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LG 223DCH Owner's Manual

Hosspital grade/lodging grade models.
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Grade Models
Lodging Grade Model
for Commercial
Mode Setup see pages 91 -110
Banks Setup see pages 87-90
Pillow Speaker Setup see page 29
Card Setup see page 20
lease read this manual carefully
before operating
your set.
Retain it for future reference.
Record model
and serial number
of the set.
See the label attached
on the back cover and quote
to your
when you require
Note: All features shown within this guide may not be available
on all models.
P/NO : SAC30708037



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   Summary of Contents for LG 22LG3DCH

  • Page 1

    LCD TV OWNER'S MANUAL Hospital Grade Models 22LG3DCH 26LG3DCH 32LG3DCH Lodging Grade Model 32LG3DC Installer Reference for Commercial Mode Commercial Mode Setup see pages 91 -110 Channel Banks Setup see pages 87-90 Pillow Speaker Setup see page 29 MPI/PPV Card Setup see page 20 lease read this manual carefully before operating your set.

  • Page 2: Warning / Caution

    RAIN OR MOISTURE. the user's authority to operate the equipment. Do not attempt to modify this product in any way without written authorization from LG Electronics. This reminder is provided call the CATV system Unauthorized modification could void user's...

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETYINSTRUCTIONS Read these instructions. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience Keep these instructions. receptacles, and the point where they exit from Heed all warnings. the apparatus. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water.

  • Page 4

    WARNING - To reduce the risk of fire or electrical Never touch this apparatus or antenna during a thunder or lighting storm. shock, do not expose this product to rain, moisture or other liquids. Do not touch the TV with wet ®...

  • Page 5

    ANTENNAS leaning When cleaning, unplug the power cord and scrub Outdoor antenna grounding gently with a soft cloth to prevent scratching. Do not If an outdoor antenna is installed, follow the precau- spray water or other liquids directly on the TV as tions below.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS PICTURE CONTROL WARNING / CAUTION ......1 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ......2 Picture Size (Aspect Ratio) Control ....FEATURES OF THIS TV ......7 Preset Picture Settings - Picture Mode - Preset ....... PREPARATION - Color Tone - Preset ........Manual Picture Adjustment Accessories ............

  • Page 7

    PARENTAL CONTROL/RATINGS Set Password & Lock System ......78 Troubleshooting ..........Reference: LT2002 Cloning Procedure Channel Blocking ..........Troubleshooting ..........Movie & TV Rating ......... Channel Banks Setup Troubleshooting ..... 114 Downloadable Rating ........Troubleshooting Flow Chart ......115 External Input Blocking ........Commercial Mode Check ........

  • Page 8: Features Of This Tv

    FEATURES OF THIS TV Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. IDOLB¥ "Dolbx "and the double-D symbol are trademarks of I-I--',ml HDMP, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered rlIGITAL J Dolby Laboratories. trademarks of HDMI Licensing." $R$(0) is a trademark of SRS Labs, Inc.

  • Page 9: Preparation

    PREPARATION ACCESSORIES Ensure that the following accessories are included with your TV. If an accessory is missing, please contact dealer where you purchased the TV. The accessories included may differ from the images below. © Power Cord Protective Bracket and Owner's Manual CD Manual...

  • Page 10: Frontpanelinformation

    FRONTPANELINFORMATION _ Image shown may differ from your TV. _ NOTE: If your TV has a protection tape attached, remove the tape. And then wipe the TV with a cloth (If a polishing cloth is included with your TV, use it). ©...

  • Page 11: Back Panelinformation

    PRERARATION BACK PANELINFORMATION _ Image shown may differ from your TV. For 32LG3DC 26/32LG3DCH © (only 26/32LG3DCH model)

  • Page 12

    For 22LG3DCH liiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiii!i iiiiiiiiiiiii!ii!i!i!;!;!i!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!ii!iiiiiiiiiiii! ii!iiii!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!ii!il !_!!_!!!_!i__i!i!_;_i_i_iiiii_i_ii_!_!_ i/!i!i!ii!i!i!ii!i!!ilili!i!!!!i!!ii!!i!i iiiiiiiiiiiii _iiii;iiii_i_}@}iil;!!!!!!!;i;i;!!i;ilili;ii;i_;i;ili_i@i@ii_ii_ii_ii_ii_ii_?i ¸ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_iiiiiiiiiii!!i/iiili,liii/_i}ii!!iii!iiiiiiil ii_!!_!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;i_!iii@iiii!iiiii _!_!_!_!_!_!_!@!_i!_i!_i!;; iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii _iii ; _ii'i_i!i:,:,:,:,i;iiil}iq;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iii!!ii iiN!iiiii::_iiiiii_i_i_i1i}Niii_iiiii_i_S_;_;;:;_i_;_;iii2iii;;;;;iiiiiiii_?n;;_iiiiiii ANTENNAIN M.PJ, ¢ RESET UPDATE RS-232C tN (SERVICE ONLY) ICdNTROLOUT SERVUCE ONLY @ AV (Audio/Video) COMPONENT IN (Except 22LG3DCH model) Analog Connection. Analog composite connection.

