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RCA DTV307 User Manual

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  • Page 2 WARNING To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover (or back). No user-serviceable parts inside. To reduce the risk of fire or RISK OF ELECTRIC Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. electric hazard, do not SHOCK DO NOT OPEN expose this product to rain or moisture.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS ........Step 1: Unpack the System .............. Step 2: Connect Your TV to Other Components ......6 Jacks and Cables ................. Front Buttons ................Back of the TV ................The Basic Connection ............... The Advanced Connection ............Connecting Speakers to the TV ..........
  • Page 4 Sorting the DIRECTV® Programming Guide ......... The Other Icons ................ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS ........Picture Quality Controls ..............Picture Settings ................ Color Warmth ................Noise Filter ................Convergence ................Picture Tilt ................Picture Presets ................Reset Controls ................Audio Controls ................Mute ..................
  • Page 5 ............Dish Pointing .................. Your New Access Card ..............Running the System Test ..............Off-Air Guides ................. Upgrades ..................REFERENCE ..............Troubleshooting ................Care and Cleaning ................RCA HDTV Limited Warranty ............FCCRegistration Information ............Accessory Information ..............Index ....................
  • Page 6 High Definition refers to a new way of sending programming information over the airwaves and into your TV. There are two types of TV display formats available. One is ATSC format, which originated from the Advanced Television Systems Committee. The other is NTSC format, which is named for the National Television System Committee.
  • Page 7: Setup And Connections

    GETTI NG STARTED SETUP AND CONNECTIONS This section tells you how to get your HDTV set up and connected. It describes the cables you will need, explains the front and back panels, and walks you through the steps needed to start using your TV.
  • Page 8: Step 1: Unpack The System

    STEP 1: UNPACK THE SYSTEM Make sure to locate the remote control and power cord. STEP 2: CONNECT YOUR TV TO OTHER Remote Control Power Cord COMPONENTS During the satellite dish antenna installation, the TV may have been connected with just a coaxial cable for the system test. Depending what components you have, another connection...
  • Page 9: Jacks And Cables

    Remember also to connect the left and right audio cables because the S-Video jack carries only the picture signal, not the sound. S-Video Jack Audio/Video Jacks and Cables (RCA-type) The audio/video jacks provide very good picture and stereo sound quality. Theses jacks are used for most audio/video connections between components.
  • Page 10: Front Buttons

    FRONT BUTTONS you can use the front panel of the TV to The diagrams below describe the front panel and front input jacks on f you cannot find your remote control, operate many of the TV's features. the TV. Please note that the exact look of the buttons pictured here may be different...
  • Page 11 FRONT INPUTS The monitor has front inputs for convenience; one set of audio/video inputs and a headphone jack. These jacks let you connect a baseband NTSC (analog) component such as a VCR, Internet access device, game, or camcorder. Look for a hinged door and gently lift the cover open. Please note that the exact look of the jacks or the TV pictured here may be different...
  • Page 12: Back Of The Tv

    BACK OF THE TV The diagram below describes each of the back panel jacks found on the TV. When connecting AN cables, be sure to connect corresponding outputs and inputs (video to video, right audio to right audio, etc.). SATELLITE CARD _CCESS 1 DIGITAL...
  • Page 13 INPUT 1 Lets you connect a baseband NTSC (analog) component such v,oEo uo,osv,oEo as a VCR, laserdisc player, Internet access device, or DVD player. VIDEO provides composite video connection. The video connector usually yellow. (INPUTI_ L AUDIO provides left audio connection. The left audio connector usually white.
  • Page 14: The Basic Connection

    How to view programming: THE BASIC CONNECTION To watch cable TV or off-air TV programs from an antenna in this connection, press TV and VCR ANTENNA on the remote control until ANTENNA A is displayed in the channel banner. To watch cable or any other alternate signal, such as digital or analog terrestrial, SATELLITE IDISH...
  • Page 15: The Advanced Connection

    THE ADVANCED CONNECTION After you have made your connections, program the TV to tune to the correct video input channel to see and hear audio and video from the attached component TV, VCR, and DVD Player With Amplifier (VCR, DVD player, etc.). Program your TV as described in the "System Options and Preferences"...
  • Page 16: Connecting Speakers To The Tv

    CONNECTING SPEAKERS TO THE TV AUDIO OUTPUTS You can connect up to two additional speakers to the TV: one to the FIXED VARIABLE RIGHT terminal, and one to the LEFT terminal. If necessary, remove the vinyl covering from the ends of the speaker EXT SPEAKERS wire and twist the wire core.
  • Page 17: Connecting A Stereo Amplifier

