Miele ESW 47.2 Operating And Installation Manual

Built-in food warming drawer
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Operating and installation instructions
Built-in food warming drawer
ESW 47.2
ESW 48.2
en - GB
To avoid the risk of accidents or
damage to the appliance it is
essential to read these
instructions before it is installed
and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 07 462 960



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  Summary of Contents for Miele ESW 47.2

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Built-in food warming drawer ESW 47.2 ESW 48.2 en - GB To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Guide to the appliance ..........4 Front view.
  • Page 3 Contents Safety instructions for installation ........30 Building-in dimensions ESW 47*2 .
  • Page 4: Guide To The Appliance

    Guide to the appliance Front view Control panel Anti-slip mat Air vents Rack...
  • Page 5: Control Panel

    Guide to the appliance Control panel Sensor switches On/Off switch for the appliance Menu For selecting the function Temp. For setting the temperature Timer For setting the duration Displays Functions: For warming cups and glasses For warming plates and dishes For keeping food warm Temperature: ] ^ ^ ^ ^...
  • Page 6: Accessories Supplied

    Guide to the appliance Accessories supplied The accessories supplied with your drawer as well as a range of optional ones are available to order (see "Optional accessories"). Rack For increasing the loading area Anti-slip mat For keeping crockery secure...
  • Page 7: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Warning and Safety instructions Safety with children This appliance complies with all This appliance is only intended for relevant local and national safety use by adults who have read these requirements. Inappropriate use instructions. The appliance is not a toy! can, however, lead to personal injury To avoid the risk of injury, keep children and damage to property.
  • Page 8 H 05 V V-F inspected by a qualified electrician. (pvc insulated), available from the Miele The manufacturer cannot be held liable Service Department. for the consequences of an inadequate Faulty components must only be earthing system (e.g.
  • Page 9 Warning and Safety instructions Correct use During installation, maintenance and repair work, the appliance must be For added protection, it is advisable disconnected from the mains electricity to use heat-resistant pot holders or supply. It is only completely isolated gloves when using the appliance. Do from the electricity supply when: not let them get damp or wet, as this –...
  • Page 10 Warning and Safety instructions Do not use the appliance to heat up Make sure that you select a high the room. Due to the high temperatures enough temperature setting to keep radiated, objects near the appliance food warm. Bacteria can develop in the could catch fire.
  • Page 11: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Disposal of your old appliance material Electrical and electronic appliances often contain materials which, if The transport and protective packing handled or disposed of incorrectly, has been selected from materials which could be potentially hazardous to are environmentally friendly for human health and to the environment.
  • Page 12: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time A display test is carried out for 10 seconds after the appliance has been switched on at the mains and after a power cut. The fan comes on at the same time. The appliance cannot be used during this time.
  • Page 13 Before using for the first time The appliance switches itself off automatically when the selected duration has elapsed. Metal components have a protective coating which may give off a slight smell when heated up for the first time. The smell and any vapours will dissipate after a short time, and do not indicate a faulty connection or appliance.
  • Page 14: Operation

    Operation Functions Use the Menu sensor to select the function you want. The applicable symbol lights up as follows: – / For warming cups and glasses. – H For warming plates and dishes. – 2 For keeping food warm. The last function selected is automatically activated the next time the drawer is switched on, and this is shown in the display.
  • Page 15: Temperature Settings

    Operation Temperature settings Each function has its own temperature range. The factory-set recommended temperatures are printed in bold. The temperature can be altered in 5° steps by touching the Temp. sensor. The last temperature selected is automatically activated the next time the drawer is switched on, and this is shown in the display.
  • Page 16 Operation Switching on ^ Open the drawer. ^ Switch the appliance on by touching the On/Off s sensor. ^ Touch the Menu sensor until the function required lights up in the display. ^ If you wish to alter the temperature, touch the Temp. sensor until the LED for the temperature required lights up.
  • Page 17: Sabbath Mode

    Operation Sabbath mode For religious observance, the appliance can be set for the duration of the Sabbath. In Sabbath mode the timer is deactivated and the sensors have to be touched longer than usual. If Sabbath mode is activated, the appliance will turn off after about 72 hours, then automatically reset to normal operation.
  • Page 18: Capacity

    With a second rack you can increase the load area even more by placing one rack on the left and the other on the right. Another rack can be obtained from Miele or from your Miele dealer (see "Optional accessories").
  • Page 19: Keeping Food Warm

    Keeping food warm This function is for keeping food warm that has just been cooked, i.e. food that is still hot. It is not for reheating food that has gone cold. – To ensure that the temperature does not drop below the minimum required for keeping food warm (65°C), select the 2 function only.
  • Page 20: Settings

    Keeping food warm Settings Food Container Container cover? Temperature Position in drawer for 2 setting Floor Rack* ] ^ ^ ^ ^ To warm bread ] ^ ^ ^ ^ To warm rolls ] ^ ^ ^ ^ Steak (rare) Plate ^ ^ ] ^ ^ New potatoes...
  • Page 21: Warming Crockery