  • Page 13: Stand Instruction

    ?RZRARATION STAND INSTRUCTION _ Image shown may differ from your TV. INSTALLATION (Only32LG3DC) DETACHMENT (Only 32LG3DC) Carefully place the TV screen side down on a Carefully place the TV screen side down on a cushioned surface to protect the screen from cushioned surface to protect the screen from...

  • Page 14: Cablemanagement

    CABLEMANAGEMENT _ Image shown may differ from your TV. For 22LG3DCH For 26/32LG3DCH, 32LG3DC Connect the cables as necessary. necessary. Connect the cables To connect additional equipment, see the To connect additional equipment, see the EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP section. EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP section.

  • Page 15: Desktop Pedestalinstallation

    ?REPARATION DESKTOP PEDESTALINSTALLATION _ Image shown may differ from your TV. * This feature is not available for all models. For proper ventilation, allow a clearance of 4 inches on all four sides. 4 inches 4 inches © 4 inches 4 inches _, Do not mount near or above any type of heat source.

  • Page 16: Attaching The Tv To A Desk

    ATTACHING THE TV TO A DESK (Only 32LG3DC) The TV must be attached to a desk so it cannot be pulled in a forward/backward direction, potentially causing injury or damaging the product. Use only the included screw. Stand 1-Screw (provided as parts of the product) Desk...

  • Page 17: Vesawall Mounting

    TV or allow the TV to a fall and cause per- installation manua all parts necessary sonal injury. LG is not liable for these kinds of acci- assembly are provided. Do not use screws longer then the standard dimen- dents. sion. as they may cause damage to the inside to LG is not liable for TV damage or personal injury the TV.

  • Page 18: Vesastandardtv Mounts

    VESASTANDARDTV MOUNTS General Guidelines: Choosing Location for installing a VESA "O Standard Mount To the right are some examples of VESA standard © mounts. Since there are numerous types of stands and mounts available, only a few are shown here. Refer to the instructions provided with the TV stand that will be used to mount the TV.

  • Page 19: Securing The Tv To The Wall To Preventfalling When The Tv Is Used On A Stand

    ?RERARATION SECURING THE TV TO THE WALL TO PREVENTFALLING WHEN THE TV IS USED ON A STAND _ You should purchase necessary components to prevent TV from falling off of the stand. _ Image shown may differ from your TV. * This feature is not available for all models.

  • Page 20: Antenna Or Cableconnection

    _ To prevent damage do not connect to the power outlet until all connections are made between the devices. ANTENNA OR CABLECONNECTION 1. Antenna (Analog or Digital) Wall Antenna Socket or Outdoor Antenna without a Cable Box "O Connection. For optimum picture quality, adjust the direction if needed.

  • Page 21: Mpi Card Slot

    PRERARAI°ION MPI CARD SLOT The MPI card is equipped with an RF jack for antenna/cable signal source connection. The slot is also available for installing a PPV (Pay-Per-View) card. MPI Card Removal/PPV Card Installation 1. Remove the two MPI card retainer screws. 2.

  • Page 22: External Equipment Setup

    EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP To prevent the equipment damage, never plug in any power cords until you have finished connecting all equipment. This part of EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT SETUP mainly uses the picture for 32LG3 DC model. HD RECEIVERSETUP This TV can receive Digital Over-the-air or Digital Cable signals without an external...

  • Page 23

    EXTERNALEQUIPMENT SETUP HDMI Connection 1. How to connect Connect the digital set-top box to HDMI/DVI jack on the TV. No separate audio connection is necessary. HDMI supports both audio and video. "O 2. How to use Turn on the digital set-top box.

  • Page 24

    DVI to HDMI Connection 26/32LG3DCH, 32LG3DC model 1. How to connect onnect the DVI output of the digital set-top box to the HDMI/DVl IN jack on the TV. Connect the audio output of the digital set-top box to the AUDIO IN(RGB/DVl) orAV IN AUDIO...

  • Page 25: Dvd Setup

    EXTERNALEQUIPMENT SETUP DVD SETUP Component Connection (Except 22LG3DCH) 1. How to connect Connect the video outputs (Y, PB, PR) of the DVD to the COMPONENT IN VIDEO jacks on the TV. Match the jack colors (Y = green, PB = blue, and PR = red). Connect the audio outputs of the DVD to the COMPONENT IN AUDIO...

  • Page 26

    S-Video Connection (Except 22LG3DCH) 1. How to connect onnect S-VIDEO output of the DVD to the S-VIDEO input on the TV. > Connect the audio outputs of the DVD to the AUDIO input jacks on the TV. 2. How to use Turn on the DVD player, insert a DVD.

  • Page 27: Vcr Setup

    EXTERNALEQUIPMENT SETUP VCR SETUP _ To avoid picture noise (interference), leave an adequate distance between the VCR and TV. _ If the 4:3 picture format is used; the fixed images on the sides of the screen may remain visible on the screen.