    CONNECTING A STEREO AMPLIFIER AUDIO OUTPUTS Use RCA cables to connect either the FIXED or VARIABLE AUDIO FIXED VARIABLE OUTPUT from the monitor to an AN receiver. • FIXED provides fixed-level audio output from the monitor. This audio output is ideal for connecting...
  • Page 18: Step 3: Place Batteries In The Remote Control

    STEP 3: PLACE BATTERIES IN THE REMOTE CONTROL Follow these steps whenever you need to install or change the batteries in your TV's remote control. Remove the cover from the battery compartment. Insert batteries into the battery compartment, matching the + and - end of each battery. Replace the cover.
  • Page 19: Using The Remote

    TO USE YOUR UNIVERSAL REMOTE In this section you will find out how to use your universal remote control. This section: defines the buttons on the remote control. USING THE REMOTE describes how you toggle between TV "mode" DIRECTV "mode." shows you how to change between analog terrestrial, digital...
  • Page 20: Remote Control Buttons

    If you subscribe to DIRECTV® programming and are in DIRECTV mode, you scroll through DIRECTV® channels. In DVD mode, CH +/- will skip chapters on a disc played by RCA, GE, or PROSCAN DVD players. VOL UPIDOWN Adjusts the TV's audio volume. FETCH Brings up the Fetch menu, which is a list of most commonly accessed menu items.
  • Page 21 MENU Brings up the main menu and selects highlighted items. When in using an RCA, GE, or PROSCAN VCR and in VCR mode, it functions as a PROGRAM button. CLEAR Removes on screen displays and returns to normal viewing.
  • Page 22: Programming The Remote Control

    VCRs. The remote is already programmed to control most RCA, GE and PROSCAN TVs, VCRs, DVD players, and laserdisc players. TESTING THE REMOTE CONTROL To determine whether the universal remote control...
  • Page 23: Using The Remote To Control A Component

    Using Direct Entry Turn on the component to be programmed. models of the brands that are shown. the codes shown in this manual, or on the Look up the brand and code number(s) for the component on the This remote control may not operate all sheet packed with your remote control.
  • Page 24: Remote Control Codes

    2028, 2110 Panasonic. 2021, 2022, 2109, 2125, 2126, 2127 Century ............5011 Daytron ............2110 Pentax ....2016, 2055, 2056, 2107, 2120 (for RCA and Dimensia brands only) Citizen ............. 5011 Dbx ............2009, 2010 Pentex Research ........... 2018 AM/FM ............4003 Colour Voice ........
  • Page 25: Basic Tv Operation

    THE INS AND OUTS OF USING YOUR HDTV This section tells you about the interactive channel banner, which appears when you change channels or press INFO on the remote. It also describes how to change channels and modes and how to use PIP (Picture-In-Picture).
  • Page 26: About The Channel Banner

    ABOUT THE CHANNEL BANNER the channel banner will not look the same The channel banner appears whenever you tune to a channel or press as when you're in DIRECTV mode (if you Please note that when you're in TV mode, INFO on the remote control.
  • Page 27 CHANNEL BANNER ICONS view an expanded channel banner that Main menu icon When selected, takes you to the main menu. shows a program description (when Press INFO on the remote control twice to TVlDIRECTV logo When selected, toggles between TV and DIRECTV available).
  • Page 28: Changing Between Directv And Tv Mode

    CHANGING BETWEEN DIRECTV MODE When you change channels by entering numbers with the remote control, you tune to programming that can come from one of three different sources: the DIRECTV satellite (if you have DIRECTV service), a terrestrial off-air antenna, or cable TV. You tune to one of these sources by pressing either TV or DIRECTV on the remote control;...
  • Page 29: Changing Channels

    CHANGI NG CHANNELS To change channels by entering numbers with the remote control, remote needs to be in the correct "mode": either DIRECTV mode (if you subscribe to DIRECTV) or TV mode. DIRECTV When ;you want to watch DIRECTV _ programming, button put the remote in DIRECTV mode...
  • Page 30: Pip (Picture-In-Picture) Operation

    PIP (PICTURE-IN-PICTURE) OPERATION The PIP (Picture-In-Picture) feature lets you display a second, smaller Note that you will only be able to use PIP with analog (NTSC format) picture on top of the main analog picture. analog channels. Your TV is equipped with a dual NTSC tuner that tunes to cable or off-air television signals.
  • Page 31: Pip Problems

