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  • Page 1 HDTV Monitor User's Changing Entertainment. _in.
  • Page 2 ImportaHt IHformatioa WARNING This symbol indicates that this product incorporates double To reducethe risk of fire or electric shock, do insulation between hazardous mains voltage and user accessible parts. When servicing use only identical not expose this product to rain or moisture. replacement parts.
  • Page 3 ImportaHt IHformatio ' IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with dry cloth. 7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Page 4: V-Chip: Parental Controls

    Key Features Overview Your IV is equipped with features that will add to your IV viewing experience. The following information summarizes a few of these features. Chapter 3 provides more information about the rest of the Iv's features and how to use them. DVI-HDW Input Lets you connect an HD receiver with a DVl output.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    TaWc of ConteHts IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ....Find Out If You Need to Program Remote ............Introduction Programming the Remote ......How to Use the Remote After You've Key Features Overview ..........Programmed It ..........DVI-HDTV Input ..........Remote Control Codes ..........
  • Page 6: Things To Consider Before You Connect

    CoHnections Setup Things to Consider Before You Connect Protect Against Power Surges • Connect all components before you plug any of their power cords into the wall outlet. • Turn off the 1V and/or component before you connect or disconnect any cables. •...
  • Page 7: Choose Your Connection

    CoHneetions Setup Choose Your Connection There are several ways to connect your W, Please use the following chart to determine which connection is best for you. Proceed to the appropriate page and connect your ]V. Note: if you prefer, we con provide you with the nameof on Authorized ServiceRepresentativewho wilyvisit your home for e feeto instoll your electronic entertoinmen t systemend to instruct you in its operation.
  • Page 8 CoNnections Setup HD RECE "IV + HD Receiver + VCR + DVD Player 1. Make sure cable or antenna and/or satellite is connected to your VCR. A. Connect the coaxial cable from your cable outlet or antenna to the antenna input on the HD Receiver. B.Connect the satellite dish antenna to the satellite input on the HD Receiver.
  • Page 9 CoHneetions Setup RECEIVER SATELLITE IV + Satellite Receiver + VCR 1. Connect your VCR to your IV. A. Connect a coaxial cable to the VCR's antenna output and to the ANTENNA/CABLE Input jack on the TV, B, Connect the audio (white and red) cables to the VlD2 L/MONO and R Audio jacks on the back of the W and to the Audio Output jacks on the VCR.
  • Page 10 CoHaections Setup DVO Player TV + DVD + VCR 1. Connect your DVD Player to your TV. A. Connect the audio (white and red) cables to the CMP1 L/MONO and R Audio jacks on the back of the IV and to the Audio Output jacks on the DVD player.
  • Page 11 Connections Setup IV+ A/V Receiver or Speakers These are two different ways your W uses a component to hear audio. Connect audio cables to either the FIXED or VARIABLE AUDIO L and R OUTPUT jacks and to the Audio Inputs on the AN receiver.
  • Page 12 Co 'mections Setup Explanation of Jacks This section describesthe jacks you can useto make connections. Thereare several ways to connect components to your IV. DVI-HDTV Input Lets you connect an HD receiver with a DVI output. • DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Provides an uncompressed, digital video interface developed for high-bandwidth digital connection.
  • Page 13 CoHneetions Setup The Front of YourTV Front Inputs The IV has front inputs for convenience: one set of audio/video inputs, an S-Video and a headphone jack. Locate the jacks either on the front of the 1V or on one of the sides. You can access the component you connected to the front of the IV by pressing the INPUT button on your remote until EBNT appears on the screen.
  • Page 14: Search

    CoHnections Setup Language Menu The first part of the setup allows you to select your preferred language for the menu system. 1. Highlight your preferred language for the menu system using the arrow buttons. 2. Press OK to select that language (the Channel Setup screen appears with Auto ehannelseereh highlighted).
  • Page 15 Puts the remote in SAT.CABLE mode and, if Autotuning is enabled, will turn on the W and tune to the correct input channel. To turn off aB the RCA, GE, and Proscan components that SKIP Press once before changing channels and the *IV will wait 30 seconds before returning...
  • Page 16 Remote to Operate Other Components The universal remote can be programmed to operate most brands of remote controllable components. The remote is already programmed to operate most RCA, GE, and Proscan components. Also, the AUX button can be programmed...
  • Page 17 Usin 9 the Remote CoHtro Important UsingDirect Entry 1. Turn on the component to be programmed. Youmust continue pressingthe component button while 2. Look up the brand and code number(s) for the component on the code list in this section. you enter the code.
  • Page 18 Pioneer ..............5033,6034 Technics .............. 4279,4260 Signatm'e ..............2132 Ploscan ..............5000,6001 Singer ............. 2021,2061,2128 Wa_s ................4275 RCA ............6007,6047,6049,5062 Sony ..........2004,2098,2099,2119 Yamaha ............... 4274,4276 Realistic ................6009 ..............2021,2t07 Regal ................. 5022,6035 Sylvania..,..2021,2022,2026,2062,2063,2065,2124 Regency ................6017 Symphonic ..............
  • Page 19: Feature