  • Page 28

    Composite (RCA) Connection 1. How to connect Connect the AUDIO/VIDEO jacks between TV and VCR. Match the jack colors (Video = yellow, Audio Left = white, and Audio Right = red) 2. How to use Insert a video tape into the VCR and press PLAY on the VCR.

  • Page 29: Othera/v Sourcesetup

    EXTERNALEQUIPMENT SETUP OTHERA/V SOURCESETUP 26/32LG3DCH, 32LG3DC model 1. How to connect Camcorder Video Game Set Connect AUDIO/VIDEO jacks between TV and external equipment. Match the jack colors. (Video = yellow, Audio Left = white, and I'1"1 Audio Right = red) ,,-I I"1"1 2.

  • Page 30: Pillow Speakersetup

    Controlling the TV with Serial Data The TV is capable of being controlled by a single-wire, serial data signal. This is a LG patented technology and is being implemented by certain brands of "smart" pillow speakers. Pillow Speaker Interface OPEN...

  • Page 31: Pc Setup

    EXTERNALEQUIPMENT SETUP PC SETUP This TV provides Plug and Play capability, meaning that the PC adjusts automatically to the TV's settings. VGA (D-Sub 15 pin) Connection (Except 22LG3DCH) 1. How to connect onnect VGA output of the PC to the IN(PC) jack on the TV.

  • Page 32

    26/32LG3DCH, 32LG3DC model DVI to HDMI Connection 1. How to connect onnect the DVI output of the PC to the HDMI/DVI jack on the TV. Connect the PC audio output to the AUDIO (RGB/DVI) or AV IN AUDIO jack on the TV. "O 2.

  • Page 33

    EXTERNALEQUIPMENT SETUP Screen Setup for PC mode (Except 22LG3DCH) Selecting Resolution You can choose the resolution in RGB mode. The Position, Phase, and Size can also be adjusted. Screen Move ..Reso_tio_ 1024x768 1280 x 768 AUto config. 1360 x 768 Posi_n 1366 x 768 "O...

  • Page 34

    Auto Configure Automatically adjusts picture position and minimizes image instability. After adjustment, if the image is still not correct, try using the manual settings or a different resolution or refresh rate on the PC. r'rl Screen + mo_o Prey. Resolution config_ To Sel r'rl...

  • Page 35

    EXTERNALEQUIPMENT SETUP Adjustment for screen Position, Size, and Phase If the picture is not clear after auto adjustment and especially if characters are still trembling, adjust the picture phase manually. This feature operates only in RGB mode. i-rl r'rl > Screen Move P ..

  • Page 36

    Screen Reset (Reset to original factory values) Returns Position, Size, and Phase to the default factory settings. This feature operates only in RGB mode. Screen Move Prey. ;> Pos tlon Reset Press the ADJUST button. Select Reset. Select Yes.

  • Page 37: Watching Tv / Channel Control

    WATCHING TV / CHANNEL CONTROL REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS (Only 32LG3DC) When using the remote control, aim it at the remote control sensor on the TV. POWER Turns your TV on or off. In AV1-2, Component, RGB, and HDMI input sources, screen returns to the last TV channel.

  • Page 38

    NUMBER button -- (DASH) Used to enter a program number for multiple program channels such as 2-1,2-2, etc. FLASHBK Tune to the last channel viewed. Increase/decrease the sound level. VOLUME UP -r" /DOWN TIMER Select the amount of time before your TV turns off automatically, t_ _ p.76 <...

  • Page 39: Installerremote Control Functions

    Remote Control Use the MODE button to select TV and put installer remote into TV operating mode. Notes: This remote is not supplied with the TV. This typical LG multi-brand remote control is shown for reference. Follow the instructions provided in the Installer menu section to configure TV's features.

  • Page 40

    EZ PIC Selects the factory preset picture appropriate for the viewing environment. EZ SOUND Sets the appropriate sound for the program's content. SWAP Exchanges the main/sub images in Twin picture mode. INFO While watching a TV program, will display program information on top of the screen.

  • Page 41: Turning On Tv

    WATCHING / CHANNELCONTROL TURNING ON TV First, connect power cord correctly. At this moment, the TV switches to standby mode. _ In standby mode to turn TV on, press the d)/l button on the TV or press the POWER button on the remote control. _ Note: Only for 32LG3DCH the TV also turn on with CH (+ or -) button...

  • Page 42: Channelselection

    CHANNELSELECTION Press the CH (+ or -) or NUMBER buttons to select a channel number. VOLUMEADJUSTMENT Adjust the volume to suit your personal preference. -r" Press the VOL (+ or -) button to adjust the volume. < If you want to switch the sound off, press the MUTE button. >...

  • Page 43: On-screenmenusselection

    WATCHING l°V / CHANNEL CONTROL ON-SCREENMENUSSELECTION Your TV's OSD (On Screen Display) may differ slightly from that shown in this manual. -r" < -r" > Display each menu. Select a menu item. Enter to the pop up menu. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 44: Channelsetup

    CHANNELSETUP Auto Scan (Auto Tuning) Automatically finds all channels available through antenna or cable inputs, and stores them in memory on the channel list. Run Auto Tuning again after any Antenna/Cable connection changes. -r" < -r" > Select CHANNEL. Select Auto Tuning.