    PROBLEMS? If you are channel surfing and the PIP disappears, you may have tuned to a digital channel. To view PIP and the main picture, make sure that both the main and PIP channels are analog inputs, or signals. Continue changing the channel until you find an analog (NTSC format)
  • Page 32: Using The Input Button

    USING THE INPUT BUTTON Repeatedly press the INPUT button to scroll through the available input sources until you find the input associated with the component (such as VCR or DVD player) you want to view. Input source Watch the channel banner to see the input sources change with each press of the INPUT button.
  • Page 33: Using The Program Guides

    WHAT IS A PROGRAM GUIDE? A program guide is an on-screen programming schedule. It is a list of the current and future programs. There are separate guides for TV programs and DIRECTV® programming (available if you subscribe to DIRECTV® programming). Both of these guides can be viewed in different formats.
  • Page 34: Bringing Up The Program Guides

    BRINGING UP THE PROGRAM GUIDES If you subscribe to DIRECTV® programming, you have access to two program guides: a DIRECTV® programming guide and a TV program guide (for terrestrial programming). If you do not subscribe to DIRECTV® programming, you will have one guide: the TV program guide.
  • Page 35: Anatomy Of The Tv Program Guide

    ANATOMY OF THE TV PROGRAM GUIDE To access the TV program guide: Press the TV button on the remote control. Press GUIDE on the remote control. The following diagram shows you the kind of information you will see in the TV program guide.
  • Page 36: Anatomy Of The Directv® Programming Guide

    ANATOMY OF THE DIRECTV ® PROGRAMMING GUIDE To access the DIRECTV ® programming guide, you must subscribe to DIRECTV® service. Press the DIRECTV button, then press GUIDE on the remote control. The following diagram shows you the kind of information you will see in the DIRECTV®...
  • Page 37: Tuning To A Program

    GETTING AROUND IN THE GUIDES the guide, continuously press the right arrow button on the remote control to There are several ways to change channels and move around the TV and o view a listing of future programming in | scroll to the right.
  • Page 38: Using The Guide Button

    USING THE GUIDE BUTTON Each press of the GUIDE button on the remote control takes you to an alternate type of TV or DIRECTV® programming guide: Detail Guide, SurfGuide (DIRECTV only), or Grid Guide. By default, the Detail Guide appears when you press GUIDE on the remote control.
  • Page 39: Exiting A Program Guide

    to that channel by pressing OK or get more information by pressing the INFO ou can highlight any program then tune button. Channel Guide lets you see programs on a specific channel. SurfGuide (available with DIRECTV only) Displays seven DIRECTV ®channels in a half-hour time-and-channel format, if you...
  • Page 40: Sorting The Directv® Programming Guide

    SORTI NG THE DIRECTV ® PROGRAMMING GUIDE Sorting the guide is a way of organizing the DIRECTV® programming guide to show only the types of programs that interest you. There are several on-screen buttons that sort the DIRECTV guide in different ways.
  • Page 41 SORTING THE DIRECTV ® PROGRAMMING GUIDE BY MOVIES Select the movies icon to tell the DIRECTV® programming guide to list Movies icon only DIRECTV movies. After you select the movies icon, it changes to a movies themes icon. Select the movies themes icon to sort the guide to list movies by type, such as comedies or musicals.
  • Page 42 SORTING THE CURRENT DIRECTV ® PROGRAMMI NG GUIDE ALPHABETICALLY The AlphaSort feature lists all the program titles in the current AlphaSort icon DIRECTV ® programming guide in alphabetical order. You can also find this icon in the channel banner. Select the AlphaSort icon to search for specific program titles that are in the current guide.
  • Page 43 Select Enter Textto set up the information the Scout feature will On-screen icons represent the look for in all program guide titles. status of the scout feature: Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the desired search parameters. For example, if you are interested in tennis events, enter a common Indicates the Scout term you might see in program titles, like "tennis."...
  • Page 44: The Other Icons

    OTHER ICONS These icons are located on both the DIRECTV and TV program guides. Exit Exits the guide and returns you back to where you were before entering Exit icon the program guides. Help Brings up additional information about the guide. Press OK to continue. Help icon Down Arrow The arrow icon allows you to scroll down through...
  • Page 45: Adjusting Tv Controls

    MAKE ADJUSTMENTS TO YOUR PICTURE AUDIO The following section tells you how to adjust the picture quality and audio quality of your TV. • The Picture Quality menu contains the controls that let you adjust the picture. • The Audio menu contains the controls that let you adjust the way the audio sounds.
  • Page 46: Picture Quality Controls

