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Split System Heat Pump Condensers
7 1/2 - 20 Tons
(60 Hz)
(50 Hz)
February 2004


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  • Page 1

    TWA-SVX01A-EN 18-BC60D5 Installation Operation Maintenance Split System Heat Pump Condensers 7 1/2 - 20 Tons Models: (60 Hz) (50 Hz) TWA075AD**F TWA090A***F TWA100AD**F TWA120A***F TWA155BD**F TWA180B***F TWA240B***F TWA200BD**F February 2004...

  • Page 2

    Introduction NOTICE: Literature Change History Warnings and Cautions appear at TWA-SVX01A-EN (May 2003) appropriate sections throughout this Compressor Changes manual. Read these carefully. TWA-SVX01A-EN (January 2004) Compressor LRA updated. WARNING – Indicates a Overview of Manual potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in Note: One copy of this document death or serious injury.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Model Number Description ..................4 Unit Dimensions ....................5,6,7 Electrical Data ......................8 Unit Inspection ......................9 Initial Leak Test ......................9 Lifting Recommendations ..................9 Clearances ......................... 9 Snow Belt Mounting ....................10 Unit Mounting ......................10 Refrigerant Piping ....................11 Leak Check ......................

  • Page 4: Model Number Description

    Model Number Description Model Number Description All products are identified by a multiple- character model number that precisely identifies a particular type of unit. An explanation of the alphanumeric identification code is provided below. Its use will enable the owner/operator, installing contractors, and service engineers to define the operation, specific components, and other options...

  • Page 5: Unit Dimensions

    Unit Dimensions Figure 1 - TWA075A, TWA090A Dimensional Data, Connection Locations, Clearances, Corner Weights Figure 2 - TWA100A, TWA120A Dimensional Data, Connection Locations, Clearances, Corner Weights TWA-SVX01A-EN...

  • Page 6: Unit Dimensions 5

    Unit Dimensions Figure 3 - TWA155B, TWA180B Dimensional Data, Connection Locations, Clearances, Corner Weights TWA-SVX01A-EN...

  • Page 7: Unit Dimensions 5

    Unit Dimensions Figure 4 - TWA200B, TWA240B Dimensional Data, Connection Locations, Clearances, Corner Weights TWA-SVX01A-EN...

  • Page 8: Electrical Data

    Electrical Data Table 1 - TWA Unit Electrical Data Basic Unit Characteristics Compressor Motor Outdoor Fan Motor Allowable Minimum Maximum Model Electrical Voltage Circuit Fuse Amps Amps Number Characteristics Range Ampacity Size Qty. Qty. HP TWA090A3 208-230/60/3 187-254 34.5 25.1 182.0 TWA090A4 460/60/3...

  • Page 9: Unit Inspection

    Installation [ ] Notify the sales representative and arrange for repair. Do Installation procedures should be performed in the not repair the unit until the damage is inspected by the sequence that they appear in this manual. Do not destroy or carrier’s representative.

  • Page 10: Snow Belt Mounting

    Installation A. Do not install the unit under a low overhang. Condenser Figure 4 Roof Mounted Unit discharge must not be restricted. See Figure 1, Figure 2 or Figure 3. Important: Do not obstruct condenser discharge air. This can result in warm air recirculation through the coil.

  • Page 11: Refrigerant Piping

    Installation Refrigerant Piping 3. Remove the refrigerant connection seal caps and open the service valve slowly to release the nitrogen from the unit. Structural Preparation Holes must be made in the structure to run refrigerant lines. CAUTION: Do not remove the seal caps from refrigerant For the majority of ground-level installations, the holes can be connections until prepared to braze refrigerant lines to the made in the header that rests on top of the foundation.

  • Page 12: Leak Check

    Installation CAUTION: Do not apply heat to remove seal caps until 7. With vacuum pump and micron gauge blanked off, open they have been punctured. If seal caps are intact, valve on R-22 cylinder and allow refrigerant pressure to application of heat may generate excessive pressure in build up to about 40 psig.

