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Assembly - Craftsman 113.170250 Owner's Manual

16 gallon wet/dry vac with detachable blower
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Caddy Assembly
1. Unlatch the drum latches on the front
and rear of unit. The drum latches hold
the lid onto the drum. Lift the lid off the
drum. Place the lid upside down on a
clean smooth surface.
2. Flip the drum upside down on the floor.
3. Take the accessory caddy and position
it on the vac drum. The open end of
horseshoe shaped caddy should be
positioned under the drain cap.
4. Slide the caddy down onto the drum,
the open end of the caddy has two
dovetail slides that will press into the
molded area of the drum. The caddy
will press onto the drum until it rests
against the first step of the drum. The
bottom edge of the caddy will be even
with the bottom edge of the vac drum. If
it is not even with the bottom of the
drum, tap the edge until it is flush with
the drum bottom. The tab lock located
at the rear of the caddy will latch into
the recessed area at the rear of the vac
to a&
To Install
the WheelslCasters
1. Locate the two 5-1/4" wheel assemblies
and the single wheel casters.
2. