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Kenmore ELITE 141.16684 Operator's Manual

Liquid propane gas (lpg) & natural gas (ng) grill
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Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)
Natural Gas (NG) Grill
• Safety
Model 141.16682 and 141.17682
• Use and Care
• Cooking Guide
• Frequently Asked Questions
Model 141.16684 and 141.17684
Call us first if you have any problem with this
product. We can help you with questions about
assembly and grill operation
or if there are
damaged or missing parts when you unpack
this unit from the shipping box. Please call
before returning to the store.
CST, Monday
Leave this manual with the consumer.
Keep this manual for future reference.
(see silver CSA label on main body of grill)
Failure to comply with these instructions could
result in a fire or explosion that could cause
serious bodily injury, death or propertydamage.
Whether this grill was assembled
by you or
someone else, you must read this entire manual
before using your grill to ensure the grill is
properly assembled, installed and maintained.
Use your grill at least 3 feet away from any
wall or surface. Use your grill at least 3 feet
away from combustible objects that can melt or
catch fire (such as vinyl or wood siding, fences
and overhangs) or sources of ignition including
pilot lights on water heaters and live electrical
Combustion byproducts produced when using
this product contain chemicals
known to the
State of California to cause cancer, birth defects,
or other reproductive harm.
Manual # P80103004A
- Date:2005/01/14


