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • Page 3: Compilation And Publication Notice

    Compilation and Publication Notice Under the supervision of Brother Industries, Ltd., this manual has been compiled and published, covering the latest product’s descriptions and specifications. The contents of this manual and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Do not use a damaged adapter cord or power Failure to observe this may result in an supply cord. accident or damage. Brother shall not assume any responsibility for any accident or damage Do not overload the power outlet. resulting from not using the specified AC adapter (AD9100ES), adapter cord, power supply cord and USB cable.
  • Page 5 WARNING Printer Follow these guidelines to avoid fire, damage, electric shock, and/or the risk of injury. Do not allow the printer to get wet in any way. Do not touch the blade of the cutter unit. Do not touch any metal parts near the print head.
  • Page 6: General Precautions

    ● Depending on the environmental conditions and the applied settings, some characters or symbols may be difficult to read. ● Use only Brother TZ tapes or Brother HG tapes with this printer. Do not use tapes that do not have the mark.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Unpacking the printer .....................7 General description ......................8 LED lamps ............................9 Getting ready to use your printer ................11 Connecting the printer ....................12 Connecting to the power source ....................12 Connecting to a computer ......................13 Using the interface cables ......................14 Installing the tape cassette ..................15 Authorised tape ..........................15 Installing the tape cassette ......................15...
  • Page 8: Unpacking The Printer

    Unpacking the printer Open the box and confirm that the following items are included. If any item is missing or damaged, please contact your Brother dealer or Brother Customer Service. ■ PT-9700PC/PT-9800PCN ■ USB cable Printer (PT-9700PC) ST AT US ■...
  • Page 9: General Description

    General description ■ PT-9700PC ST AT US DC IN 24V Front view Rear view ■ PT-9800PCN ST AT US DC IN 24V Front view Rear view 1. Tape compartment cover 9. Serial (RS-232C) port 2. Label outlet 10. USB port 3.
  • Page 10: Led Lamps

    LED lamps The condition of the printer shown by LED lamps on printer or USB Direct Interface (PT-9800PCN only). ■ LED lamps on printer Lamp condition Condition Remedy Power lamp STATUS (green) lamp (red) Printer standby condition — Flashing Receiving data —...
  • Page 11 If the STATUS lamp Roller holder error continues to flash, contact your Flashing fast Brother dealer or Brother Customer Service. Turn the printer off and on with the Print head overheat error power button.
  • Page 12: Getting Ready To Use Your Printer

    Getting ready to use your printer Before creating labels with the printer, the following preparations are necessary. Note The connection procedures are different depending on the operating system running on the ● computer. They will also vary depending on whether a USB connection, serial connection or network connection (PT-9800 PCN only) is used.
  • Page 13: Connecting The Printer

    Connecting the printer Connect the printer to the power source and a computer. Plug the power supply cord into an electrical outlet (AC 220 to 240 V). Connecting to the power source Connect the included power supply cord to the AC adapter. DC IN Turning on the printer Turn on the main power switch on the...
  • Page 14: Connecting To A Computer

    Connecting to a computer Connect the printer to a computer using the interface cables. The interface cables used to connect to a USB port, serial (RS-232C) port and LAN (10/100BASE-TX Wired Ethernet) port are different. Basic Setup Serial port (ESC/P and Operation Systems P-touch USB port...
  • Page 15: Using The Interface Cables

    For serial and network interfaces, a shielded interface cable should be used to ensure ● compliance with the limits for EMC. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Brother Industries, Ltd. may affect the ● performance and print quality, and damage may not be covered under the limited warranty.
  • Page 16: Installing The Tape Cassette

    Installing the tape cassette This section lists the types of tape that may be used with the printer and explains the procedures to install the tape cassettes. Install the tape cassette. Make sure that the end of the tape feeds Authorised tape under the tape guide.
  • Page 17: Installing The Software For Pt-9700pc

