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Care And Maintenance; Cleaning The Vmm; Care Of Cables; Vehicle Interface Cables - Ford VMM Hardware Manual

Ford motor vehicle measurement module hardware manual
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Cleaning the VMM

witch OFF the power and disconnect the equipment from the power source before cleaning
the equipment. The VMM should only be cleaned using non-abrasive, mild cleaning agent.
Note: Dust and other particles should be lightly brushed from the surface before being
cleaned. Cleaner should be applied to a soft lint free cleaning cloth and never directly to the
VMM. Do not soak the cleaning cloth and take care not to allow cleaning fluid to enter
DO switch this equipment off by disconnecting the DC power cord from the vehicle before
carrying out maintenance & cleaning operations (see Care & Maintenance section). Use only a
well diluted, mild, non-abrasive cleaning agent applied using a soft lint free cloth.
DO NOT use or apply undiluted cleaning agent directly to the equipment surface and do not soak
the cloth. Take care that cleaning fluid does not enter connector receptacles.

Care of Cables

It is good practice to always return the cables and probes to their appropriate storage place. The
cables have been manufactured to high standards but can be damaged by driving vehicles over
them or exposing them to excessive temperatures. Avoid stretching the cables.

Vehicle Interface Cables

You MUST take care when using these cables as they are capable of passing high current.
Short-circuits are a fire risk.



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