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Table of Contents
Notes, Cautions, and Warnings ·····················································2
Important Safety Precautions ························································3
Cleaning Your Device ·····································································3
Package Contents···········································································3
FunTab Features ·············································································4
Setting Up Your FunTab Tablet ·····················································7
Charge the device ········································································7
Battery Management ····································································7
Turn the device ON ·····································································8
Setup the Wi-Fi Network·····························································10
Connecting to a USB Device ······················································10
3G Settings·················································································11
MicroSD Card ·············································································13
Understanding Your FunTab························································14
Touch Screen ·············································································14
Screen Orientation······································································15
Screen Lock················································································15
Applications, Widgets, and Shortcuts ·········································16
Home Screen··············································································16
HOME Function Menu ································································18
Pre-Loaded Applications······························································20
Clock ··························································································21
App Market ·················································································22
Web Browser ··············································································25
Calendar ·····················································································26
Calculator ···················································································27
Email ··························································································27
File Browser················································································29
My Music ····················································································30
My Video·····················································································31
My Photo ····················································································32
Gallery ························································································32
Contacts ·····················································································33
Picture Capture···········································································34
Task Manager·············································································36
YouTube ·····················································································36
Frequently Asked Questions ·······················································37
Limitations of Liability Statement ················································39


   Summary of Contents for Ematic FunTab

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Notes, Cautions, and Warnings ·····················································2 Important Safety Precautions ························································3 Cleaning Your Device ·····································································3 Package Contents···········································································3 FunTab Features ·············································································4 Setting Up Your FunTab Tablet ·····················································7 Charge the device ········································································7 Battery Management ····································································7 Turn the device ON ·····································································8 Settings·························································································8 Setup the Wi-Fi Network·····························································10 Connecting to a USB Device ······················································10...

  • Page 2: Notes, Cautions, And Warnings

    Information in this document is subject to change without notice. © 2011 Ematic Inc. All rights reserved. Adobe Acrobat is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions; Microsoft, Windows, Microsoft Office...

  • Page 3: Important Safety Precautions

    To clean fingerprints or dust from the screen, it is recommended that a soft, non-abrasive cloth, such as a camera lens cloth, be used. Package Contents Check the contents of your package to verify that you have the following: FunTab Tablet device User Manual Warranty Service Information Power Adapter...

  • Page 4: Funtab Features

    FunTab Features Features...

  • Page 5

    Buttons/Connectors/Parts Functionality Power • If the device is OFF, move the power switch UP to power ON the device. • If the device is ON, move the power switch DOWN to power OFF the device. Features...

  • Page 6

    Buttons/Connectors/Parts Functionality Menu • Press to open or close the menu displaying available options for the current application or actions for the current screen. • Press and hold to display the on- screen keyboard for text input. Volume • While playing media: - Press and release to increase or decrease the volume one level at a time.

  • Page 7

    Buttons/Connectors/Parts Functionality Back • Press to return to the previous screen, to close a dialog box, a menu, or a message, and to dismiss the on-screen keyboard. Home • Press to return to the Home screen from any sub-menu. • Connects to peripheral equipment (i.e.

  • Page 8: Setting Up Your Funtab Tablet

    Setting Up Your FunTab Tablet Charge the device Plug the power adapter into an electrical wall outlet. Connect the power adapter to the device’s power interface port to fully charge the battery before use (approximately 4 hours). While charging, the battery...

  • Page 9: Turn The Device

    Turn the device ON Move the power button UP to power ON the device. Settings Tap the Settings icon to access the menu(s) for the following preferences: Menu Category Setting Name Function Wireless & Networks Wi-Fi Enable Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Settings Setup and manage wireless access points.

  • Page 10

    Menu Category Setting Name Function Screen Lock Play sounds when locking and Sounds unlocking the screen. Display Brightness Adjusts the screen brightness as desired. Finger slide the brightness track control then tap OK. Auto-Rotate When enabled, the orientation Screen of the screen automatically changes between Portrait and Landscape when the device is rotated.

