Safety Instructions - Pioneer DVD-D7563 Operating Instructions Manual

Dvd-rom drive unit
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To ensure your personal safety and to maximize the full operating potential of your
Drive, read and follow these safety precautions:
ENVIRONMENT - Please do not use the unit at places with much dust, high
temperature, or high humidity. Never turn off the power to the unit or allow it to become
subjected to shocks or vibrations during operation.
READ INSTRUCTIONS - Read all safety and operating instructions before the Drive is
RETAIN INSTRUCTIONS - Retain the safety and operating instructions for future
FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS - Follow all operating and use instructions.
HEED WARNINGS - All warnings must be adhered to.
WATER AND MOISTURE - DO NOT use this product near water.
OBJECT AND LIQUID ENTRY - Never push objects of any kind into this product.
Touching dangerous voltage points may cause a short resulting in fire or electric shock.
Do not spill liquid of any kind on this product.
CONDENSATION - Moisture will form in the operating section of the product causing
performance to be impaired if it is brought from cool surroundings into a warmer
environment. If you are moving the unit to a location with a warmer temperature, let
the product stand for 1-2 hours in the new location before turning it back on.
SERVICING - Do not attempt to repair this product yourself. Opening or removing
covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to
qualified service personnel.
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