  • Page 45: Add / Delete Channel (manual Tuning)

    WATCHING TV / CHANNEL CONTROL Add/Delete Channel (Manual Tuning) If selecting DTV or CADTV input signal, you can view the on-screen signal strength monitor to see the quality of the signal being received. -r" < > I"11 © Select CHANNEL. ©...

  • Page 46: Channel Editing

    Channel Editing A custom list can be created by toggling each channel on or offwith ENTER button. The channels in the Custom List are displayed in black and the channels deleted from the Custom List are displayed in gray. Once a channel is highlighted you can add or delete the channel by referring...

  • Page 47: Channel Label

    WATCHING TV / CHANNEL CONTROL CHANNEL LABEL Choose preset labels for your channels. If a channel label is provided on the signal from the broadcasting station, the TV displays a short name for a channel even if you didn't preset a label for the channel. <...

  • Page 48: Input List

    INPUT LIST -r" Select the desired input source. < For 26/32LG3DCH 32LG3DC > HDMI Component © For 22LG3DCH © HDMI TV: Select it to watch over-the-air, cable and digital cable broadcasts. -2: Select them to watch a VCR or other external equipment. Component: Select them...

  • Page 49: Picture Control

    PICTURE CONTROL PICTURE SIZE (ASPECT RATIO) CONTROL This feature lets you choose the way an analog picture with a 4:3 aspect ratio is displayed on your RGB input source use 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. "O Press the RATIO button repeatedly to select the picture options...

  • Page 50

    16:9 Set by program Selects the proper picture proportion to match Adjust the picture horizontally, in a linear pro- the source'simage. portion to fill the entire screen. (4:3"-_ 4:3) (16:9"* 16:9) Full (Only 22LG3DCH) When TV receives the wide screen signal, it will lead you to adjust the picture horizontally or vertically, ©...

  • Page 51

    PICTURECONTROL Zoom just Scan Choose Zoom 1 when you want to view the pic- Normally the edges of video signals are cropped ture without any alteration. However, the top and 1-2%. Just Scan turns off this cropping bottom portions of the picture will be cropped. shows the complete video.

  • Page 52: Presetpicture Settings

    PRESETPICTURE SETTINGS Picture Mode - Preset There are factory presets for picture settings available in the user menus. You can use a preset, change each setting manually. "O © © Press the PICTURE button repeatedly to select the picture options : Vivid, Standard, Cinema,...

  • Page 53: Color Tone - Preset

    PICTURECONTROL Color Tone - Preset Choose one of three automatic color adjustments. Set to warm to enhance hotter colors such as red, or set to cool to see less intense colors with more blue. "0 Select PICTURE. Select Advanced Control. Select Color Temperature.

  • Page 54: Manual Pictureadjustment

    MANUAL PICTUREADJUSTMENT Picture Mode - User Mode Adjust the picture appearance to suit your preference and viewing situations. "O Select PICTURE. Select Picture Mode. Select Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Sport, or Game. Select Blacklight, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Color, or Tint. Make appropriate adjustments.

  • Page 55: Picture Mode - Expert Control

    PICTURECONTROL Picture Mode - Expert Control Expert1 and Expert2 allow you set you own custom settings. "O © © Select PICTURE. Select Picture Mode. Select Expert1 or Expert2. Select Expert Control. Select your desired menu option. Make appropriate adjustments. Return to the previous menu. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 56: Picture Improvement Settings

    PICTURE IMPROVEMENT SETTINGS Fresh Contrast: Optimizes the contrast automatically according to the brightness of the reflection. Fresh Color: Adjusts the color of the reflection automatically to reproduce as close as possible natural colors. Noise Reduction: Removes interference up to the point where it does not damage the original picture.

  • Page 57: Advanced Control-black (darkness) Level

    PICTURECONTROL ADVANCED CONTROL- BLACK (DARKNESS) LEVEL Adjusting the contrast and the brightness of the screen using the black level of the screen. This feature is disable in DTV and RGB mode. "O © © Select PICTURE. 01_ L ow: The reflection of the screen gets darken Select Advanced...

  • Page 58: Advanced Control-real Cinema

    ADVANCED CONTROL- REALCINEMA Set up the TV for the best picture appearance for viewing movies. When you operate Real Cinema (3:2 Pull-Down Mode or Cinema Correction Mode), the TV will adjust 24 fps video from movies to 30 fps video for display. This feature operates only in TV (Analog...

  • Page 59: Picture Reset

    PICTURECONTROL PICTURE RESET Settings of the selected picture modes return to the default factory settings. "O Select PICTURE. Select Reset. Initialize the adjusted value. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 60: Sound & Language Control

    SOUND & LANGUAGE CONTROL AUTO VOLUME LEVELER(AUTO VOLUME) Auto Volume makes sure that the volume level remains consistent whether you are watching a commercial or a regular TV program. Select AUDIO. Select Auto Volume. 1-11 Select 0 n or Off. Return to the previous menu.