  • Page 11: Setup The Wi-fi Network

    Menu Category Setting Name Function Applications Unknown Allow application of non-market Sources applications. Manage Manage and remove installed Applications applications Running View and control currently Services running services. Development Set options for application development. Setup the Wi Fi Network: NOTE: Since many features require a Wi-Fi connection, it is recommended that the Wi-Fi network be set up with the first use of the device.

  • Page 12: 3g Settings

    CAUTION: Do not insert and remove the USB device repeatedly in a short time, as this may cause damage to the device. 3G Settings NOTE: A 3G wireless network card (purchased separately) is required to connect to a 3G network. The following is a list of 3G network specifications compatible with your device: Channel Access Method...

  • Page 13: Microsd Card

    your 3G wireless network provider. Optional: Enter a username and password. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the setup of the 3G wireless network card. NOTE: When the 3G network card is successfully connected, the 3G icon will appear in the status bar on the Home screen.

  • Page 14: Understanding Your Funtab

    Understanding Your FunTab Touch Screen Your device has a multi-touch sensitive screen that allows quick, easy and convenient navigation for all applications. Throughout this User Guide, you are instructed to use the following navigation methods: Action Response Quickly tap and release one Selects the items on the screen including time on the screen.

  • Page 15: Screen Orientation

    Portrait and Landscape when the device is rotated. Screen Lock The screen lock feature can be set to lock automatically through the settings menu or manually locked by quickly pressing and releasing the power button. Understanding Your FunTab...

  • Page 16: Applications, Widgets, And Shortcuts

    Home Screen The HOME screen displays widgets, folders, and shortcuts that provide easy access to your favorite or frequently-used applications. NOTE: Touch the HOME button to return to the HOME screen at any time. Understanding Your FunTab | 16...

  • Page 17

    Tap to view the All Application screen Tap on any application icon to launch it. Finger slide icons to reposition them on the screen. Finger slide icons onto the recycle bin icon to remove them from the HOME screen. Understanding Your FunTab...

  • Page 18: Home Function Menu

    Add quick-launch shortcuts on the HOME screen to applications, bookmarks, or settings. NOTE: If you select items that are shortcuts already on the HOME screen, they will be duplicated, resulting in multiple icons for the same item. Understanding Your FunTab | 18...

  • Page 19

    Perform a quick Google search: Tap in the entry field. Search Enter the desired search field. Tap the search icon. List any pending notifications (i.e., new email, calendar events, etc.) Notifications See “Settings” in this User Manual. Settings Understanding Your FunTab...

  • Page 20: Pre-loaded Applications

    Pre Loaded Applications Application Description WmtWeather Displays the weather. Clock Use as alarm clock with scheduled alarms. App Market Download applications quickly and easily. Access the Internet and “surf the web” Browser whenever desired. Calendar Calendar with ability to set events. Take photos and save to internal memory or Camera memory device.

  • Page 21

    Application Description Application manager for managing Task Manager processes. YouTube Quick-launch to videos. Multiple settings for personalizing and Settings enhancing your device. Wi-Fi Settings Set Wi-Fi network. 3G Settings Set 3G network. Appoke Market Download application quickly and easily Browse the latest news from around the Daily Paper world.

  • Page 22: Clock

    Display the weather on the HOME screen by making the application a widget: Tap the INDEX icon Tap ADD Select Widgets. Select WmtWeather. Tap the HOME icon to return to the HOME screen. Option Description General Setting Set the desired unit of measure for the temperature (°C or °F).

  • Page 23: App Market

    When a scheduled alarm is activated, a pop-up window with the alarm title appears. Tap snooze to be reminded again in 10 minutes. Tap dismiss to cancel the alert. To activate/deactivate an alarm: On alarms set to repeat, you may want to temporarily suspend an alarm rather than delete it.

  • Page 24

    Tap on the desired application. Select Download NOTE: The first time, you will be prompted for your App Market login information. If you have not yet registered an account, tap Register an Account. After the application is successfully downloaded, tap Install. Tap Open to launch the application immediately.