    PICTURE QUALITY CONTROLS The Picture Quality menu contains all of the TV's video configuration controls. To access the Picture Quality menu, press MENU on the remote control to go to the main menu, then select Picture Quality. Picture Quafity menu for model P61310 is pictured here.
  • Page 47: Noise Filter

    NOISE FILTER Noise filter displays a list that lets you set one of three automatic settings that allows you to reduce picture "static" or any type of interference. You can set Noise Filter to Off, Low, or High. When set to Off, no noise reduction occurs.
  • Page 48: Audio Controls

    AUDIO CONTROLS The Audio menu lets you adjust the controls that involve the TV's audio outputs. To access the Audio menu, press MENU on the remote, then select Audiofrom the main menu. MUTE Turn Mute on (select Sound Off) to set the TV's volume to its minimum level.
  • Page 49: Speakers

    • *SRSStereo (o) Is an audio processing technology that adds greater depth and stereo separation to stereo audio signals. fixed audio jacks, see the section "Setup • *SRS Focus (.) Focuses audio signals by adding treble and making and Connections" under "Back of the TV" For more information on the variable and dialog more understandable.
  • Page 50 Icon in the Channel Banner You will find an audio language icon in the channel banner. Audio language icon If the icon is highlighted while watching a digital (ATSC) or DIRECTV channel, two or more audio languages are available. Selecting the icon repeatedly scrolls through and plays the options.
  • Page 51: Using The Profiles

    i|_l_ ... CREATING USER PROFILES This section describes the user profiles feature. It includes information about: • creating a profile's TV and DIRECTV viewing lists. • setting spending limits. iilIl_ll • setting DIRECTV®programming, TV, and movie rating limits. • blocking unrated TV programs.
  • Page 52: About Profiles

    ... ABOUT PROFILES Use the MENU button on the remote control to bring up the main menu, use the arrows to highlight an option, and When you select Profiles from the main menu, you can create four press OK to select it. different profiles in addition to the default...
  • Page 53: Selecting Or Deleting All Directv Channels

    ... Check the channels you want to include in the list (programming subject to change). Use the arrow buttons to point to a DIRECTV channel, and press OK to remove (or replace) the check mark. To go directly to a certain channel, enter its number using the digits on the remote control.
  • Page 54 ... Use the digits or the arrow buttons on the remote control to enter a Important! single-program spending limit. You need to lock the system in order for Lock the system. See "Locking the System" near the end of this rating limits, channel limits, and spending section for details.
  • Page 55 i|ll! ... THE TV SETUP You can establish TV channel lists, set spending limits, and set rating limits for TV programs using the TV Setup menu. EDITING CHANNELS IN A TV LIST You should create a TV channel list to establish which TV channels (including both analog and digital) the selected profile can access.
  • Page 56: Setting The Tv Rating

    ... SETTING TV RATING The Set TV Rating menu enables you to program your TV so children cannot see certain programs or channels. The last three choices in the TV Setup menu involve software inside your TV (often called V-Chip) which allows you to "block"...
  • Page 57 ... To set TV programming limits: From the main menu, select Profiles. Select the user name you would like to set limits for through Profiles me nu. Select TVSetup from the next menu. Select Set TV Rating. and movies for the one Profile you select in the Profiles menu.
  • Page 58 ... BLOCKI NG AGEIBASED RATI Block, the system will automatically block You can automatically block all program ratings above a specified age- higher ratings and all corresponding based rating level. For example, if you only want your child to watch When you change the status of a rating to I content themes.
  • Page 59 ... Blocking Specific Content Themes rating limits to take effect. You must remember to lock the system for You can block programs based on their content. (Content represented by the D, L, S, V, and FV on your screen. See "Setting TV Rating"...
  • Page 60 ... SETTING THE MOVIE RATING Please note that the rating limits you set while in the TV Setup menu apply only to You set movie rating limits by blocking movies rated above a specified TV programs--they do not apply to level.
  • Page 61 i|ll ... Viewing Moving Ratings rating. After blocking movie ratings, you must After you block movie ratings, you have the option of going back separately set "Not Rated Movies" to View to and changing some of the rating status buttons back to View: I Some movies may be given a "Not Rated"...
  • Page 62: Choosing Your Profile