  • Page 61: Clearvoice

    SOUND & LANGUAGE CONTROL CLEARVOICE By differentiating the human sound range from others, it improves the sound quality of voices. Select AUDIO. Select Clear Voice. l'rl Select On or Off. f_ If you select "Clear Voice-On': Return to the previous menu. TruSurround XT feature will not work.

  • Page 62: Presetsound Settings (sound Mode)

    PRESETSOUND SETTINGS (SOUND MODE) Sound Mode lets you enjoy the best sound without any special adjustment as the TV sets the appropriate sound options based on the program content. Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, and Game are preset for optimum sound quality at the factory and are not adjustable.

  • Page 63: Sound Setting Adjustment- Usermode

    SOUND & LANGUAGE CONTROL SOUND SETTING ADJUSTMENT- USERMODE Adjust the sound to suit your taste and room situations. Select AUDIO. Select Sound Mode. l'rl Select Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, or Game. Select Treble or Bass. Make appropriate adjustments. Return to the previous menu. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 64: Srstrusurround Xt

    SRS TRUSURROUND XT Takes advantage of any multi-channel format without needing to add extra speakers or equipment. Dialog clarity, bass enrichment, and the addition of stereo audio enhancement produces an immersive sound experi- ence from standard stereo material. Select AUDIO. l'rl Select SRS TruSurround Select O n or Off.

  • Page 65: Balance

    SOUND & LANGUAGE CONTROL BALANCE Adjust the left/right sound of speaker to suit your taste and room situations. Select AUDIO. Select Balance. l'rl Make appropriate adjustments. Return to the previous menu. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 66: Tv Speakers On/off Setup

    TV SPEAKERSONIOFF SETUP Turn the TV speakers off if using external audio equipment. Select AUDIO. Select TV Speaker. l'rl Select 0 n or Off. Return to the previous menu. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 67: Audio Reset

    SOUND & LANGUAGE CONTROL AUDIO RESET Settings of the selected Sound Mode return to the default factory settings. Select AUDIO. Select Reset. l'rl Initialize the adjusted value.

  • Page 68: Stereo/sap Broadcastsetup

    STEREO/SAP BROADCASTSETUP For Analog only: This TV can receive MTS stereo programs and any SAP (Secondary Audio Program) that accom- panies the stereo program if the station transmits an additional sound signal. Mono sound is automatically used if the broadcast is only in Mono.

  • Page 69: Audio Language

    SOUND & LANGUAGE CONTROL AUDIO LANGUAGE Other languages may be available if a digital signal is provided by the broadcasting station. This feature operates only in DTV/CADTV mode. Select OPTION. Select Language. l'rl Select Audio. Select your desired language: English, Spanish, or French Return to the previous menu.

  • Page 70: On-screen Menus Language Selection

    ON-SCREEN MENUS LANGUAGE SELECTION The menus can be shown on the screen in the selected language. Select OPTION. Select Language. l'rl Select Menu. Select your desired language. From this point on, the on-screen menus will be shown in the selected language. Return to the previous menu.

  • Page 71: Caption Mode

    SOUND & LANGUAGE CONTROL CAPTION MODE Caption must be provided to help people with hearing loss watch TV. This feature operates only in TV, AV/AVl -2 mode. Select Caption On or Off. 01_ W hen selecting Off, Sub-menus Analog, DTV, Digital Option become disabled.

  • Page 72: Digital Broadcasting System Captions

    Digital Broadcasting System Captions Choose the language you want the DTV/CADTV Captions to appear in. Other Languages can be chosen for digital sources only if they are included on the program. This function in only available when Caption Mode is set On. Select OPTION.

  • Page 73: Caption Option

    SOUND & LANGUAGE CONTROL Caption Option Customize the DTV/CADTV captions that appear on your screen. This function in only available when Caption Mode is set On. _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Select OPTION. 01_ Size: Set the word size. Select Caption. l'rl 01_ F ont: Select a typeface for the text.

  • Page 74: Tim Esetting

    TIME SETTING CLOCK SETTING Auto Clock Setup The time is set automatically from a digital channel signal. The digital channel signal includes information for the current time provided by the broadcasting station. Set the clock manually if the current time is set incorrectly by the auto clock function.

  • Page 75: Manual Clock Setup

    TIME SETTING Manual Clock Setup If the current time setting is wrong, set the clock manually. Select TIME. Select Clock. Select Manual. Select the Year, Month, Date, Hour, or Minute option. Set the Year, Month, Date, Hour, or Minute option. Return to the previous menu.

  • Page 76: Auto On/off Time Setting

    AUTO ON/OFF TIME SETTING This function operates only if the current time has been set. The Off Time function overrides the On Time function if they are both set to the same time. The TV must be in standby mode for the On Time to work.

