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Ford VMM Hardware Manual page 8

Ford motor vehicle measurement module hardware manual
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DO NOT continue to use this equipment if you have ANY doubt that it may not be working properly or
it is damaged in any way. Switch off power to the equipment, disconnect the DC power cord from the
vehicle and contact your Hotline Call Centre Support.
DO NOT connect any equipment to the PC compatible signal interface connections of the VMM until
you are satisfied that the equipment is safe.
DO NOT connect or disconnect any equipment to or from the PC compatible signal interface
connections of the VMM unless the VMM is powered off.
DO NOT remove any fixed covers unless you are authorized/qualified to do so for the preparation of
this equipment.
DO NOT obstruct the ventilation of this equipment. Obstruction can cause overheating, reduce
reliability and shorten the life of this equipment.
DO NOT expose this equipment to spilled liquids.
CAUTION - If the VMM system is used to measure
hazardous voltages, these voltages can appear on the pins
of other connectors in the measurement system.
CAUTION - Assurance must be obtained from the
manufacturers and suppliers of such equipment that
interfaces comply with the requirements for SELV circuits
in accordance with IEC 1010 (EN 61010).
CAUTION - There are no user serviceable parts under the
covers unless specifically indicated. Always isolate this
equipment from the electrical power source (disconnect
the DC power cable from the vehicle) before removing any
covers and ensure that all covers are replaced and
correctly secured before reconnecting this equipment to
the vehicle power.



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