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Hitachi 27FX48B Operating Manual

Solid state color tv
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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi 27FX48B

  • Page 2 • Followall warningsand instructions m arkedon the televisionreceiver. Our reputation has been built on the quality, performance, and ease of service of HITACHI television receivers. Safetyis also foremostin our mindsin the designof these units. Tohelpyou operatethese products pmpedy,thissection illustrates safetyIps whichwill be of benefittoyou.
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT PROTECTION AND LOCATION OF YOUR TELEVISION Do not use the television set near Avoid dusty places, since ,Never bicck the bottom ventilation slots water, example, near accumulated dust inside of the set by placing it on a bad, sofa, bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, chassis may cause failure of the...
  • Page 4: Customer Record

    Introduction Your new television features all solid state components. It is designed to give you many years of enjoyment. It was thoroughly tested and adjusted at the factory for best performance. In order for you to take full advantage of your new television, please read and follow the installation and operating instructionscontained in this manual.
  • Page 5: Installation

    Installation Remote Control Battery Installation Batteries: Use two =AA: batteries. Remove the battery compartment cover on back of the remote Install the batteries in the battery compartment. (Polarity (+) or (-) must be correct.) Reattach the battery cover. users, batteries with alkaline batteries longer life.
  • Page 6 Installation Optional Equipment Connections Audio / Video Connections VCR's, video disc players, video game consoles, and DSS equipment can also be connected to the video inputs. See the optionalequipment manual for details. TERMINALS ON BACK OF "IV CABLES NOT SUPPLIED Procedure 1.
  • Page 7 Installation Amplifier Connection (TO AUDIO AMP) Connect to an external audio amplifier input for listening to a stereo system. Audio Adjustments Select INTERNAL SPEAKER ON located in the AUDIO menu on screen. Set amplifier volume to minimum. Adjust TV volume to desired level. Adjust amplifier volume to match the TV.
  • Page 8: Picture In Picture (Pip) Operation

    Picture In Picture (PIP) Operation This television includes a two tuner Picture In Picture (PIP) feature. This allows watching two (2) live broadcasts at the same time with or without an external video source (VCR). Without a VCR Procedure • Connect incoming cable to antenna (ANT) input on back of TV.
  • Page 9 Picture In Picture (PIP) Operation (Cont.) With a VCR - No Cable Box This television includes a two tuner Picture In Picture (PIP) feature. This allows watching two (2) live broadcasts at the same time without or with an external video source (VCR). Connectyourtelevision to a VCR, as shown.
  • Page 10 Remote Control Remote Control Buttons These buttons allow the remote to control your TV, Cable Box or VCR. Power Button Press to turn ON or OFF. TV/VCR Button PIP CH Buttons the remote is in the TV or VCR Press to select PIP channels. mode, this is the TVNCR button.
  • Page 11 Quick Reference Functions Key Chart Quick Reference Functions Key Chart SWAP MOVE PAUSE PIP SURF -11 -...
  • Page 12: Quick Reference

    Quick Reference Functions Key Chart CURSO_!B_ONS. Cl-I MUTE KEYPAD BUTTONS INPUT SLEEP -12-...
  • Page 13 _peclal Buttons Recall Button Press the RECALL button to check: Audio Mode status CH number or Video Input selected Channel Caption (Station Identifier) Clock time Sleep Timer status ® ® STEREO ;.VIDEO CH 3 MONO KXYZ 1:00 ® LST-CH Button Pressing the LST-CH button will switch between the last two channels viewed.
  • Page 14: Special Buttons

    Special Buttons PIP (Picture in Picture) Button This feature allows the viewer to monitor one channel program while watching another. The monitored source (PIP) can be a different channel or a different video source (such as a VCR) when connected to the input jacks. PIP Operation Press the PIP button (set must be ON).
  • Page 15: Move Button

    Special Buttons Frz (Freeze) Button Press the FRZ button to stop action in the PIP frame. _ain Picture ""_rame Freeze Notes: • Pressing the FRZ button when the PIP frame is not displayed, will freeze a frame from the Main Picture and display it in the PIP frame.
  • Page 16 If your VCR does not have a power function, the remote will issue the CHANNEL UP function. • The MENU button will act as the VCR MENU button for HITACHI VCR's. • The INPUT button will act as your VCR +100 button, if required.
  • Page 17 Component Codes The Remote Control is capable of operating many brands of VCRs and Cable/Satellite Boxes. You must first program the Remote Control to match the remote system in your VCR or Cable/Satellite Box. The Remote Control memory is limited. Some models of VCR's or Cable/Satellite Boxes may not operate. The Remote Control is not designed to control all features that are available in all models.
  • Page 18: Component Codes

