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Ematic Tablet Manual: Using The Touch Screen; Using The Virtual Keyboard

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information on the different settings, see the System Settings section.

Using the Touch Screen

Your Internet Tablet is equipped with a touch screen. Below are a few tips on
how to use the touch screen.
Main Touch Screen Actions
In different applications, you can go back one level in the interface by tapping
on the Back icon
(at the top right corner of the screen).
Wherever you are in the interface, you can go back directly to the Home
Screen by tapping on the Home icon
Other Touch Screen Actions
When watching a video or listening to music,
you can tap on the progression bar to go directly
to a different location in the video or song. You
can also use your finger to drag the cursor in the
progression bar to another location in the
video or song.
In the different browsers (File, Music, Video,
Photo, etc.), you can drag your finger up and
down to scroll the file list up and down.
In the Web browser, you can scroll up and
down by tapping on the page and dragging it up or down (be careful however
not to tap on a link!).
Tap on the link to open the page.

Using the Virtual Keyboard

Tap on any text input field and the virtual keyboard will pop up. With the virtual
keyboard, you can enter website address or any text if required.
Selecting Input Method
If you have installed more than one input method on your Internet Tablet, you can
select one method by a) holding your tap on the
keyboard settings appear; b) choosing "Input Method" and then choosing your desired
(in the top left corner of the screen).
a. Caps Lock
b. Backspace.
c. Number and Characters
/Letter keyboard.
d. Space
e. Enter
button until the Android


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