  • Page 13: Electrical Wiring

    Installation Unit Power Supply Note: For tubing over 40 ft. calculate the additional The installer must provide line voltage circuit(s) to the unit main power terminals as shown by the unit wiring diagrams in refrigerant needed, based on notes above. Service Facts or field wiring.

  • Page 14: Typical Split System Heat Pump Diagram

    Installation Figure 7 - Typical Split System Heat Pump Refrigerant Circuits TWA-SVX01A-EN...

  • Page 15: Typical Field Wiring

    Installation Figure 8 -Typical Field Wiring Disconnect Switch Disconnect Switch (By Others) (By Others) Note 2 TWA090 & 075A/TWE090 & 075A TWA120 & 100A/TWE120 & 100A FIELD WIRING: Electric Heat Condensing Air Handler A-- 3 POWER WIRES, LINE VOLTAGE Accessory Unit B-- 3 POWER WIRES, LINE VOLTAGE FOR 3 PHASE;...

  • Page 16: Safety Controls

    System Pre-Start Procedure Safety Controls Installation Checklist Note: All of these controls may not be installed on your unit, check electrical schematic. Complete this checklist once the unit is installed to verify that all recommended procedures have been accomplished Evaporator Defrost Control (EDC) before starting the system.

  • Page 17: Sequence Of Operation

    System Start Procedure Heating Mode Sequence of Operation With the system switch on the thermostat set to the HEAT position, and the room temperature drops approximately 1 ½ Unit Start-Up degrees below the thermostat setting, a heating cycle is Once the unit is properly installed and pre-start procedures initiated by closing of the TSH-1 contacts.

  • Page 18

    System Start Procedure “T” (Thermistor) Circuit Supplementary Heat The “T” circuit, used with both the manual and automatic The 1 stage of supplementary heat is cycled on when the changeover thermostats in conjunction with heat pump indoor temperature drops approximately 2 degrees below the applications, is used for anticipation of outdoor condition thermostat setting.

  • Page 19: Maintenance

    Maintenance Maintenance Perform all of the indicated maintenance procedures at the Note: Some motors are permanently lubricated. intervals scheduled. This will prolong the life of the unit and reduce the possibility of costly equipment failure. 7. Check refrigerant piping and fittings for leaks. Monthly The following warning complies with State of California law, Conduct the following maintenance inspections once per...

  • Page 20

    Maintenance Maintenance Log* Date Ambient Evaporator Temp. Entering Air Compressor Superheat Subcooling Suction Discharge Circuit #1 Circuit #1 Bulb Bulb Pressure Pressure Perform each inspection once per month (during cooling season) while unit is operating. TWA-SVX01A-EN...

  • Page 21: Warranty

    Warranty For Commercial Unitary Equipment Rated Under 20 Tons and Related Accessories Products Covered This warranty is extended by American Standard Inc., and applies to the following products: which have been returned to the warrantor. The warrantor’s · All packaged and split system air conditioners and heat warranty is conditional on the Customer providing written notice to the warrantor within thirty (30) days of the pumps have a rated capacity of less than 20 tons.

  • Page 22

    Warranty Commercial Equipment Rated 20 Tons and Larger and Related Accessories (Parts Only) PRODUCTS COVERED — This warranty is extended by American Standard Inc., and applies only to commercial equipment rated 20 tons and larger and related accessories purchased and retained for use within the U.S.A. and Canada. Warrantor warrants for a period of 12 months from initial start-up or 18 months from date of shipment, whichever is less, that the products covered by this warranty (1) are free from defects in material and manufacture, and (2) have the capacities and ratings set forth in...

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  • Page 24

    Literature Order Number TWA-SVX01A--EN SV-UN-TWA-SVX01A-EN 2/04 File Number Supersedes Stocking Location Webb Mason The manufacturer has a policy of continuous product and product data improvement and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice. TWA-SVX01A-EN...

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