Snow Thrower
Model 621450x4NA
module 621450x4NA
Read and keep this book for future reference. This book contains important information on SAFETY,
Lisezet conservez ce manuel pour r_f_rence. Ce manuel contient des informations importantes


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    InstructionBook Snow Thrower Model 621450x4NA Manueld'instructions module 621450x4NA chasse-neige Read and keep this book for future reference. This book contains important information on SAFETY, ASSEMBLY, OPERATION,AND MAINTENANCE. Lisezet conservez ce manuel pour r_f_rence. Ce manuel contient des informations importantes concernant la SECURITE, LE MONTAGE, L'UTILISATIONET L'ENTRETIEN.

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    NOTE: This unit is equipped with an internal combustion engine and must not be used on or near any unimproved forest-covered, brush-covered or grass-covered land unless the engine's exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrester Engine Exhaust, some of its constituents, meeting applicable local or state laws (if any).

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    iiiiiii_i_ ", }llllIl_ F-021003C...

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    Instruction Book. Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 1-800-251-8007 particular parts. If you are uncertain whether To make a claim under this Murray, Inc. Two (2) PRODUCT INFORMATION and the safety rules. Keep this manual for future Follow all the assembly and preparation reference.

  • Page 7: International Pictorials

    ENGLISH INTERNATIONAL PICTORIALS IMPORTANT: The following pictorials are lo- cated on your unit or on literature supplied with the product. Before you operate the unit, learn and understand the purpose for each pictorial. Safety Warning Symbols DANGER IMPORTANT Avoid Injury From DANGER DANGER Read Owner's Manual...

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    ENGLISH Safe Operation Practices for Snow Throwers As Recommended By: American National Standards Institute. IMPORTANT: Safety standards require operator Never attempt to make any adjustments 11. Do not clear snow across the face of slopes. presence controls to minimize the risk of injury. while the engine (motor) is running (except Exercise extreme caution when changing Your snow thrower is equipped with such con-...

  • Page 9: Assembly

    ENGLISH ASSEMBLY How To Assemble The Handle FUEL MIXTURE CHART (mixture 50:1) 1. Remove the packing material from the upper u.s. IMPERIAL SI. (Metric and lower handles. Read and follow the assembly and adjustment instructions for your snow thrower. All fasteners 2.

  • Page 10: Operation

    ENGLISH OPERATION How To Stop Discharging Snow WARNING: The starter is equipped with a three-wire power cord and (Figure NOTE: Illustrations begin on page 3. plug and is designed to operate on 1. To stop discharging snow, release the auger 120 volt A.C.

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    ENGLISH NOTE: In temperatures below 0°F, allow the 2. Stop the engine. Wipe all snow and moisture 8. Do not use the auger propelling feature when from the carburetor cover, controi levers and clearing gravel or crushed rock driveways. engine to warm up for several minutes be- fore blowing snow.

  • Page 12: Maintenance

    ENGLISH MAINTENANCE CHART CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES SERVICE RECORDS Fill in dates as you Before First Every Every Every complete regular Each Each Before SERVICE DATES service. Hours Hours Hours Hours Season Storage Check And Tighten All Screws and Nuts Check Spark Plug Check Drive Belt Check Fuet Lubricate Chute Control Flange...

  • Page 13: Customer Service Department P.o. Box, Brentwood, Tennessee

    "Murray, Inc. Central Parts 6. Be sure that all nuts, bolts and screws are The spark plug is housed in the engine compart- securely fastened. Inspect all visible moving Distributor"...

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    ENGLISH TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART TROUBLE CAUSE CORRECTION Difficult starting Defective spark plug. Repiace spark plug. Use carburetor bowl drain to flush and refill with Water or dirt in fuel system. fresh fuel. Engine runs erratic Blocked fuel line, empty gas tank, or stale Clean fuel line;...

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    Cette d'usure normale dolt etre effectuee darts les garantie limitee Murray, Inc. de deux (2) arts GARANTIE LIMITEE DE DEUX trente (30) jours suivant la date d'acquisition. vous octroie des droits legaux specifiques,...

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    FRAN_AIS PICTOGRAMMES INTERNATIONAUX IMPORTANT : les pictogrammes suivants sont situ_s sur votre appareil ou darts la do- cumentation ci-jointe. Avant de vous servir de la tondeuse, apprenez _ reconnaitre cha- que pictogramme. Symboles de signalisati0n de danger IMPORTANT DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER Lire le manuel de I'utilisa-...

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    FRAN_AIS REGLES DE SECURITE A SUIVRE POUR L'UTILISATION DES CHASSE-NEIGE SELON LES RECOMMANDATIONS DE L'AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE. IMPORTANT : les normes de securite requie- Ne tentez jamais de faire de quelconques 12. N'utilisez jamais Ie chasse-neige sans les rent des contr6Ies de Ia presence du conducteur reglages Iorsque le moteur est en marche protections necessaires : deflecteurs,...

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    FRAN_AIS MONTAGE TABLEAU DE MELANGE (melange de 50:1) Montage de la poign_e 1. Retirer la couverture d_emballage des poi- Lire et suivre les instructions de montage et de gnees superieure et inferieure. BRITANNIQUE METRIQUE U,S,A, SYSTEME SYSTEME regtage de votre chasse-neige. Toutes les atta- 2.

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    FRAN_AIS FONCTIONNEMENT DANGER : L'utilisation de tout Arr_t du moteur (Figure chasse-neige peut susciter la pro- Pour arreter le moteur, tourner r la cl_ de de- REMARQUE : les illustrations apparaissent jection de corps _trangers dans les marrage (8) en position Arret. Garder la cle de la page 3.

