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2591 2
Instruction manual
Please read these instructions
carefully and make sure you
understand them before using this


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    [RIIFTSMIIN ° 2591 2 Instruction manual Please read these instructions carefully and make sure you understand them before using this machine.

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    Safetv sDecifications. Assembly. Functional description. Procedure before start. Driving. Maintenance, adjustment. Fault tracing: Storaqe. We reserve the right to changes without prior notice.

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    1. Safety Rules Safe Operation Practices for Ride-On Mowers IMPORTANT: THIS CUTTING MACHINE IS CAPABLE OF AMPUTATING HANDS AND FEET AND THROWING OBJECTS. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. I. Training Before attempting to start the engine, disengage all blade attachment clutches and shift into neutral.

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    IV. Maintenance and Storage Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the equipment is in safe working condition, Never store the equipment with petrol in the tank inside a building where fumes may reach an open flame or spark.

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    These symbols may appear on your tractor or in the literature supplied with the product. Learn and understand their meaning. "_ REVERSE NEUTRAL HIGH FAST SLOW LIGHTS ON LIGHTS OFF ENGINE OH ENGINE OFF PARKING BRAKE LOCKED UNLOCKED PARKING BRAKE BATTERY CLUTCH CHOKE...

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    These symbols may appear on your tractor or in the literature supplied with the product. Learn and understand their meaning. NO OPERATION KEEP BYSTANDERS AWAY READ OWNERS M'ANUAL EUROPEAN MACHINERY WArtNtNP. ON SLOPES MORE THAN 10° DIRECTIVE FOR SAFETY MOWER LIFT DANGER, KEEP HANDS..

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    2. Assembly. the tractor be used (_) Before certain parts must be as- sembled, which for transportation reasons are enclosed in the packing. The picture shows which paris must be as- sembled. STEERING WHEEL Mount extension shaft (1). Tighten securely. Mount the main shaft cover.

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    Seat Remove the hardware securing seat to the cardboard pack- ing and set the hardware aside for assembly of seat to tractor. Pivot seat upward and remove from cardboard packing. Remove the cardboard packing and discard. The seat is adjustable for individual setting in relation to the clutch and brake pedal, Fold up the holder for the seat and fit the barrel screw (1).

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    INSTALL BATTERY 1. Battery Cover NOTE: if battery is put into service after month and year 2. Screw indicated on label, charge battery for minimum of one hour 3. Cable Positive (+) at 6-10 amps, 4. Cable Negative (-) _WARNING: Before installing battery remove metal brace- lets, wrist watch bands, rings, etc.

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    WARNING: Positive terminal must be connected first to prevent sparks from accidental grounding. Remove terminal caps and discard, Connect the red cable to + and the_ the black earth cable to -. Screw tight the cables. Grease the battery poles with vaseline to prevent corrosion.

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    install begger components to tractor 1. Rear Door 2, Support Bracket 3. 3/8 Carriage Bolt 4. 3/8 Lock Nut Discharge Chute 5. 3/8 x 63,5mm Rex Bolt 3/8 Nut 10,3ram (13/32") flat Flat Washer washer Remove discharge chute from rear of tractor• Unhook the two (2} straps and pull chute out and away from tractor•...

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    To Assemble Bagger NOTE: For ease of assembly, you may wish to obtain the assistance of another person when putting the bagger to- gether. t. Front b a r tube Assemble front and lower bagger tubes using four (4) 1/ 4 x 50,8mm carriage bolts and lock nuts supplied.

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    3. Functional description. Positioning of controls 1. Light Switch. Accelerator and choke control. Brake and clutch pedal. Motion Control Lever. Attachment clutch switch. Quick lifting/lower of the cutting unit. Ignition lock. Parking Brake. Free-wheel control lever. 10, Cutting height setting,...

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    1. Light switch 2. Accelerator and choke control The accelerator control regulates the motor speed and also the speed of the blades. If the lever is in its forward position the choke function is connected, If the lever is in its reverse position the motor is in neutral, Fullspeed lies between these two positions,...

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    3. Brake and clutch pedal When the pedal is pushed down the brake is applied and the motor is disengaged.

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    4. Motion control lever There are four different positions for this lever: N = Neutral (no drive) S = Slow F = Fast R = Reverse The lever can be moved steplessly between S and F to ensure the required speed.

