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Troubleshooting; Sql Statements - Toshiba Strata CIX Database Assistant Technical Bulletin

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Trouble Shooting
Trouble Shooting
If the status light is not green, or if the Host Connection does not indicate 'Operational', click on the Debug
tab. Make sure VA_HOST is entered in the Host Manager box. If this box does not say VA_HOST, then
enter this in the field and click on Save Chg.

SQL Statements

This section can be used to add, edit, delete, and test SQL Statements.
Add an SQL Statement
To add an SQL Statement, make sure your database is highlighted in the ODBC Connections box located
next to the SQL Statements box in the ODBC Setup screen. Then, click on Add SQL to bring up the Add
SQL Statement screen.
This screen allows us to create an SQL Statement that can be used by Voice Assistant.
SQL Statement
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Enter the name you wish to give your SQL Statement.
Enter the maximum time allowed for the query to run in seconds.
Enter a checkmark if you want your SQL Statement to be registered.
Type in your valid SQL Statement here.
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