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore ELITE 141.16684

  • Page 1 OPERATOR'S MANUAL ® Grill Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) Natural Gas (NG) Grill • Safety Assembly Model 141.16682 and 141.17682 Model 141.16684 and 141.17684 • • Use and Care • Cooking Guide • Frequently Asked Questions Failure to comply with these instructions could Call us first if you have any problem with this result in a fire or explosion that could cause product.
  • Page 2 350°F (117°C). Two-Year Full Warranty on Kenmore Elite Grill 4. Do not leave oil/grease unattended. For two years from the date of purchase, if this grill is defective in material or workmanship, Sears will repair it free of charge.
  • Page 3 Failure to comply with these instructions safe operation ensure the Gas Valve Assem- result in a hazardous situation which, if not bly Orifice is inside Burner Tube before using avoided, result in injury, your grill. figure. If the Orifice is not inside the Burner Tube, lighting...
  • Page 4 PART # zz PART DESCRIPTION P06001037A Hardware Pack For use in assembly 10 Attaches Side Shelves to Bowl Panel Sl12G04121 Phillips Head Screw 1/4"x3/4" Already installed in the Tool Holder Kit Sl12M05081 Phillips Head Screw M5x8mm Attaches TooI Holder to Left Side Shelf Already installed in the Tank Pull-Out Tray Phillips...
  • Page 6 B3__...
  • Page 7 I _ I oEscR, PT,O. IP,N , 00_2 ,76_2 IPIN , 0_4,70_4 I ,.°62 I ,.064 QTY 16682 QTY 16684 P00119126A P00119146A Lid Trim Plato P0011408DV P0011409DV Cooking Rack/Secondary Cooking Grid P01604004B P01604004B Burner/Main (NG only) P02008011A P02008011A ....Br_c_{ ..........................................
  • Page 8 2. Part Number 3. Part Description 4. Quantity of parts needed Important: only Kenmore replacement parts. of any part that is not a Kenmore replacement part be dangerous and will also void your product warranty. Keep this Operator's Manual convenient referral part replacement.
  • Page 9 CAUTION " While it is possible for one person to assemble this grill, obtain assistance from another person when handling some of the larger, heavier pieces. Install Side Shelves Remove screws $112M05081 from the Tool Holder. Slide the 4 Tool Hooks onto the Tool...
  • Page 10 Install Ignitor Batteries Unscrew ignitor Caps from Control Panel. Place supplied battery into each Ignitor Slot with positive pole facing you. AA Battery Position Spring over the AA battery in each ignitor Slot tighten Control Panel. pring Main Burners Electrode Check Perform this Electrode Check with the...
  • Page 11 LP tank. Only regulator hose assembly supplied with your grill. Replacement re,qulators hose assemblies must be those specified Kenmore. Use your grill outdoors, at least 3 feet away from wall surface. your grill at Have your LP Gas dealer check...
  • Page 12 (LPG model only): Exchange Programs Install Tank NOTE about LP Gas Tank Secure a 201b Tank Grill • Many retailers that sell grills offer you the option replacing your empty LP Gas tank through an exchange Screw Wing Bolt Special to Tank service.
  • Page 13 LP Gas Model only: Connect Regulator with Hose to your LP Gas Tank Turn Burner Valves to the position. Inspect the valve connection port regulator Quick assembly damage debris. Remove debris. Never use damaged or plugged equipment. Connect the regulator assembly to the tank valve...
  • Page 14 Natural Gas Model only: Connecting Natural Gas To Your Grill Figure Connect Swivel of the 12' Natural Hose to the vertical fitting of NG Regulator shown in Fig. 1. Connect other hose (male plug) to the supply line from house. Vertical fitting Hose, 12 ft./NG...
  • Page 15 Lighting Lighting Back Burner Instructions Grill Instructions 1. Before each use, check all hoses for cracks, nicks, cuts, 1. Follow steps 1 through 6 of the Grill Lighting burns or abrasions. If a hose is damaged in any way, Instructions. not use your grill before replacing...
  • Page 16 Troubleshooting purge from your line and/or reset regulator excess flow device: If the grill fails to light : Turn Control Knobs to the OFF position. 1. Turn gas off at source and turn Control Knobs to OFF. Wait at least 5 minutes for gas to clear, then Turn off the gas at the tank...
  • Page 17 10. Replace Savor Plates and Cooking Grids. 11. Reconnect the gas source and observe Proper care and maintenance will keep your grill in top Burner flame for correct operation. operating condition and prolong its life. Follow these Cleaning Exterior Surfaces: cleaning procedures on a timely...
  • Page 18 Toreduce t he chance o fFLASHBACK FIRE youmust Regardless of which Burner cleaning procedure clean theBurner Tubes a sfollows atleast o nce a month use, we recommend you also complete the following insummer andfallor whenever spiders a reactive inyour steps to help prolong Burner life.
  • Page 19 Burn-Off Indirect Cooking The indirect cooking method can also be used with Before cooking on your gas grill for the first time, you the supplied Cooking Grids. To cook indirectly, should "burn off" the grill to eliminate any odor food should be placed on the left or right side of your foreign...
  • Page 20 Grilling Steak and Ribs Cut of Meat Approximate Cooking Times Rare: 4-8 minutes Turn the grill Burners on HIGH, close the Lid and preheat T-bone steak Medium: 10-14 minutes Sirloin steak your grill 3 to 5 minutes. Open Lid and place the meat Well done: 15-20...
  • Page 21 An Important Note About Heat Settings Food preparation The suggested heat settings shown are approximate. Trim meat of excess fat. Truss meat and poultry with There are many factors such as outside temperature, cooking string to retain shape if desired. Bacon strips can be used to cover...
  • Page 22 Slow Cooking with a Rotisserie Preparing to Smoke A Rotisserie Kit is made to fit your grill model. Rotis- Smoking gives food a distinctive, delicious flavor. You will serie cooking produces foods that are moist, flavorful find a variety of wood chips or pellets available for use in...
  • Page 23 DEEP-FRYING TECHNIQUES STIR-FRYING TECHNIQUES A wide variety of foods can be deep-fried outdoors This method of cooking is popular around the world your grill, from potatoes, to seafood and chicken. Deep- can be easily accomplished outdoors on your gas grill. It's frying uses a large portion...
  • Page 24 Kenmore Premium or Kenmore select models. Elite grill as an outdoor kitchen. Versatile cast-iron Not all locations will carry all items and avail- Lid set is ideal ability is limited to supplies on hand.
  • Page 25 Question: Question: Can I convert my grill from one fuel type to another in Sometimes I hear a humming sound coming from my other words from LPG to NG or vice versa? regulator. What causes this? And - My grill has a low flame and sometimes will not light.
  • Page 26 Question: Question: What causes grill parts to rust and what affect does The Regulator and Hose supplied with my gas grill does not fit the older LP Gas tank I've used for it have on my grill? years. Why not? Answer: Answer: Rusting...
  • Page 27 Your Home For repair-in your home-of aH major brand app!ian_s lawn and garden equipment or heating and cooing systems no matter who made it, no matter who sold lfl me rep acement pads a_essodes owners manuab that you need to dooit°yeurse/f For Sears p_ofessional ins_a_atioe ef home applian_s and items _ike garage doer openers and water heate_ Cali anyt m®...