  • Page 77: Sleeptimer Setting

    TIME SETTING SLEEPTIMER SETTING The Sleep Time turns the TV off at the preset time. Note that this setting is cleared when the TV is turned off. Press the TIMER button repeatedly to select the number of minutes. Sleep timer options: Off, 10, 20, 50, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 240 minutes. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 78: Auto Shut-off Setting

    AUTO SHUT-OFF SETTING TV will be automatically turned off, in case of no signal for 10 minutes. Select TIME. Select Auto Sleep. Select 0 n or Off. Return to the previous menu. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 79: Parental Control/ratings

    PARENTALCONTROL / RATINGS Parental Control can be used to block specific channels, ratings and other viewing sources. The Parental Control Function (V-Chip) is used to block program viewing based on the ratings sent by the broad- casting station. The default setting is to allow all programs to be viewed. Viewing can be blocked by choosing the type of the program and the categories.

  • Page 80

    Lock System Enables or disables the blocking scheme you set up previously. _o___ Select LOCK. Input the password. © Select Lock System. © 01_ When you select 0 n, the Lock System Select 0 n or Off. is enable. Return to the previous menu. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 81

    PARENTALCONTROL/RATINGS Set Password Change the password by inputting a new password twice. Select LOCK. Input the password. Select Set password. Choose any 4 digits for your new password. As soon as the 4 digits are entered, re-enter the same 4 digits on the Confirm. Return to the previous menu.

  • Page 82: Channel Blocking

    CHANNEL BLOCKING Blocks any channels that you do not want to watch or that you do not want your children to watch. Block/Unblock ,_,_Move Move Page Previous _T_@_ EXIT Input the password. Select Block Channel. © Select a channel to block or unblock. ©...

  • Page 83: Movie & Tv Rating

    PARENTALCONTROL/RATINGS MOVIE & TV RATING Movie Rating (MPAA) Blocks movies according to the movie ratings limits specified, so children cannot view certain movies. You can set the ratings limit by blocking out all the movies with the ratings above a specified level.

  • Page 84

    TV Rating Children Prevents children from watching certain children's TV programs, according to the ratings limit set. The children rating does not apply to other TV programs. Unless you block certain TV programs intended for mature audi- ences in the TV Rating - sub menu, your children can view those programs.

  • Page 85

    PARENTALCONTROL/RATINGS TV Rating General Based on the ratings, blocks certain TV programs that you and your family do not want to view. Select LOCK. Input the password. Select TV Rating-General. 01_ A ge (applies to TV-G,TV-PG,TV-14,TV- Select Age, Dialogue, Language, MA).

  • Page 86: Downloadable Rating

    DOWNLOADABLE RATING This function may become available in the future and will be available only for digital channels. This function operates only when TV has received Regions Rating data. 01_ B ased on rating table, your TV's OSD (On Screen Display) may differ slightly from what is shown in this manual.

  • Page 87: External Input Blocking

    PARENTALCONTROL/RATINGS EXTERNAL INPUT BLOCKING Enables you to block an input. For 22LG3DCH For 26/32LG3DCH 32LG3DC Select LOCK. Input the password. © Select Input Block. © Select input source. Select On or Off. Return to the previous menu. Return to TV viewing.

  • Page 88: Channel Banks

    CHANNEL BANKS CHANNEL BANKS OVERVIEW (Except 32LG3DC) Channel Banks Note: Disable all Aux sources in the Installer menu that will not be made available to the end user. Channel Banks Overview Purpose of Channel Banks: Allows the institution administrator to control access to patient in-room TV programming.

  • Page 89: Channel Bankssetupinstaller Remotecontrol Key Functions

    CHANNEL BANKS CHANNEL BANKSSETUPINSTALLER REMOTECONTROL KEY FUNCTIONS (Except S2LCSDC) Channel Banks Setup Remote Control Key Functions After doing 2-5-5 + Menu, select a channel bank with the input/source or Banks button. After desired bank is selected, press Ch Preview to display the Channel Banks editing menu.

  • Page 90: Channel Banks Setup

    CHANNEL BANKS SETUP (Except 32LG3DC) Use the Channel Banks to format the channel lineup programming package options for the end user Each channel bank is capable of storing broadcast digital and analog channels Figure 1. Typical channel banks after running Auto Tuning B Purpose Channel Number 10 11 12 13 14 15...

  • Page 91: Reference: Channel Banks Worksheet

    CHANNEL BANKS REFERENCE: C HANNEL BANKS WORKSHEET (Except 32LG3DC) Use the Channel Banks worksheet provided below to plan your program packages. Photocopy additional worksheets as needed. PLAN YOUR CHANNELBANKS BY FILLING IN THESECHARTS (or use photocopies) B Purpose Channel Number 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Purpose Channel Number...

  • Page 92: Installeroverview

    TV Installer menu and how to make and save changes to the items in the menu. LG Installer Remote You will need an LG Installer remote control similar to the one shown to the right. The installer remote must have a "Source"...

  • Page 93: Tv Overview

    TV. • For any additional information, contact your LG representative. Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Using a Hospital Grade TV, the patient has available the following entertainment options.

  • Page 94: Commercialmode Setupformastertv

    COMMERCIALMODE SETUPFORMASTERTV This page provides an overview of the TV configuration. See the pages referenced for more specific, detailed instructions at each step; how to access and use the Installer menu etc. Note 1 : Disconnect all Aux inputs. Under certain conditions, Auto Tuning (Channel search) is disabled if there is an Aux input active.

