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FoodSaver Vac 1050 User Manual

Original home vacuum packaging system.
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The Original Home Vacuum Packaging System
User Manual

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    The Original Home Vacuum Packaging System ™ Vac1050 User Manual...

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    Vacuum Package Using FoodSaver Designer Canisters Vacuum Package Using FoodSaver Bulk Storage and Square Canisters Vacuum Package Using the FoodSaver Jar Sealer with Mason Jars Vacuum Package Using FoodSaver Universal Lids Vacuum Package Using FoodSaver Bottle Stoppers Care and Cleaning Instructions...

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    The FoodSaver Vac 1050 removes the air from our FoodSaver Bags and then seals the bags so that air cannot reenter. The Vac 1050 is also designed to be used with a wide range of FoodSaver...

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    ◗ Vacuum packaging in the FoodSaver Canisters FoodSaver Square Canister is an ◗ There are three styles of FoodSaver excellent way to marinate foods Canisters – Designer, Square, and because the process opens the Bulk Storage. They are ideal for...

  • Page 5: Making A Custom-made Bag

    T H E F O O D S AV E R U S E R M A N U A L How to Make a Custom-Made Bag with FoodSaver Rolls When using FoodSaver Rolls you first need to make a bag, then vacuum package your food in the bag. (If you are using ready- made FoodSaver Bags, go to page 9.)

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    NOTE: Let the Vac 1050 cool down for at least 20 seconds before using it again. IMPORTANT: You will need to pre-freeze foods that have excess liquid or moisture before vacuum packaging in FoodSaver Bags because the liquid can be drawn up into the vacuum pump.

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    T H E F O O D S AV E R U S E R M A N U A L How to Use the Sealing Time Switch Sealing Time Switch This two-position switch lets you control the length of the sealing process.

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    T H E F O O D S AV E R U S E R M A N U A L How to Use the Manual Seal Button Place the open end of the bag down into IMPORTANT: Make sure the open end of the bag touches the blue label on the bottom of the vacuum channel.

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    Vacuum packaging is complete. IMPORTANT: Remember to remove the accessory hose from the accessory port on the FoodSaver Vac 1050 before you vacuum package in FoodSaver Bags. How to Open the FoodSaver Designer Canister To open the FoodSaver Designer Canister, press and hold down the grey rubber button in the center of the lid.

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    T H E F O O D S AV E R U S E R M A N U A L How to Vacuum Package Using FoodSaver Bulk Storage and Square Canisters FoodSaver Bulk Storage and Square Canisters are a great way to store food in your refrigerator and pantry. The Square Canister is also ideal for marinating.

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    How To Vacuum Package Using the FoodSaver Jar Sealer with Mason Jars The Vac 1050 used with the FoodSaver Jar Sealer allows you to vacuum package food in mason jars. There are two sizes of jar sealers: the FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer for wide-mouth mason jars, and the FoodSaver Regular Jar Sealer for regular and standard-mouth mason jars.

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    If you are planning to store canned foods for more than a day, transferring foods from the can into a FoodSaver Bag, FoodSaver Canister, a glass, or a hard plastic container is recommended to prevent “off-flavor” from developing from the can.

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    T H E F O O D S AV E R U S E R M A N U A L How to Vacuum Package Using FoodSaver Bottle Stoppers FoodSaver Bottle Stoppers are the best way to keep wine, oils, and non-carbonated bottled liquids fresh longer. You will keep their delicate taste from going stale by not exposing the liquids to air.

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    All FoodSaver accessories should be washed in warm water using a mild dishwashing soap. Dry thoroughly before using. All FoodSaver Canister bases (but not the lids) may be washed in the dishwasher. Square and Bulk Storage Canister bases (but not the lids) may be used to reheat foods in the microwave.

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    Preserve Your Garden Goodness Vacuum Normal Storage Packaged Life (without Your FoodSaver Vac 1050 is an Storage Life vacuum packaging) invaluable tool to help preserve the quality, freshness, and nutrients of 2 to 3 years 6 months your homegrown vegetables.

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    Keep berries fresh longer in the refrigerator by repackaging them in a FoodSaver Canister. You can open the canister and take what you need for snacks or fruit salad, then reseal to maintain freshness.

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    Plus, it eliminates the age it. If using a FoodSaver Bag, growth of molds that commonly allow approximately one inch of occur with nuts. Keep nuts fresh by...

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    NOTE: Placing a box inside a FoodSaver Bag may puncture the bag. Therefore, it is best to use the inner bag in which most powdery foods are generally packaged.

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    Bubbles indicate a leak. If the bag has a leak, you need to use a new bag. If using a custom-sized FoodSaver Bag, check the seal of the bag. There may be a wrinkle in the bag along the seal, which causes leakage and prevents air from being removed.

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    Guide” in this User Manual for guidelines for specific foods. Food items with sharp edges may have punctured the bag. If you find a puncture hole, you will need to use a new FoodSaver Bag. Make sure to protect the bag from puncture holes by wrapping the items in cushioning material such as a paper towel.

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    T H E F O O D S AV E R U S E R M A N U A L Marinating Recipes You can marinate in a fraction of the usual time with FoodSaver Canisters. What usually takes hours to marinate takes only about 20 minutes when you vacuum package your food.

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    In a 2-quart sauce pan combine water, brown sugar, salt, bay leaves, ginger, and allspice. Bring to rapid boil; stir until brown sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat. Let cool completely. In a FoodSaver Canister, place filet of salmon skin down. Poor cooled brine liquid over salmon to cover.

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    4 tablespoons olive oil ⁄ cup minced cilantro In FoodSaver Canister, combine onion, garlic, lime juice, and tomato until smooth. Slowly add oil until completely combined, then add cilantro. Salt to taste. Add shrimp to canister. Vacuum package. Marinate 15-20 minutes in the refrigerator.

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    If you have any questions concerning service of this product, please contact: Tilia, Inc. Toll-Free Consumer P.O. Box 194530 Services Support San Francisco, CA 94119-4530 United States: 1-800-777-5452 Canada: 1-877-804-5383 Evidence of original purchase is required, so it is important to hold onto your sales receipt or packing slip.

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    This material may not be copied or reproduced in any fashion without written permission from the publisher. ® FoodSaver is a registered trademark of Tilia, Inc. First printing, August 2000 Printed in the United States of America FoodSaver Patent 4,941,310 FoodSaver Bag Patent RE: 34,929 Item# 18-0509 (10/00)

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