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Safety Instructions; Drive Precautions - Pioneer DVD-114 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd-114 industrial dvd-rom
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To ensure your personal safety and to maximize the full operating potential of your drive,
read and follow the precautions listed below.

Drive Precautions

This section discusses installation concerns and drive maintenance.
Environment – Avoid installing this drive in a location with exposure to large
quantities of dust, high temperatures, high humidity, and subject to excessive
vibrations or shocks.
Power – Turn OFF the system before installing this or any other hardware
Read & Retain Instructions – Read all operating and user information provided
with this drive.
Cleaning – Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior housing. Avoid using any
fluids including liquid, aerosol or alcohol-based cleaning products.
Water or Moisture – avoid operating or locating this drive near water or other
sources of fluid.
Power Sources – Operate this drive only from the recommended power
sources. If you are unsure of the power source, consult an authorized Pioneer
Overloading – Avoid connecting too many devices to a single wall socket or
power source as this can cause fires or short circuits.
Object & Liquid Entry – Never push objects
Condensation – Moisture can form in the operating section of the product if the
drive is taken from cool surroundings to a room with a warmer temperature. Let
the drive stand for one to two hours in the new location before turning it ON.
DVD-114 Operating Instructions
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