    ... CHOOSI NG YOUR PROFILE Each time you turn on the TV, the Family profile is selected by default. To select a different profile: Press the WHO button to scroll through the profiles in the channel banner. The WHO button toggles through the profiles.
  • Page 63: Locking And Unlocking A User Profile

    ... LOCKING UNLOCKING A USER Don't Forget Your Password PROFILE If you forget a USER password and the system is locked, you need to unlock the system and then assign a new user password. If the When you lock a profile, you prevent anyone who does not know system is not locked, select Profiles from the the user password from accessing the locked profile.
  • Page 64: Locking The System

    ... LOCKI NG THE SYSTEM The Lock/Unlock icons in the channel When you lock the system, all limits set up for all profiles are put into banner are an easy way to lock or unlock effect, regardless of whether the profile is locked or unlocked. Unlocked the system.
  • Page 65: Options And Preferences

    DIFFERENT WAYS TO ADJUST YOUR HDTV This chapter describes the other options available to you such as: • selecting a signal source and type • auto tuning your remote control to tune to the VCR1, VCR2, or DVD channel • searching for all available channels •...
  • Page 66: Changing The Signal Source

    CHANGING THE SIGNAL SOURCE The Signal Source menu allows you to choose the source from which you would like the signal to come: Antenna A, Antenna B, DIRECTV, or Video Inputs. The same can be accomplished using the ANTENNA, DIRECTV, and INPUT buttons on your remote control.
  • Page 67: Auto Tuning

    AUTO TUNING This menu displays the various components you have connected to your TV. It lets you set up the TV to automatically tune to the correct input channel when you press a device button (VCR1, VCR2, or DVD) on the remote control.
  • Page 68: Channel Search

    CHANNEL SEARCH remove unwanted channels by using the I You can also edit the TV channel list and Profiles menu. Engaging in a channel search tells the TV to search automatically for all the terrestrial TV channels available through the antenna inputs.
  • Page 69: Purchases: Pay Per View Programs

    Mail provides the latest information from program providers. PURCHASES: PAY PER VIEW PROGRAMS Pay Per View programs (PPV) are DIRECTV programs that you purchase-- like a movie ticket--if you subscribe to DIRECTV® programming. You can system password to order a PPV program if preview movies on certain channels to determine if you would like to...
  • Page 70 To purchase a movie or event, you can take one of two actions: • Tune to a PPV by channel surfing within DIRECTV ®channels and finding a PPV channel. When you find it, press the INFO button find more information and details about how to purchase it.
  • Page 71 USING ATTRACTIONS GUIDE Your program providers may offer future programming events not currently listed in your DIRECTV program guide. These events are called "coming attractions" and can be previewed in the Attractions Guide. To access the Attractions Guide: Press the DIRECTV button on the remote control.
  • Page 72 USING THE PURCHASES MENU The Purchases menu allows you to review upcoming and past DIRECTV Pay Per View purchases and edit spending limits. The Purchases menu shows you upcoming or past DIRECTV purchases and spending limits. The list of purchases may be longer than one screen; use the down arrow button on the remote control to see more items.
  • Page 73: Setting The Time And Date

    SETTING THE TIME DATE You can set the current time and day, the current date, the time zone, and whether or not you observe daylight saving time. you made will be discarded and the time and date will be reset to the last saved f you select Use Defaults, any changes settings.
  • Page 74: Translucency

    TRANSLUCENCY You can adjust the level of translucency that the menu screens and connected to the component video input jacks, translucency is set to opaque and program guides possess. Adjust the slider up for more translucency (the cannot be changed. Once you return to video behind the menu and guides will be more visible) or down for less watching another device, the original I Note that when tuned to the device...
  • Page 75: Caption Display

    CAPTION DISPLAY The Caption Display menu displays a choice list that lets you choose when closed captioning information is shown on the screen. Closed Captioning Captioning information is shown always, when available. Closed Captioning No captioning information is displayed. On When Muted Captioning information is only shown when the TV's...
  • Page 76: Using Fetch

    USI NG FETCH The Fetch menu is a list of eight convenient menu items. It serves as a shortcut to access these menu items. For instance, instead of going through four steps to access the Signal Meter (pressing MENU, selecting Assistance, selecting Dish Pointing, then selecting Signal Meter), you can press FETCH on the remote and...
  • Page 77: Getti Ng Assistance

    NEED HELP? If you run across any problems or need to rely on the system to give you feedback, you should use the Assistance menu to get information. This section explains the different types of assistance your system is capable of giving you.
  • Page 78: Running The Interactive Setup