    P-touch Editor or b-PAC SDK to avoid printing difficulties: [P-touch Editor] version 5.0.101 and later (included on CD). [b-PAC SDK] version 3.0.010 and later (download from Brother Solutions Center). For details of the software, see the “Software User’s Guide” (PDF).
  • Page 18 When instructed to download the optional tools, select your choice and click [Next]. • If you choose “Yes, display the page”, you will go to the Brother Solutions Center web site before finishing the installation (recommended). Choose your region (eg. Europe), your country, your model and Downloads for your model.
  • Page 19: Installing The Software For Pt-9800pcn

    ● You can find the Software User's Guide or Network User´s Guide (PDF) by clicking “Start” - ● “All Programs (Programs)” - “Brother P-touch” - “Manuals” - “PT-9800PCN” - “Software User's Guide” or “Network User's Guide”. Custom Installation P-touch Editor 5.0, printer driver, ®...
  • Page 20 When instructed to download the optional tools, select your choice and click [Next]. • If you choose “Yes, display the page”, you will go to the Brother Solutions Center web site before finishing the installation (recommended). Choose your region (eg. Europe), your country, your model and Downloads for your model.
  • Page 21: For Network Interface Cable Users

    When instructed to download the • If you choose “Yes, display the page”, optional tools, select your choice and you will go to the Brother Solutions click [Next]. Center web site before finishing the • If you choose “Yes, display the page”, installation (recommended).
  • Page 22: Configuration Utility

    The BRAdmin Light is a utility for initial setup of exceptions?” appears. Check your of Brother network connected devices. It can computer environment and choose also search for Brother products on your [Yes] or [No].
  • Page 23 Choose STATIC for the Boot Method. Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway, and then click [OK]. The address information will be saved to the printer.
  • Page 24: Uninstalling The Software

    The “Uninstall or change a program” Note window appears. ® For details, see Windows Help. ● ® For Windows Choose “Brother P-touch Editor 5.0”, and ® For Windows click [Remove]. Choose “Brother PT-XXXX”, and click ® ® For Windows Vista /Windows “File”...
  • Page 25 Writer] in the [Devices and Printers] window, and then click [Print server properties], which appeared in the menu bar. ® For Windows Click the “Drivers” tab and choose “Brother PT-XXXX”. Then, click [Remove]. Go to step ® For Windows Vista Click the “Drivers”...
  • Page 26: Advanced Function

    Advanced function After the printer has been connected to the computer, labels can be created and printed. This section describes various useful print settings and how to use a bar code reader to print labels without a computer. ■ Printing labels at high speed or a high resolution See “Printing at a higher speed or at a higher resolution”...
  • Page 27: Distributed Printing

    Select the “Advanced” tab, select the “Distributed printing” check box, and Distributed printing then click [Settings]. When printing a large number of labels, printing can be distributed among multiple printers. Since printing is performed at the same time, the total printing time can be reduced. Note Printing can be distributed to printers ●...
  • Page 28 Specify the tape width to be used for Click [OK] to close the “Distributed printing. Printing Settings” window. A. If only one printer has been selected. Setup is completed. In the dialog box from step , select the printer whose setting is to be specified, Click [OK] to start distributed printing.
  • Page 29: Btp (bar Code Template Print) Function

    ● transferred to the printer, identical labels code reader models whose operation has can be printed simply by scanning the been confirmed, visit the Brother Solutions print settings and commands with a bar Center ( code reader. Before this function can be used, the ●...
  • Page 30: Preset Template Printing

    “P-touch Template manual” (English only) from the P-touch Editor 5.0 to the from the following web site: printer by using the Transfer Manager. (See Software User´s Guide.) Choose your region (eg. Europe), your country, your model and Downloads for Note your model.
  • Page 31: Bar Code Printing

    Choose your region (eg. Europe), your to create and print the bar code.
  • Page 32 Scan the bar code whose data is to be Connect the database file to the label used. layout to be printed. For details on specifying the settings, refer to the “P-touch Editor Help”. (CODE128/9-digit) Scan the “Begin printing” bar code. Data to be The bar code is printed with the replaced by...
  • Page 33 P-touch Template Settings, download ABC Company “P-touch Template manual” (English only) Planning from the following web site: Walter Freeman 8766 Choose your region (eg. Europe), your country, your model and Downloads for your model. To specify the number of copies to be ●...
  • Page 34: Using P-touch Editor Lite Lan (pt-9800pcn And Windows ® Only)

