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Your Internet Tablet has pre-installed an E-mail application. You can send or
receive e-mails from the Internet at any time with Your Internet Tablet. Make
sure you have an internet connection before using the email service.
Tap on the Application Tab to display all applications, and then select "Email"
to launch the email application. You should enter the inbox if you have set up an
email account. Otherwise, set up an account first.
Setup an E-mail Account
First you need to setup an E-mail account for receiving or sending emails.
(1) Start up the email application by tapping the Email application icon and you
are prompted to setup an account.
(2) Input your email address and login password. You can set the account as
default by selecting the option "Send email from this account by default".
(3) Tap "Manual Setup" to set the email server information.
(4) Choose the server type from POP3, IMAP or Exchange for incoming emails.
To know what type of your email server is, you can consult the service
provider, network administrator or search for
information in the Internet.
(5) Input required information (server, port etc.). You
can obtain the information from the service
provider, network administrator or the Internet.
(6) Choose the server type for outgoing emails, and
input required server information.
(7) Click "Next" to continue. Your Internet Tablet will check the server settings.
When it prompts you that "Your account is set up, and email is on its way",
your account is set up successfully.
(8) Input your name and then tap on "Done" to finish.
Note: If you have more than one account, every time when you start up the email
application, you enter the default email account.
Manage Accounts
You can setup more than one account and manage these accounts by checking
information about the account, adding another account or deleting an account.
Add another Account
Following these steps to add another account if you want.
(1) Launch the email application and then tap on the Menu icon
the menu item. Choose "Accounts" to display accounts.
(2) Tap on the Menu icon
to display the menu item, and then choose "Add
to display


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