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    5. Attachment clutch switch 6. Quick lifting/lowering of the cutting unit Pull the lever backwards to quickly lift the cutting unit when passing over irregularities in the lawn, etc. During transporta- tion the cutting unit shall be in the highest pos;tion. Pull the lever back until it locks.

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    START 7. Ignition Lock There are three different positions for the ignition key: All electric current broken. Electric current connected. START Start motor connected. WARNING! Never leave the key in the ignition lock when leaving the machine on its own. 8.

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    10. Cutting height setting The required cutting height is set with the aid of the wheel. The cutting height is increased when it is turned clockwise. The wheel is easier to turn if the lever for lifting/lowering of the cutting unit is pulled backwards at the same time.

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    4. Before starting. Filling The engine should be run of pure (not oil mixed) unleaded petrol. Do not fill beyond the lower edge of the filling hole. Do not fill over max level. WARNING! Petrol is highly inflammable. Proceed with care and fill up with petrol outdoors.

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    Oil level The combined oil refilling cap and the oil stick is accessible when the bonnet is lifted forwards. The oil level in the engine should be checked before each run. Make sure that the tractor is horizontal. Unscrew the oil stick and wipe clean. Replace the oilstick and screw tight.

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    Tire air pressure Check the tyre pressure regularly. The pressure in the front tyres should be 1 bar (14 PSI) and 0.8 bar (12 PSI) in the back tyres.

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    5. Driving. Starting of motor Make sure that the cutting unit is in '_hetransport position (top position) and that the lever for connection/disconnection of the cutting unit is in the disconnection position. Press down the clutch/brake pedal completely and hold down. Set the gear lever in neutral "N".

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    (_Warm motor: Push the gas control half-way to full gass position "_". _)Tum the ignition key to "START position". NOTE! Do not run the start motor more than 5 seconds at once. If the engine will not start, wait about 10 seconds before the next try.

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    IMPORTANT! COLD STARTING FOR HYDRO Start engine and move throttle control to slow position. Be sure parking brake is not engaged. IMPORTANT: COLD STARTING FOR HYDRO (BELOW 40°F[4°C]) - AFTER STARTING ENGINE AND BEFORE Move motion control lever to full forward position and hold DRIVING, LET TRANSMISSION WARM UP FOR ONE (1) for five (5) seconds.

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    NOTE! The machine is equipped with a safety switch which immediately breaks the current to the engine if the driver leaves the seat with engine running and with the connection/ disconnection lever in position "connection".Your machine is also equiped with a system that will not allow mower to operate if the bagger or optional rear discharge deflector is not installed properly.

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    Cutting tips Clear the lawn from stones and other objects which can be thrown away by the blades. Localize and mark stones and other fixed objects to avoid collision. Begin with a high cutting height and reduce until the required cutting result is obtained. The cutting result is best with high engine speed (blades rotate quickly) and low gear (machine goes slowly).

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    To Dump Bagger Your tractor is equipped with a Dump Bag Alarm. To turn off the alarm disengage the attachment clutch switch. • Position tractor in location you wish to dump bagger. Place motion control lever in Neutral position and set parking brake.

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    To convert mower Convertingto mulchingor rear discharging will require the purchase of these accessories.) To mulching • Place deck into the high cut position. Remove bagger or optional rear discharge deflector. Unhook the two (2) straps and remove discharge chute Insert plug and handle assembly through back p_ate and onto the mower deck chute adaptor.

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    WARNING! Do not drive in terrain at an angle of more than max, 10°, The risk for spark-over backwards is large. In steep terrain the risk for tipping is considerable. Avoid stopping and starting in sloping terrain. Only change gear when the machine is standing still to avoid damaging the gear box.

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    (_Use the teft side of the machine to cut close to trees, bushes and paths, etc. The blade cuts about 15 mm inside the edge of the cover. Switching off the engine Move the gas control to ",gh". Disconnect the cutting unit by moving the connectJdis_on-nect lever downwards.

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    WARNING! Do not fleave the ignition key in the machine when not in use to prevent children and other aunauthodzed persons start- ing the engine.

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    6. Maintenance, adjustment. WARNING! Before servicing the engine or cutting unit the following shall be carried out: Press down the clutch/brake pedal and engage the parking brake lever. Put gear lever in neutral. Move connection/disconnection lever to disengaged position. Switch off engine. Remove the ignition cable from the plug.