  • Page 25: Web Browser

    Web Browser A browser connects the device to the Internet. To display the Browser Function Menu: Tap the Browser icon to open the Web browser. Press the menu button or tap the INDEX icon Function Description Touch to go to the selected web page. Touch to show bookmarks or to add the current web page to the bookmark list.

  • Page 26: Calendar

    Calendar The first time using the Calendar, you will need to add an Exchange account. To add an Exchange account: Tap the Calendar icon Enter an account email address and password. Tap Next. Follow the prompts to complete the account configuration. To add an event: Tap the Calendar icon Tap on the date to which you want to add an event.

  • Page 27: Calculator

    Calculator Tap the Calculator icon Tap the numbers and sign of operation to perform the desired calculation. Tap clear to clear the result. Tap the HOME icon to return to the HOME screen. Email NOTE: The device supports both Post Office Protocol (POP3) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) accounts.

  • Page 28

    Tap Inbox. To open an Email message: On the Inbox screen, tap on an email to open it. For attachments, tap Open to launch appropriate application, or tap Save to save the attachment to a MicroSD card. To reply: Tap Reply or Reply All. Tap in the compose mail entry field to enter your reply message.

  • Page 29: File Browser

    Set your desired preferences to customize your email account. Tap the BACK icon to return to the Inbox screen. Tap the HOME icon to return to the HOME screen. To delete an Email account: Tap the Email icon On the Inbox screen, tap the INDEX icon Select Accounts.

  • Page 30

    Function Description Local disk (Internal memory) Your MicroSD Card U-disk/USB flash drive (using the transfer box) Display previous folder Create a new folder Allows you to multi-select items To copy media between a computer and the device: Use the File Browser to copy files between an external storage device and your tablet.

  • Page 31: My Music

    To delete files: Tap the File Browser icon Tap and hold on the folder/file you want to delete. Tap Delete. Tap OK to confirm the deletion. My Music NOTE: The device supports MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC, and WMA file formats. To play music: Tap the My Music icon Select an audio file from All/Albums/Artists/Directories/My...

  • Page 32: My Video

    Tap the Plus Sign on the lower right-hand corner. Enter the playlist name. Tap Add. To rename or delete a playlist: Tap and hold the playlist. Tap Rename or Delete. To add music: Tap and hold the music file you want to add. Tap Add.

  • Page 33: My Photo

    Tap Add. Tap the following item to add music in it, or tap Cancel. To delete a video: Tap and hold the video you want to delete. Tap Delete. My Photo NOTE: The device supports JPG, JPEG, BMP, and PNG file formats. Tap the My Photo icon Tap on a photo group.

  • Page 34: Contacts

    Press the BACK button to return to the photo group screen. To change photo settings: In the photo gallery screen, tap the INDEX icon Select Settings. Tap an option to set or change your preference. Tap the BACK icon to return to the photo group screen. To view videos: Tap the Gallery icon Tap on a video group.

  • Page 35: Picture Capture

    Tap in the option entry fields to enter the contact’s information. Tap Done. To add a contact to favorites: In the Contacts screen, tap the desired contact name. Tap the Star icon in the upper right-hand corner. Tap the BACK icon to return to the Contacts screen.

  • Page 36: Task Manager

    Task Manager Use the Task Manager to manage applications and widgets. NOTE: Android does not automatically stop applications after they are loaded. However, you can manually stop an application as desired. To stop applications: Tap the Task Manager icon to display a list of the applications running on the device.

  • Page 37: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions Android Q: What Android OS version is on my device? A: 2.2 Basic Device Functionality Q: Do I have to charge the battery before use? A: You should charge the battery for at least 4 hours after first removing the device from its shipping container.

  • Page 38

    Q: How do I add video files to my device? A: Connect the tablet to your computer with the USB Cable. Locate the device in “My Computer”, then drag & drop your media files to this Removable Storage Device. Wi-Fi Q: Do I need a Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the Internet? A: No.

  • Page 39: Limitations Of Liability Statement

    (including loss of data, revenue, profits, use or other economic advantage) however arising, whether for breach or in tort, even if Ematic has been previously advised of the possibility of such damage. You agree that you have sole responsibility for...

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