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Haier HGRA201AAWW Conversion Instructions

Gas conversion from natural to lp gas
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Gas Conversion
Before starting fuel conversion of any gas appliance, make sure
From Natural
To LP Gas
the appliance has cooled to room temperature.
Conversion Kit
7/s" Open End Wrench or
32 Flathead
Crescent Wrench
9/ ,, (7_mn) Socket Wrench or
of this unit:
Phillips Screwdriver
Use & Care Manual
Crescent Wrench
1. Remove
the cook top fiom the range.
2. Use the 7/8" wrench
to unscrew
the brass cap off the 3/IaxitroI pressure
re mflator.
3. Remove
the plastic stem fiom the bottom of the selector
4. Turn the stem over so that the disc is fiacing away from the brass cap and clip back into place.
5. Screw the brass cap back into place.
6. If the range does not have a Maxitrol
brand regnlator,
refer to the Use & Care Manual
for more inforlnation.
Top Burners
1. With the cook top still relnoved tiom the appliance, remove all t\mr (4) top burners offthe gas valves.
2. Use the 9/32"(71rnn) socket wrench to remove all tour (4) brass orifices from the gas valves.
3. Replace each 1.4ram orifice with a 0.85mln LP top burner orifice found in the Conversion Kit.
4. Reattach the top burners to the on the gas valves and burner support.
5. When the range is put back in operation, you must adjust the minilnum flame turn down on each valve.
a. Ignite the burner and turn the knob to the "LOW" position.
b. Remove the knob from the tiont of the top burner valve.
c. Use the
screwdriver to turn the minimum flame screw clockwise to adjust low flame size.
d. A properly adjusted mJnilnum flame should be about I/8" in height.
e. Replace the oven knob.
6. If your range has pilot ignition, use the
screwdriver to adjust the size of the top burner pilots.
7. Refer to the Use & Care Manual for more int\_rlnation.
Oven Burner
1. Open the oven door and remove the oven racks.
2. Remove the oven floor by lifting it from the rear and sliding it backward.
3. Use the Phillips screwdriver to detach the oven burner tiom the fiont burner support.
4. Gently lift the oven burner out of place to expose the brass orifice injector at the rear of the oven.
5. You do not have to remove the pilot burner or ignitor, but be careful not to pinch any tubes or wires.
6. Use the 9/32"(71ran) socket wrench to remove the brass orifice fiom the gas injector.
7. Replace the 1.8mln orifice with the 1. llnln LP oven burner orifice found in the Conversion Kit.
8. If the oven has glow bar ignition, the orifice hood at the safety valve must be tightened on the LP pin.
9. Reattach the oven burner, and replace the oven floor, and oven racks.
Oven Thermostat
- Pilot or Spark Ignition Models Only
1. If your oven has pilot ignition, you must adjust the pilot flame when the range is put back in operation.
a. At the side of the therlnostat, use the
screwdriver to adjust the set screw on the pilot gas outlet.
b. Turn the pilot set screw clockwise until the pilot flame barely reaches the flame safety probe.
c. Refer to the Use & Care manual t\_r lnore inforlnation.
2. Adjust the minilnuln oven flame on pilot or spark ignition ovens with the oven control set to "WM".
a. Remove the therlnostat control knob.
b. l_fse the
screwdriver to adjust the lninimum flame screw on the fiont of the thermostat.
c. Look through the broiler door while adjusting this mJnilnum flame screw clockwise.
d. Properly adjusted minilnum flames at the oven burner appear as a row of t/8" diameter dots.
d. Replace the thermostat control knob.
3. Refer to the Use & Care Manual t\_rmore inforlnation.
is comolete,
to test all _as valves for leaks before
on the aololiance.