    Component Codes VCR (Cont.) Sony ' 6, 07, 08, 09 o;os,._s;2s, 3 _: Tatung Technics 09, 35 Telefunken Ricoh __._, .-_ ._ __':_"_'_ __: ._. "'_'i_ _' ... __ ............_%.- __ Tosh|b_ 16, 17; 25,44 Samsung Unltech • 48 ..
  • Page 19: Cable Box

    L;omponenr (.;oDes CABLE BOX PopUlar M_n_cs !_ii_!ii_ii!iiii!iiii_iiiiii!iiiii!iii!i_iiii_iiiiiiiiii!iiii!!iiiiii_i_iiiii_iiiii RCA : Eastern 02 - .... :_:;_"_':;: i. !_;_::_i_i_::i_"_ " _._,_i_,__!_i_;_;_ Everquest Signature _'"!:_*_:!:':"__:"_ :.. _-. :_.-.i_i_i Garmrd Sprucer 17, 55 Gemini 13, 32, 36, 46 Stargate Starslght Teleview Tocom Tusa Unik_ United Cable Videoway Zenith -19-...
  • Page 20: Television Controls

    Television Controls FRONT CONTROL PANEL POWER VOL- VOL+ MENU INPUT Location of Television Controls Power Button - Press to turn ON or OFF. Vol 4+ (Volume) Buttons - Press to adjust Sound Level or press for menu navigation, when menus are displayed. Ch 4+ (Channel) Buttons - Press to select programmed channels or press for menu navigation, when menus are displayed.
  • Page 21 Main Menu Main Menu MENU Button Press the MENU button to display the Main Menu and Sub Menus. Select the EXIT icon and press MENU to exit. Cursor Buttons Press the cursor buttons to select an icon. Use the cursor buttons to highlight the desired features. Use the buttons to select and adjust features.
  • Page 22: Main Menu Feature Chart

    Main Menu Feature Chart When entered, TIME will display on screen after pressing POWER button, RECALL button, or changing channels. Choose CABLE or TV to match the signal at your antenna input. Automatically program channels with a signal into memory. Manually add or delete channels from memory.
  • Page 23 Main Menu Feature Chart Reset all picture adjustments to factory default settings. Adjust desired color intensity. Adjust natural flesh tones. Adjust dark areas for crisp detail. Adjust white areas of picture. Adjust for best clarity of outline detail. Provide labels for up to 30 stations using up to four characters for each station.
  • Page 24: Menu Selections

    Menu Selections SETUP Language The MENU LANGUAGE is factory set to ENGLISH. Follow Press _. instructions change Language Menu Press cursor • or • and • or • to highlight the SPANISH, FRENCH, and ENGLISH. SETUP icon. Press am. Press _ to display the SETUP menu.
  • Page 25: Setup Icon

    Menu Selections Channel Memory Press _ to display the SETUP menu. This feature allows you to select which channels are placed into channel scan memory. Press _. Press cursor • or • and • or • to highlight the SETUP icon. Press _ to display the SETUP menu.
  • Page 26 Menu Selections TIMER Sleep This feature is used for automatic turn off in 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Display will flash 3, 2, and 1 to indicate the last three remaining minutes prior to turn off. The Recall display will also appear. Note: This feature will be disabled when Auto Power On is activated.
  • Page 27: Channeli.d

    Menu Selections Press am to display the Event Program Menu. CHANNELI.D. Channel I.D. This features allows you to enter the call names of up to 30 stations into memory (using up to 4 characters for each station). The call name will then display along with the channel number when changing channels or pressing RECALL.
  • Page 28 Menu Selections Press ° Press cursor • or • and • or • to highlight LOCK icon. Press to display QUICK LOCK menu. Press cursor • to select desired amount of time (12, 24, or 48 hours) for QUICK LOCK to be activated. Press cursor •...
  • Page 29 Menu Selections Press g to display the AUDIO menu. TREBLE - To increase or decrease treble response. BALANCE - To emphasize LEFT / RIGHT speaker volume. Perfect Vol. (Volume) This feature automatically adjusts the volume to maintain a comfortable listening level. Press _.
  • Page 30 Menu Selections Press cursor • or • to highlight Surround. Press cursorpor(]and tom to highlight VIDEO icon. Press cursor • or • to select ON or OFF. Press _ to display the VIDEO menu. Press I twice to exit menu. Internal Speakers This feature is used to turn the internal speakers "ON"...
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Chart Before calling for service, determine the symptoms and follow suggested solutions. Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Snowy Video Noisy Audio Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Check Antenna Lead-in Wire Noisy AUa00 Multiple Image iNi! Move TV from Electrical Appliances, Lights, Vehicles, and Medical Equipment Notsy AuOm Intenerence...
  • Page 32: Useful Information

    Inc. Hitachi has made every effort to assure you hours of trouble free operation from your unit, however, should your television require service, a network of Hitachi Authorized Service Facilities has been established in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
  • Page 33 Notes...
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  • Page 36 HITACHI H462451...