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  • Page 1 IEl_ec_r_c Range User Manua_...
  • Page 2 Coil Elements ® Instructions for Porcelain Enamel and Continuous Cleaning Oven Interiors This manual contains information for: • Important Safeguards • Installation • Use and Care Certain ranges come equipped with special llzatures. Determine from a study of your range which of the instructions given in this booklet pertain...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Range Record ill tire space provided below tire Model No. and Serial No. of this appliance. These numbers are lk)und on the serial plale localed below the lift-up cooktop. Model No. Type Number Serial No. Purchase Date Record these numbers lk)r future use. IMPORTANT: Keep a copy of your bill of sale.
  • Page 4: Hnportant Safeguards

    READ THE IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS AND ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE. Remove all tape and packaging wrap before using the oven. If any glue remains, touch the residue with the sticky side of the tape already removed. Or, use a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS, Continued • Do not allow children to climb or play around the range. The weight of a child on an open oven door may cause the range to tip, resulting in serious burns or other irrjury. • USER SERVICING: Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance units it is specifically recommended...
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS, Continued • Stand to the side of the oven when opening the oven door. Slowly open the door to allow hot air or steam to escape before removing or replacing li_od. • Keep children from touching the oven door (or glass window, if equipped) when the range is operating...
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS, Continued laJI'CAUTIONI The f ollowing situations conld cause bodily in, nry orproperty damage. • Disconnect the range from electrical supply before attempting to service or move • Do not use a wok on the cooking surface if it is equipped with a round metal ring that extends beyond the bottom element.
  • Page 8: Energy Saving Ideas

    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS, Continued VENTILATING HOODS Clean Ventilating Hoods Frequently Grease should not be allowed to accumulate on hood or filter. When flaming lk_ods mrder hood, turn hood fans on. ENERGY-SAVING IDEAS Surface Cooking Turn surface elements off belore cooking is completed. Tire units will stay hot long enough...
  • Page 9: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Be sure appliance is pruperly installed and gruunded by a qualified technician. It is the responsibility of the technician to make certain that your range is properly installed. Situations caused by improper installation are m)t covered under the warranty. Any expenses incurred due to such situations will not he paid by the manul_._cturer of the appliance.
  • Page 10: Backguard Installation Instructions

    BACKGUARD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Electric Ranges 1. Move the main top lk_rward. (Lift up and pull lk_rward slightly.) 2. Place the backguard on top of end panels at the rear of range. Make certain the tabs of the burner box cover rest on the outside of the burner box flanges. (See No. 1.) 3.
  • Page 11 CORD CONNECTED APPLIANCES We recommend that you have the electrical hookup of your range done by a qualified electrician. Have the electrician show you where your range disconnect is located. If you fail to wire your range in accordance with governing codes, you may create a hazardous condition.
  • Page 12 THREE-WIRE CORD CONNECTION JUNCTION 1. Remove nuts on the junction BLOCK WHITE block studs. 2. Tighten the back nuts. 3. Install three-wire cord strain relief provided on the curd set through the hole in the power cord bracket. ---. BLACK E QTPEi RED 4.
  • Page 13 THREE-WIRE CONDUIT CONNECTION JUNCTION NOTE: The power cord bracket will have BLOCK to be reversed for conduit installations. WHITE IF BLACK EQUIPPED Detach the bracket and flip its orientation. Reatiach the bracket to the range so the conduit will pass through the smaller hole. ADAPTOR BLOCKS 1.
  • Page 14: Cabinet Preparmions

    CABINET PREPARATIONS Free-Standing Ranges "A'- 30 inches mininmnl clearance between the top of the cooking surface and the bottom of an unprotected wood or metal cabinet; "A" 24 inches minimum when bottom of wood or metal cabinet is protected by not less than 1/4 inch "Flame Retardant"...
  • Page 15: Surface Cooking

    SURFACE COOKING Cooking Utensils Your range is equipped with tubular type top elements. Here are some helplM hints lk_r successlitl cooking. Far best result and energy conservation, choose cooking utensils which have the following characteristics: • Pans should havefhztbottams that make good contact with the entire element.
  • Page 16 SURFACE COOKING, continued Cooking Utensils, Continued Material Characteristics Uses Aluminum Excellent conductor ol' heat. All fl)ods. With thin gauge, cook Available in various gauges. with some liquid. Thicker gauges are suggested li)r flying, candy and sauces. Cast iron Suggested fur {k_odsthat require Hems unevely unless used...
  • Page 17: Oven Operation

    OPERATIONAL CHECK Check all connections to see that they are tight arrd have not become loosened during transit. Each top element is controlled by a switch and when turned on the element should heat up within a minute except li)r solid disk elements.
  • Page 18: Optional Equipment

    OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Continuous Cleaning Feature If your oven has the continlmus cleaning lkzature, it will have a dldl gray finish with white speckles that has been blended with a special catalytic material. (If the oven has a glossy finish, it is standard porcelain enamel without...
  • Page 19 OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT, Continued Backguard and Control Panel Features I4hWARNIN grounded and must be connected as shown in figure 1, 2 or 3 on page Electrical Grounding Instructions: This Appliance must properly Do not alter wiring or electrical equipment. The backguard equipment is optional, depending on model selection. The range you have purchased may or may not be equipped with the leatures that are illustrated in this section.
  • Page 20: Care Of Your Range

    CLEANING THE RANGE Always keep cleaning materials and chemicals in a sale place arrd away l_om children. Know what you are using. Make sure all parts of the range are COOL belore cleaning. sure to replace the parts correctly. Using Commercial Oven Cleaners...
  • Page 21: Alignments And Adjustments

    CLEANING THE RANGE, Continued Aluminum Foil in Oven Broiler Aluminum foil when used improperly is a cause of many range fires. Make certain heating elements aren't covered or come in contact with aluminum foil. Never cover a rack completely. A piece of foil slightly larger than the utensil can be placed on the rack beneath the utensil.
  • Page 22: Lid-Off Door

    IAI'CAUTION M,Lke certaiu al' snrl'a 'ee'emen cuol and all switches are in the OFF position priur to seating elements. Seating Top Elements The top element may need initial seating al_er installation of the stove or alier they have been unplugged and re-installed.
  • Page 23: Wiring Diagrams-Electrical

  • Page 24 Jabot on any covered items during the initial This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you monfl_ period may have other rights, which vary, from state to state Haier Amedca New York, NY 10018 PART NO. 184-6C102 (6-06)

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