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Aboutthe Automatic Icemaker - GE GTH18FBC2RWW Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

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Table of Contents
Aboutthe storagedrawers.
Not all features are on all models.
Snacks Drawer
The snacks drawer
be, o, edtothe, ost
useful lo :ation fi, rtour
ttamily's needs.
Fruit and Vegetable Drawers
Excess water that may
in the bottom
the drawers
should be emptied
and the drawers
wiped dry.
Aboutstoragedrawer and cover removal.
Not all features are on all models.
Adjustable Humidity Drawer (on some models)
Slide fl_e control all the way to fl_e
Slide d_e control all the way to d_e LOW
HIGH setting to provide high humidi_ _
setting to provide lower humidi_ _levels
fior most vegetables,
fior most fruits.
Drawer and Cover Removal
can be removed
easily by grasping
the sides and lifting up slightly while pulling drawers
past the stop location.
the cover, lift it off its supports,
pull it forward,
tilt it and take it out.
i i
Twin Drawer Shelf
To remove:
[-_ Remove the drawers.
[2-] Reach in, push the front of glass cover _q),
and at the same time, pull it fiorward as far
as it will come.
Tilt it and take it out. Avokl cleaning the cold glass
cover with hot water becmlsethe extreme
temperature dift'crencemay cause it to break.
[_] Remove the drawer frame. (Always remove
the glass cover befi,re you take out the
drawer frame.)
Lif_the frame off the supports at each side m_d
back, ptdl it fi_rward,tilt it and take it out.
To replace:
[-_ Lower the frame until it rests on the
supports at each side and back.
[2--]Replace the glass cover,pushing its rear
edge firmly into the rear frame chalmel and
gently lowering the front into place.
I-j] Replace the drawers.
Aboutthe automatic icemaker.
A newly-installed
refrigerator may take 12 to 24 hours to begin making ice.
ler Armin
the STOP
Feeler A rmin
the ON (down)
Automatic Jcemaker
{on some models)
The icemaker will produce approsmately
cubes in a 24-hour period, dq)ending
the freezer coml)artment temperature,
temperature, zmmber of door ot)enh_g> and other
use conditions.
If the re_igerator is operated bef}_rethe water
connection is made to the icemaJ_c_ move the
feeler arm to the
STOP (up)
When the refrigerator
has been cormected to
d_e water supply_ move d_e feeler arm to d_e ON
(down) position.
_}m will hear a buzzing sound ead_ time the
icemaker fills with water.
The icemaker will fill with water when it cools to
15°E A neMy-installed refrigerator may take 12 to
24 hours to begin maldng ice cubes.
Throw away the first few batches of ice to allow
the water line to clear.
Be sure nothing interferes with the sweep of the
feeler arm.
When the bin fills to the level of the feeler arm,
the icemakcr will stop producing
It is normal fi,r several cubes to be joined
If ice is not used frequentl?_ old ice cubes will
become cloud?; taste stale and shrink.
NOTE: In homeswith lower-than-averagewater
pressure,you may hear the icemakercycle multiple
times when makingone batch of ice.
Icemaker Accessory
If your reii'igerator did not already come equipped
with an automatic icemaker, an icemaker
accessop,- ldt is available at extra cost.
Check the back of the refrigerator for
the specific icemaker kit needed l_r
your model.


Table of Contents