  • Page 35

    SERVICE RECORD FILL IN DATES AS YOU COMPLETE REGULAR SERVICE Every 8 Every Every Every Every 50 hours 100 hours Needed hours 25 hours 200 hours Change engine oil ......Lubricate pivot points ...... Check brake operation ......• Clean air screen ............•...

  • Page 36

    Blades The blades should be sharp to achieve best cutting results. Sharpening can be carried out with a file or grinding disc. NOTE! It is very important that both blades are sharpened equally to avoid imbalance. BladeCare Important: The blades on your mower are not the same and must be installed on the correct side.

  • Page 37

    5 Star pattern blade The center of this blade has a five (5) star pattern. The bolt that attaches this blade has normal Right Hand threads that loosens by turning (,) counter-clockwise and tightens by turning (_) clockwise. 5 Star Center Ho4e Hex bolt dght hand threaded.

  • Page 38

    _For best results mower blades must be kept sharp. Replace bent or damaged blades, BLADE REMOVAL Raise mower to highest position to allow access to blades. Remove hex bolt, lock washer and flat washer securing b_ade. Install new or resharpened blade with trailing edge up towards deck as shown.

  • Page 39

    Brakes The brakes are located inside the right rear wheel. The wheel should be dismantled for best access. Press down the clutch/brake pedal and engage the park- ing brake. (_1. Measure the distance between the brake lever and the adjuster nut. The distance should be 40 mm (1.56").

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    Dismantling ofthecutting unit Work from the right side of the machine. 1. Take off the belt from the engine pulley (1). Remove the two rear retainer springs (2) and knock off the axle taps with a hammer.

  • Page 41

    Assembly of the cutting unit Remove the retainer springs (3), (4), (5) and axles. Assemble in the reverse order to dismantling. Pull the lever for lifting/lowering the cutting unit back- wards. Push in the cutting unit under the machine. Pull out the cutting unit from the machine.

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    Replacement of drive belt for cutting unit Dismantle the cutting unit as described previousley. 2, Work off the belt from the unit's left pulley and then from the other wheels. Pull the belt away from the cutting unit• The new belt is mounted in the reverse order. Check that the belt lies inside all the belt guides.

  • Page 43

    Adjustment of the cutting unit A. In the direction of travel Check that the air pressure is correct in all four tyres. Make sure that the machine is on a horizontal surface, lift up the cutting unit to iis highest position. Measure the distances A and B.

  • Page 44

    (1) Bottom edge of mower (2) Lift link adjustment nut SIDE-TO-SIDE ADJUSTMENT • Raise mower to highest position. • At the midpoint of both sides of mower, measure height from bottom edge of mower to ground. Distance"A" should be the same or within 6mm (1/4) of each other. If adjustment is necessary, make adjustment on one side of mower onty.

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    Replacement of drive belt 1, Dismantle the cutting unit as descdbed previously. Pull apart the contact for the cable to the electrical connec tion (1). Dismantle the motion restrainer for the clutch (2). Engage the parking brake and work off the belt upwards from the pulley (3), the clutch pulley (4).

  • Page 46

    Motion (_1. Control Lever Neutral Lock Gate Adjustment Bolt TRANSAXLE MOTION CONTROL LEVER NEU- TRAL ADJUSTMENT The motion control lever has been preset at the factory and adjustment should not be necessary. Loosen adjustment bolt in front of the right rear wheel, and tightly tighten.

  • Page 47

    TRANSAXLE COOLING The fan and cooling fins of transmission should be kept clean to assure proper coobing, Do not attempt to clean fan or transmission while engine is running or while the transmission is hot. Inspect coo_ing fan to be sure fan blades are intact and clean.

  • Page 48

    7. Troubleshooting. (_" Engine will not start No fuel in fuel tank. Plug defective. Plug connection defective. Dirt in carburettor or fuel pipe, Start motor will not turn engine 1, Battery flat, Poor contact between cable and battery pole, 3. Connection/disconnection level in wrong position.

  • Page 49

    8. Storage• following steps _The should be taken when mowing season is over: • Clean the entire machine, especially underneath cutting unit cover. • Touch up all chipped paint surfaces in order to avoid corrosion. Change engine oil. • Drain the fuel tank. Start the engine and allow it to run until it is out of fuel.

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    173736 1.17.00 Printed in U.S.A.

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