    Set SAT/Coble Channel Lets you set up the channel the W tunes to when you press the SAToCABLE button an RCA satellite receiver remote. (The RCA DTCIO0 HD receiver is considered a satellite device and can be set up for autotuning using this channel.)
  • Page 20: Themes

    Using the W's Features CMPI or CMP2(ComponentVideo Input) Compatible component video source,such asa DVD player or digital ]V converter box, is connected to the three COMPONENT VIDEOINPUTjacks (Y,PB,PR) on the back of the _ and you want the _Vto tune to the component video input channel (CMP) when you pressthe corresponding button.
  • Page 21 Using the W's Features V-Chip TV Rating The V-Chip l"VRating lets you decide which W programs can and cannot be viewed. To set IX/programming limits: 1. Choose Parental Control from the Main menu. If Parental Controls have previously been locked, you must enter your password. Press OK to continue.
  • Page 22 Using the W's Features Blocking Age-Rased Ratings You can automatically block all program ratings above a specified age-based rating level. To block programs with higher ratings: Press the up or down arrow button to scroll to the rating corresponding with the lowest rating you do not want the child to watch.
  • Page 23 Using the W% Features Blocking Movie Ratings Once you are in the Movie Ratings menu, follow the same steps described for blocking IV ratings. V-Chip Unrated Program Block This option lets you decide if programs that the V-Chip recognizes as "unrated" can be viewed.
  • Page 24 Usin9 the W's Menu System Sound Menu Soundsettings Displaysa choice list that lets you adjust the 1V'sspeakersand subwoofer. Leff_Rightbalanee Usethe left or right arrow to center the bar under the arrow to balance the left and right speakers. Amplifier Usethe left or right arrow to select Extemul (if your _,Vis using external amplifier only) or Internal (if your 1V is using the speakersin the _R/).
  • Page 25 Osin9 the W's MeHu System Picture Menu The Picture menu options apply to the video for the main TV and video input selections. Advanced picture settings Contrast expand Adjusts the contrast of the picture according to the light of the room. Press the right arrow to choose between Low, Medium or High.
  • Page 26 Using the W's Menu System Time Menu SleepTimer Lets you set the IV to turn off after a given time. Time Lets you enter the current time. If it is eight o'clock, for example, you must first enter the number zero, then number eight. Use the OK button to choose between AM and PM.
  • Page 27 Osin9 the W's MeHu System Closed Caption Many programs are encoded with closed-captioning information, which lets you display the audio portion of a program as text on the _[Vscreen. Closed captioning is not available on all channels at oil times. Only specific programs encoded with closed-captioning information are applicable.
  • Page 28 Other Information Troubleshooting Most problems you encounter with your lV can be corrected by consulting the following troubleshooting list. Note.'lfyoupr efer,wecanpr ovideyouwiththenemeofenAuthorizedBerviceRepr esentotivewhowillvisayourhomeforafeetoinstallyoureleetr onieenter_oinmentsystem endtoinst_uetyouinitsoper etion.Pordetoilseboutthisserviee,eefi_-888-206-3359. TV Problems TV won't turn • Press the _V button. • Make sure the _V is plugged in. •...
  • Page 29 Other Information Sound okay, picture poor • Cheek antenna connections. Make sure all of the cables are firmly connected to the jacks. • Try adjusting sharpness function to improve weak signals, Go to page 23 for more instructions, Volume buttons not adjusting volume louder •...
  • Page 30 Service Center for the new, or at our option, refurbished replacement parts and picture tube required to repair your unit. How you get service: • Call 1-877-RCA-HDTV and have your unit's date of purchase and model number ready. • A representative will troubleshoot your problem over the phone.
  • Page 31 DT12DC (12_ft) connection. VH81 (3-ft) VH82 (6-ft) Standard AudioNideo cable with RCA-type phono plugs. HOW TO ORDER VH83 BY PHONE:To#ace your oMer by phone, have your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card ready and call...
  • Page 32 Visit the RCA website at www.rca.com Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson Inc. 10330 North Meridian Street...

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