    RUNNING THE INTERACTIVE SETUP You should have completed the interactive setup the first time you plugged in your TV. However, if you need to access the interactive setup again, you can access it through the Assistance menu. Press MENU on the remote control to access the main menu. The interactive setup process allows Select Assistance from the main menu.
  • Page 79: Dish Pointing

    DISH POINTING The Dish Pointing menu helps you set up your HDTV and optimize your reception of the satellite signal. SELECTING DISH TYPE It is important to complete each of the following steps required for your Peak Signal satellite dish antenna. If you do not, you will not receive proper dish The "Peak Signal"...
  • Page 80 FIND YOUR DISH POINTING COORDINATES Use one of the available methods (ZIP Code, Latitude/Longitude) to find your dish pointing coordinates. Follow these steps to obtain your dish pointing coordinates using the ZIP Code of the dish installation location: Press MENU on the remote control to bring up the Main menu. Select Assistance, then Dish Pointing.
  • Page 81: Your New Access Card

    Select a satellite location (such as 101W). If the satellite dish antenna is pointed correctly, the signal meter will show you the current signal strength and you should hear a continuous tone. If you are using an oval satellite dish, select the second satellite group and obtain a signal.
  • Page 82: Off-Air Guides

    OFF-AIR GUIDES If you are certain your antenna is properly set up and receiving a strong signal, but you are receiving invalid program guide information or are having trouble tuning to a channel, you can disable your system's ability to acquire off-air TV program guides.
  • Page 83: Reference

    GETTING INFORMATION This section contains troubleshooting information, your RCA limited warranty, and accessory ordering information.
  • Page 84: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Can't select certain channel Channel may be blocked or not approved in the Profiles menu. • • If using a VCR, check to make sure the TV/VCR button on the VCR is in the correct "mode." Noisy stereo reception •...
  • Page 85: Care And Cleaning

    Blank screen • Maybe the component (VCR, DVD, etc.) connected to the input jacks is not on. • Try another channel, because there may just not be any programming on at that time. • Cables in back may be disconnected. TV will not turn •...
  • Page 86: Rca Hdtv Limited Warranty

    • If the representative determines that you should receive service they will provide you with name(s) of the closest RCA Digital Television Authorized Service Center(s). • Contact the Service Center and arrange for home service.
  • Page 87: Fccregistration Information

    FCC REGISTRATION INFORMATION Your HDTV is registered with the Federal Communications Commission and is in compliance with parts 15B and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations. Notification to the Local Telephone Company. On the back of this equipment is a label indicating among other information, the FCC Registration number and Ringer...
  • Page 88: Accessory Information

    Standard AudiolVideo cable with round antenna connectors (called 75- RCA-type phono plugs. VH83 ohm F-type) on the back of your VCR or TV. The ends screw onto the Monaural VCR Dubbing Audio/ connectors for a secure connection.
  • Page 89 Accessory Order Form Remote Control This is the Tota I Description remote control that came Screw-on antenna cable* (3-ft) packed with your TV. Screw-on antenna cable* (6-ft) VH82 $3.95 Replacements or spares can be ordered as needed. Push-on antenna cable* (6-ft) VH89 $5.95...
  • Page 90 Placing an Order Charge your order on your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card by To place your order by phone, have your Visa, MasterCard filling in below or Discover Card ready and call the toll-free number listed USE YOUR CREDIT CARD VISA below.
  • Page 91 (This page intentionally left blank)
  • Page 92 (This page intentionally left blank)
  • Page 93: Index

    INDEX DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack Blocking 10, 47 Age-based ratings A-Z icon 34, 40 Content themes Digital terrestrial Access card 10, 79 DIRECTV Bright lighting Number Button 16, 18, 82 Buy programs Accessories Channel list 50 Age-based ratings Rating limit Blocking Setup Cables 10...
  • Page 94 Jack 7, 10 Maximum signal strength Line 7 MENU button 8, 19 Getting around in the guides Menus PHONES jack 9 Picture 44 Icons 62 GO BACK Controls Profiles 50 Button on the remote Presets 45 Modes 8 GO BACK button Quality 44, 77 Of operation...
  • Page 95 The DIRECTV guide Rating limit Button By movies 39 Ratio (16:9 and 4:3) 72 Mode By sports RCA-type cables 7 Rating limit By title Remote control By topics Buttons Using movies icon 39 codes 22 Using sports icon 39...
  • Page 96 (This page intentionally left blank)
  • Page 97 Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. THOMSON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2000 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. Trademark(s)®...

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