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Configuring The Setup Menu - SAMSUNG series 8 8500 User Manual

Series 8 8500.
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You can set up additional functions.
Configuring the Setup Menu
Youcan setthe menulanguage.
For detailed procedures on setting up options, refer to the 'Setting the Time' instructions.
(see pages 29-_30)
Game Mode _ Off / On
When connecting to a game console such as PlayStation
or Xbox
you can enjoy a more realistic gaming experience by
selecting game menu.
Restrictions on game mode (Caution)
To disconnect the game console and connect another external device, set Game Mode to Off in the setup menu.
If you display the TV menu in Game Mode, the screen shakes slightly.
Game Mode is not available in regular TV and PC mode.
While PIP is in operation, the Game Mode function cannot be used.
If the picture is poor when external device is connected to TV, check if Game Mode is On. Set Game Mode to Off and
connect external devices.
If Game Mode is On:
Picture mode is automatically changed to Standard and cannot be changed.
Sound mode is automatically changed to Custom and cannot be changed. Adjust the sound using the equalizer.
The Reset Sound function is activated. Selecting the Reset function after setting the equalizer resets the equalizer
settings to the factory defaults.
BD Wise -_ Off / On
Provides the optimal picture quality for SAMSUNG DVD, Blu-ray and Home Theater products which support BD Wise. You can
enjoy a richer picture when using them connected to this Samsung TV.
Connect SAMSUNG products that have BD Wise using an HDMI cable.
When the BD Wise set to On, the picture mode is automatically changed to the optimal resolution.
BD Wise is available in HDMI mode.
Network Type / Network Setup
For detailedprocedures on settingup options,referto the 'Settingthe Network' i nstructions. ( seepages34~36)
The V-Chip feature automatically locks out programs that are deemed inappropriate for children. The user must enter a PIN
(personal ID number) before any of the V-Chip restrictions are set up or changed.
V-Chip function is not available in HDMI, Component or PC mode.
The default PIN number of a new TV set is 0-0-0-0.
Allow all: Press to unlock all TV ratings. / Block all: Press to lock all TV ratings.
Change PiN
The Change PIN screen will appear. Choose any 4 digits for your PIN and enter them. As soon as the 4 digits are entered,
the Confirm New PIN screen appears. Re-enter the same 4 digits. When the Confirm screen disappears, your PIN has been
If you forget the PIN, press the remote-control buttons in the following sequence, which resets the pin to 0-0-0-0 : POWER
(Off) _ MUTE _ 8 _ 2 _ 4 _ POWER (On).


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