    Warming crockery – Distribute the crockery over the whole area of the drawer. Stacks of plates heat up more slowly than individual pieces of crockery. If large stacks of plates are unavoidable, place them at the front of the drawer. Use the rack (depending on model).
  • Page 22: Other Uses

    Other uses Type of Container Cover Temperature Temperature Position Time in for 2 for / food container? in drawer hours: preparation setting setting minutes Floor Rack* ] ^ ^ ^ ^ Proving Bowl Yes, with 0:30 dough plate ^ ] ^ ^ ^ Making Yoghurt 5:00...
  • Page 23 Other uses Low-temperature cooking Meat can be cooked at a constant low temperature over a longer period of time, with very tender results. It is possible to use the food warming drawer to cook meat at a low temperature. This is only suitable where the core temperature does not exceed 65°C.
  • Page 24 Other uses Setting Type of meat Degree of Temperature range Cooking in 2 setting doneness container ] ^ ^ ^ ^ Roast beef Rare Roasting ^ ^ ^ ^ ] Roast beef Medium to well Roasting done ] ^ ^ ^ ^ Pork fillet Medium Plate...
  • Page 25: Cleaning And Care

    If not, it might become impossible to remove and could cause the external surfaces to alter or discolour. Clean the front using a Miele microfibre E-cloth or with a clean sponge and a solution of hot water and washing-up liquid. Then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Page 26: Anti-Slip Mat

    Cleaning and care To avoid damaging the surface of your appliance, do not use: – cleaning agents containing soda, ammonia, acids or chlorides, – cleaning agents containing descaling agents, – abrasive cleaning agents, e.g. powder cleaners and cream cleaners, – solvent-based cleaning agents, –...
  • Page 27: Problem Solving Guide

    – the appliance is correctly plugged in at the mains socket and switched on. – the mains fuse has tripped. If the mains fuse has tripped, call an electrician or the Miele Service Department..the food is not hot enough Check whether –...
  • Page 28 Problem solving guide . . . crockery is not warm enough Check whether – the correct temperature setting has been selected. – the vents have been covered up. – the crockery has been allowed to heat up for a sufficiently long time.
  • Page 29: Optional Accessories

    The anti-slip mat keeps crockery securely in place. E-Cloth (microfibre cloth) Removes finger marks and light soiling. A range of Miele branded accessories and cleaning products is available for your appliance from your local retailer, the Miele Spare Parts Department or via the internet on www.miele-shop.com.
  • Page 30: Safety Instructions For Installation

    Safety instructions for installation Before connecting the appliance to the mains supply make sure that the connection data on the data plate (voltage and connected load) correspond with the mains electricity supply, otherwise the appliance could be damaged. Consult a qualified electrician if in any doubt. The socket and on-off switch should be easily accessible after the appliance has been built in.
  • Page 31: Building-In Dimensions Esw 47*2

    Building-in dimensions ESW 47*2 Installation with an oven Side view with oven...
  • Page 32 Building-in dimensions ESW 47*2 Solo installation Side view An interim / fixed shelf is required above the appliance for solo installation...
  • Page 33: Building-In Dimensions Esw 48*2

    Building-in dimensions ESW 48*2 Installation with an oven Side view with oven...
  • Page 34: Installing The Appliance

    Installing the appliance Check that the base of the drawer is clean and that it is level (use a spirit level). This is important for the appliance to function correctly. To avoid the risk of injury wear protective gloves when installing the appliance in its housing unit.
  • Page 35: Aligning The Front Of The Food Warming Drawer

    Aligning the front of the food warming drawer After building in, it may be necessary to align the front of the food warming drawer. ^ Remove screws from the left and right side of the drawer front. ^ Carefully lift the control panel out, taking care not to damage or pull on the cable, and place it on the floor of the drawer.
  • Page 36: Fixing The Furniture Front

    Fixing the furniture front The furniture front must be at least 10 mm thick, and be able to withstand temperatures of at least 60 °C. The furniture front including handle must not exceed 5.0 kg in weight. ^ Attach the handle to the furniture front using counter sunk screws.
  • Page 37 Fixing the furniture front ^ Hang the fixing panel into the front of the drawer. Make sure that the seal is in the correct position. ^ Secure with 2 screws from inside the drawer front. ^ Align the drawer front. ^ Tighten the screws on the inside of the drawer front.
  • Page 38: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection All electrical work should be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent person, in strict accordance with current local and national safety regulations (BS 7671 in the UK). Installation, repairs and other work by unqualified persons could be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for unauthorised work.
  • Page 39 Electrical connection Important U.K. This appliance is supplied for connection to a single phase 230-240 V 50 Hz supply with a 3-core cable. The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Green/yellow = earth Blue = neutral Brown = live WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE...
  • Page 40: After Sales Service, Data Plate

    Please note that telephone calls may be monitored and recorded to improve our service. When contacting Miele, please quote the model and serial number of your appliance, which are given on the data plate. N.B. A call-out charge will be applied for unnecessary service visits where the problem could have been rectified as described in these instructions.
  • Page 44 Alteration rights reserved/ 3109 M.-Nr. 07 462 960 / 02...