  • Page 95: Master Tv Profile Setup Learning/teaching With

    COMMERCIAL MODE SETUP MASTERTV PROFILE SETUP LEARNING/TEACHING WITH USB MEMORYCARD On Master TV, Create Profile and Learn 1. Set up all Master TV features on the menus and do Z Using Up/Down arrow key, highlight "Learn Current a Channel Search. Add Channel and Aux Labels etc. Profile', then press Enter.

  • Page 96

    On Target TV, Teach Master TV Profile 1. Plug USB memory card with Master TV Profile setup As soon as teaching is done, a message will appear into Target TV USB input port. indicating that the teaching process has been com- 2.

  • Page 97: Tll-1100a Clone Connections/learning And Teaching Setups

    COMMERCIAL MODE SETUP TLL-1100A CLONE CONNECTIONS/LEARNING AND TEACHING SETUPS Connections for the TLL-1100A Clone Programmer to Learn the Master TV Setup On Master M.P.I. Learning Setup Set up all Master TV features on ....Selected Bank: CBank X Saved the menus and do a Channel '_'_'_"E%'_'T=_"_? _o,,,,_ Search.

  • Page 98: Lt2002 Cloning Connections/learning Setup

    LT2002 CLONING CONNECTIONS/LEARNING SETUP Connections for the LT2002 Clone Programmer to Learn the TV Master TV Setup _" % % i / / Antenna or CATV Warning: Do not use LT2002 while any PPV card is installed in TV or clone programmer device will be damaged.

  • Page 99: Cloning Learning Setup

    I'rl Since the Clone Programmer's time cannot be set directly, LT2002 Clone Programmer Communication current time needs to be copied from a Zenith/LG Problems equipped with M.RI. input capability. • A slow flashing green light indicates there are communication problems between the TV and...

  • Page 100: Cloning Connections/teaching Setup

    CLONING CONNECTIONS/TEACHING SETUP Teaching the Master Setup to Another Connections for the LT2002 to Teach another TV the Master Setup _Antenna "1" or CAW +grin #mue_ Blink p_em "_¢' _°o_rr _uni QuickSet II Programmer LT2002 CLoneProgrammer Target TV (1) LEARN FROM TV (2) TEACH TO TV (3) SET CLONE CLOCK FROM TV (4) SET TV CLOCK FROM CLONE...

  • Page 101: Installermenu

    COMMERCIAL MODE SETUP INSTALLERMENU Use the Installer's Menu to set up or change operational settings. See more detailed descriptions of the Installer menu items on the following pages... Accessing Installer's Menu Make sure TV is on. Installer's menu items can be accessed by using an installer's remote control.

  • Page 102

    Installer Menu Items 000 through Menu Item Function Value Range Default Value Brief Description of Function and Comments INSTALLER SEQ 0 - 3 Leave default set to 0. POWER MANAGE 0 - 7 Sets number of hours of no activity before auto shut Off, AC ON 0 / ]...

  • Page 103

    COMMERCIAL MODE SETUP Installer Menu Items 050 through Menu Item Function /alue Range Default Value Brief Description of Function and Comments ACK MASK 0 / I If set to 1, changes M.RI. for some OCV boxes. POLL RATE 20 - 169 Selects poll rate for M.RI.

  • Page 104

    Detai[ed Descriptions of Insta[[er Menu Items 000 - INSTALLER SEQUENCE CHANNEL (Installer item 004) where the start channel Specifies entry sequence to the InstallerMenu. may, for example, be set to 3 or 4. If the start channel is 3, then the TV will remain locked on Channel 3. 0 = 9876 1 = 4321 2 = 1478...

  • Page 105

    COMMERCIAL MODE SETUP Detailed Descriptions of Installer Menu Items tion. - KEY DEFEAT (Keyboard Defeat) If set to 1, key defeat prevents the end user from Warning: Do not set to "0" or remote will not control accessing the on-screen menus with the TV front panel--MENU, SELECT, and Left / Right arrow keys do...

  • Page 106

    Detailed Descriptions of Installer Menu Items - ACK MASK color and background color are the same, background M.P.I. Communication Parameter. Leave at default set- will be transparent. ting unless changed by Pay-Per-View provider. When set - BCK. CH-TIME (Text Display Background to 1, changes M.P.I.

  • Page 107

    COMMERCIAL MODE SETUP Detailed Descriptions of Installer Menu Items - BACK LIGHTING - CHKSM ERROR (Checksum Error) Enforces rigid M.RI. checksum validation. Sets the TV screen brightness at power up, see set- Set to 1 for validation. tings below. Default setting is 100.

  • Page 108: Reference: Detailed Information For Making A Master Tv

    You will also need an LG Installer remote control similar correct master TV setup and cloned target TVs. Be sure to the one shown in the front of this manual. The to do each task as indicated.

