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Safety Warnings; Vmm Safety Information; Proper Installation And Use Of This Equipment - Ford VMM Hardware Manual

Ford motor vehicle measurement module hardware manual
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You should read and understand this safety information before installing, assembling and using the
DO observe the safety warnings and cautions in this document.
WARNING - This indicates the presence of a hazard that can
cause personal injury if the hazard is not avoided.
CAUTION - This indicates the presence of a hazard that can
cause damage to , a vehicle or other equipment connected
to, or that might corrupt software if the hazard is not

Proper Installation and Use of this Equipment

This equipment has been designed, manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of
international safety standards; however, like any apparatus, care must be taken in its installation and
DO NOT allow cables connected to this equipment to be positioned where they can be trapped,
snagged, stretched across sharp edges, or create any potential hazard.
WARNING – This equipment must be earthed (grounded).
DO ensure that a competently trained person checks that all the electrical connections (including any
electrical power cable or any extension leads) are properly made in accordance with the instructions.

VMM Safety Information

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