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Maintenance - Craftsman 113.170250 Owner's Manual

16 gallon wet/dry vac with detachable blower
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Thewet/dry vacmayalsobe usedfor
blowing u sing theseven foothosesup-
plied withthe wet/dry v ac.
Install theblower adapter intheblowing
port o fthewet/dry v ac.
Theblower a dapter w ill insertintothe
inside of thepush button endof thevac
hose. A ssemble the hose to theblower
adapter andconnect theblower nozzle t o
theopposite end ofthehose.
The unit i sready f orblowing a pplications.
Blowing Port
Blower Nozzle
Blower Nozzle
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury from accidental starting,
unplug power cord before changing
or cleaning filter.
After using the detachable blower of your
wet/dry vac, examine the bottom of the
blower for dust and debris. Check to see if
the intake to the blower has debris stuck
to the plastic vents and foam pad.
To clean the foam pad under the intake
shield of the detachable blower:
1. Remove the three screws holding the
intake shield.
2. Lift the intake shield off and set aside.
3. Lift the foam pad away from the
detached blower, the foam pad holder
will also lift away from the blower.
4. Remove the foam pad from the foam
pad holder and set the foam pad holder
to the side. Clean the foam pad in warm
soapy water or brush debris away.
Allow foam pad to dry.
5. Examine foam pad for reuse. If you
need to replace it, check the service
part section of this manual.
Foam Pad
Foam Pad
crews (3)
6. Replace foam pad holder on blower
with the tabs away from the blower.
Reinstall foam pad under the tabs of the
7. Reinstall intake shield and 3 screws.
The unit is ready for use.

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