  • Page 109: Reference: Procedures Foraddingchannel Label

    COMMERCIAL MODE SETUP REFERENCE: PROCEDURES FORADDINGCHANNEL LABEL ICONS/CUSTOM CHANNELLABELS (2-5-4 + MENUMODE) Adding Channel Icons and Labels in the 2-5-4 + Menu Mode Editing and adding the labels can only be done if there Editing/Adding Channel ICONs are channels entered into the TV's channel map either by and/or Labels using the method described in item 6 on previous page,...

  • Page 110: Reference: Clonable Menu Features

    REFERENCE: C LONABLE MENU FEATURES Clonable Menu Features Menu /Sub Menu Features Option Menu Audio Menu Language Auto Volume Channel Menu Captions Clear Voice Auto Tuning Picture Menu Installer Menu Manual Tuning Picture Mode Channel Edit Item Settings Channel Label Note: Some menu options will revert to their default...

  • Page 111: Tv Aux Input Configuration


  • Page 112: Troubleshooting

    APPENDIX TROUBLESHOOTING Check to see if there is any object between the product and the remote control causing obstruction. Ensure you are pointing the remote control directly at the TV. IMM Ensure that the batteries are installed with correct polarity (+ to +, - to -).

  • Page 113

    APPENDIX Press the VOL or VOLUME button. mini Sound muted? Press the MUTE button. mini Try another channel. The problem may be with the broadcast. mini Are the audio cables installed properly? mmff Adjust Balance in menu option. mini A change in ambient humidity or temperature may result in an unusual noise when the product...

  • Page 114: Reference: Lt2002 Cloning Procedure Troubleshooting

    REFERENCE: LT2002 CLONING PROCEDURE TROUBLESHOOTING Note installed in TV or clone programmer will be damaged. The LT2002 programmer is designed to be used with Warning: Do not use LT2002 while any PPVcard is TVs containing the 221 -01006 and later processors. Use with earlier TV sets may give unpredictable results.

  • Page 115: Channel Banks Setuptroubleshooting

    CHANNEL BANKS SETUPTROUBLESHOOTING [o,]-" W_I _l_l=lII ",,1;l:kVAl:kr_r_.. I=_,-W _ 1_411 EH: [,]III,],]I I_[e] ; I Lv_ r:l I I:l m] ml :I m] Channel Banks Setup Menu m_ 2 -5-5+ Menu procedure was not performed. Channel Banks setup menu will not be available until 2-5-5+ Menu procedure is done.

  • Page 116: Troubleshootingflowchart

    TROUBLESHOOTINGFLOWCHART Quick Controller Check Plug Press 'POWER' or 'ON/OFF' | LED on into AC key on TV Power Outlet alog Board 1. Bad TV or 'VOLUME UP/DOWN' or 'MUTE' key on Installer ress 'POWER' or 'ON/OFF' Remote _Red on TV 1.

  • Page 117: Commercialmode Check

    COMMERCIALMODE CHECK on the front panel. The On/Offkey is alwaysoperational, Press the "On/Off" key _,,yo u get ponse Bad TV TV set On Leave Go to Installer menu by pressing "MENU" until the TV stops responding. TV is in Stopped Commercial responding Mode,...

  • Page 118: Glossaryof Terms

    GLOSSARYOF TERMS A list of definitions for some of the words found in this guide RF CABLE DIGITAL TELEVISION OUTPUT The wire that comes from an off-air High-resolution, cinema-quality televi- Refersto the output jack that sends a antenna or cable service provider. The sion signals transmitted digitally.

  • Page 119: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Early malfunctions can be prevented. Careful and regular cleaning can extend the amount of time you can enjoy your new TV. Caution: Be sure to turn the power off and unplug the power cord before you begin any cleaning. Cleaning the Screen to keep...

  • Page 120: Product Specifications

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 29.5 pounds / 13.4 kg 13.6 pounds / 6.2kg 18.9 pounds / 8.6 kg 26.2 pounds / 11.9 kg 26.2 pounds / 11.9 kg AC120V- 50/60Hz AC120V - 50/60Hz AC120V _ 50/60Hz AC100-240V _ 50/60Hz NTSC-M, VSB, 64 & 256 QAM VHF 2-13, UHF 14-69, CATV 1-135,...

  • Page 121: Ir Codes

    IR CODES 1. How to Connect 01_ Connect your wired remote control to the Remote Control port on the TV. 2. Remote Control IR Codes 0_ Output waveform Single pulse, modulated with 3Z917KHz signal at 455KHz Carrier frequency "1 I--lm FCAR = 1/TC = fOSC/12 Duty ratio = T1/TC = 1/3 _ Configuration...

  • Page 122

    Discrete IR Code ii___i_!__!i_!____i__i!_!_!i_!i_!i_!i_!i_!i_!i_!i_i_!_ii_i__!_iii_i!__iiiiiiiii___iii____!!!!!!iii RATIO Remotecontrol Button (RGB Input Selection) ]0-]9 Number Key 0-9 Remote Control Button !i!i!iiiii:! HDMI 1 Discrete IR Code .... uuuuuu (HDMI1 InputSelec_on) !iiiiil i - (Dash) Remote control Button FLASHBK Remote control Button Ratio 4:3 Discrete IR Code (Only 4:3 Mode) VOL +...

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