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    FRAN_AIS (D_marrage _lectrique) Appuyer sur le 1. Tirer la corde du demarreur (12) au maxi- 5. Pour regler la distance du deversement de la bouton de demarrage _lectrique (10) mum. neige, utiliser le deflecteur de la goulotte de jusqda ce que le moteur demarre. Ne pas decharge.

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    FRAN_AIS TABLEAU DE MAINTENANCE RESPONSABILITES DE L'ACHETEUR REGISTRE DES OPERATIONS D'ENTRETIEN Avant Toutes Toutes Toutes Completez les dates au fur et _ mesure chaque 2pre- Avant des operations d'entretien regulier effec- utilisa- mleres Chaque remis- DATES DES OPERATIONS tuees, tion heures heures heures...

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    2. Retirer la courroie d'entrafnement. Pour cela, Murray, Inc. dont Ia liste figure a la fin de ce DANGER : ne pas retirer I'essence manuel. voir le paragraphe "Remplacement des cour- I'interieur...

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    FRAN_AIS TABLEAU DE DEPANNAGE CAUSE REPARATION PANNE Demarrage difficile Bougie defective. Remplacer la bougie. Eau ou impuretes dans le systeme de Utiliser le drain de carburateur pour evacuer les distribution du carburant. impuretes et remplir avec de I'essence neuve. Le moteur tourne de mani_re irr_guliere Conduit de carburant bouche, reservoir...

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    PartsList- Model 621450x4NA Listedepi_ces- ModUle621450x4NA F-021003C...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS ENGINE ASSEMBLY 7O 71 342481 Part No. Key No. Description ENGINE (SEE ENGINE MANUAL) 180077 SCREW, 5/16-18 X.75 0!8X16 WASHER, SPTLK FLATWASHER 71071 BELT GUIDE 313440 710312 SCREW, 5/16-!8X1 339017 SPRING, IDLER BRAKE IDLER BRAKE ARM...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS FRAME COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY 342434 Part No. Key No. Description 760272E701 FRAME, SIDE SUPT STEEL RH 760271E701 FRAME, SIDE SUPT STEEL LH 760168 ROD, SUPPORT 71063 WASHER, HVSPTLK 71044 NUT, 3/8-16 REGHEX 333749E701 BRACKET, GAS TANK 302628 SCREW, 1/4-20X.75...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS HANDLE ASSEMBLY I 752 -756 5HP OPTION 3HP OPTION 342436 F-021003C...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS HANDLE ASSEMBLY Part No. Key No. Description 760774 CABLE, UPPER BRKT, CABLE ADJ 313441 CABLE LOWER CONTROL 760773 308146 BOOT, CLUTCH SPRING SPRING 313471 HANDLE LOWER 333909E701 313674 SCREW, 1/4-20Xl.25 71067 WASHER, FLAT .281X.63X.065 73826 NUT, 1/4-20 REGHEXCTRLK...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS AUGER HOUSING 520-2 ® --490 342439 Part No. Key No. Description 340091 HOUSING, ASSY 302628 SCREW, 1/4-20X.75 71067 WASHER, FLAT .281X.63X.065 73826 NUT, 1/4-20 REGHEXCTRLK 55323 BLADE, SCRAPER 577707 RIVET, OVSET 302628 SCREW, 1/4-20X.75 15X143 NUT, CNTRLK 1/4-20...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS DISCHARGECHUTE 337341 Part No. Description RING, CHUTE 333859 711752 SCREW, #10X.50 577021 GUIDE, CHUTE DONUT FOAM 762173 CHUTE ASSY. 762222 SCREW 1/4-20X.50 302628 !5X143 NUT, 1/4-20 302843 BOLT, 5/16-18X! .25 CARR 71071 WASHER, FLAT 57171 KNOB, T...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS WHEELS 334309 Part No. Description AXLE SHAFT 318878 583409 WASHER, FLAT .391X1.00X1.25 TIRE & RIM 760713 583409 WASHER, FLAT .391X1.00X.125 RING, RET E 577598 F-021003C...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS ELECTRIC STARTER 313974 Part No. Description RETAINER 57569 SCREW #8-32X3.00 311633 414106 WASHER, FLAT .188X.38X.040 271163 NUT, #8-32X3.00 CORD EXTENSION 56023 F-021003C...

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS CHUTE ROD ASSEMBLY 334313 Part No. Description 337941 ROD, CHUTE 71072 WASHER, FLAT .406X.81X.066 71082 PiN, COTTER WASHER CURVED 313431 340186 ASSY, CHUTE CRANK 71072 WASHER, FLAT .406X.81X.066 57082 KNOB, SLEEVE 331532 NUT, PUSH 340715 BOLT, I/4-20X.63 CARR.

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    MODEL 621450x4NA REPAIR PARTS TOP COVER ASSEMBLY 181-- 342028 Part No. Key No. Description 340097 COVER, BOTTOM 313685 SCREW, 1t4-14X.75 761538 PANEL, SPARK ACCESS 313057 CLIP, "S" TINNERMAN 578109 NUT, 1/4-10 SPEED J TYPE CONTROL PANEL 761631E701 313674 SCREW, 1t4-20X!.25 71067 FLATWASH ER, .281X.63X.065...

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    MURRAY, INC.CENTRAL PARTS DISTRIBUTORS DISTRIBUTEURS RI GIONAUX DEPII=CES MURRAY, INC. ENGINES SOUTHWEST BEBCO, INC. GULF COAST ENGINE, INC. 22212nd.Ave. South 1255 NorthHearne 4202RussellDr. P.O.Box9724 Shreveport,LA. 71107 Birmingham, AL 35233 (205)251-4600 1-800-828-8094 CorpusChristi,TX. 78408 PO Box67 Alabama, Florida, Georgia,Puerto Rico (361)888-6999 1-800-825-6999 Shreveport,LA.

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