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Ematic Tablet Manual: Playing Video

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(1) In the Music Library, tap on the Playlist icon
(2) Tap on a playlist to open it. A panel showing the contents of the playlist will
(3) Tap on the first item in the playlist to start playing from the first track.

Playing Video

Tap on the Application Tab to display all applications, and then select "Video
Player" to enter the video mode.
Navigate through Video Files
You should see the video list when you enter the video player.
 You can drag your finger up and down on the video list to scroll the video list
up and down.
 Tap on a video to start playing.
 You can go back directly to the Home screen by tapping on the Return icon
or Home icon
Playback Screen
 Tap on the
icon to pause/resume the video,
 Tap on "
" to display the menu items.
 Tap on the progression bar to go directly to a different location in the video.
You can also use your finger to drag the cursor in the progression bar to
another location in the video.
 Tap on
to adjust the volume.
 Tap on "
" to set a bookmark at the current spot in the video. Please note
only one bookmark can be set for one video, and the new bookmark should
cover the old one. To resume playing a video from the bookmark, go to the
Home Screen, enter the Video Player, and tap on the bookmarked video.
to display the playlists.
a. Decrease volume
b. Progression bar
c. Increase volume
d. Bookmark
e. Brightness
f. Previous video
g. Play/Pause icon
h. Next video
i. Change View Mode
j. Return
k. Video settings


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