    DHCP, the IP address is automatically For example, click on the layout area assigned when the printer is connected and then type “Brother”. to the network, therefore the printer can be used immediately. However, since the IP address may change dynamically,...
  • Page 35: Printing The Printer Settings

    Note Printing the printer settings P-touch Editor Lite LAN is ideal for ● creating simple labels. To create labels The printer settings page shows a report listing with more complex designs, use the printer settings and the network settings P-touch Editor 5.0. (PT-9800PCN only).
  • Page 36: Serial Interface Settings (windows ® Only)

    “Printer” (Windows Vista ® Click [Apply]. Windows The baud rate will be changed. Right-click the “Brother PT-XXXX” Click [Exit]. icon, and then select “Properties”. Click the “Ports” tab and then select Click [OK]. the port you use from the list.
  • Page 37: Maintenance

    Maintenance Your printer should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its performance. Note Always disconnect the AC adapter prior to cleaning the printer. ● ■ Cleaning the exterior of the printer Cleaning the head roller manually Wipe any dust and marks from the main unit using a soft, dry cloth.
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting For printer troubleshooting, refer to the following list of possible problems. Q & A Problem Solution Check that the interface cable is connected correctly, the tape The printer does not print. cassette is installed correctly, and the tape compartment A printing error is received.
  • Page 39 COM2 may have been mistakenly selected in the Change Baud Rate Wizard or the Change Baud Rate Wizard.) Brother printer utilities. • Error 1 or Error 5: The serial port of the computer cannot be used. When another serial connection device is using the same COM port, labels cannot be printed.
  • Page 40 Problem Solution • With a USB connection. When the printer is connected to the computer using a USB cable, the driver for the second printer is automatically installed through Plug and Play. • With a Peer-to-Peer connection (PT-9800PCN only). - If one PT-9800PCN is already installed: After the second printer is connected to the LAN, the installer starts up and the printer driver is installed.
  • Page 41: Product Specifications

    Product specifications ■ Printer specifications Item Specification Power lamp (green), STATUS lamp (red), Display USB Direct Interface lamp (green/red) (PT-9800PCN only) Printing method Heat transfer laminated printing/thermal printing Print head 360 dpi/384 dot For TZ tape cassettes: 360 × 360 dpi Print resolution For HG tape cassettes: 360 ×...
  • Page 42: Appendix

    Appendix General procedure for the BTP (Bar code Template Print) function The general procedure for using the BTP (Bar code Template Print) function is described below. For details on specifying the various settings, refer to “BTP (Bar code Template Print) function” (→...
  • Page 43: List Of Bar Codes For Specifying Settings

    List of bar codes for specifying settings These are the bar codes for specifying settings used with the “BTP (Bar code Template Print) function” (→ P. 28). Note When using the bar codes in this list, set “Trigger for P-touch Template Printing” and ●...
  • Page 44 ■ For entering numbers* • 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 0 • 00 ■ Preset template number • Preset template 1 • Preset template 2 • Preset template 3 •...
  • Page 45: Begin Printing

    • Preset template 5 • Preset template 6 • Preset template 7 • Preset template 8 • Preset template 9 • Preset template 10 ■ Select template ■ Delimiter ■ Begin printing *1 This is the default setting. *2 These are used when specifying the number of copies printed and when selecting a template number.
  • Page 46: Index

    Index AC adapter ..........7, 12 Label outlet ........... 8 AC adapter socket......... 8 LAN port............8 LED lamp ............9 Bar code printing ......... 30 Bar code Template Print ......28 Main power switch ........8, 12 Bar codes for specifying settings ....42 Maintenance ..........
  • Page 47 Uninstalling the software ......23 USB cable ..........7, 14 USB Direct Interface ........8 USB port............8 User’s Guide ..........7...
  • Page 48 Printed in China LAA164001...

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