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Ford VMM Hardware Manual page 13

Ford motor vehicle measurement module hardware manual
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Normal Power-up LED Operation
The VMM Heart Beat / Under temperature / Over temperature Operating LED (LED1) will be flashed
regularly, approximately once per second, when the VMM software is running normally.
This LED will flash slowly, approximately once every 2 seconds, (with all other LED's unlit) if the
VMM is in 'warm-up' mode following storage at temperatures below 0
This LED will flash rapidly, approximately five per second, (with all other LED's unlit) if the VMM is
shut-down due to over temperature.
The Power/ POST Diagnostic LED (LED2) flashes to indicate boot failure code in the event of a VMM
boot POST failure. A permanently lit Red LED indicates no failures.
The Critical Access LED (LED3) flashes during critical VMM activity such as Flash Memory access.
The VMM power source must not be removed while this LED is flashing.
The Host Link Activity LED (LED4) flashes whenever Host packets are being transferred (similar to
the LED 'LAN' indicator used on PC Ethernet port connector) between the VMM and PC.
The LED status indicator operation sequences are based on the latest information
available at the time of publication. If differences are observed, refer to the VMM Hardware
Manual on the CD/DVD or at the Internet location in which software is obtained for up-to-date
Software Updates
Periodically, the user will be able to update the VMM software using the host device when new
releases become available.



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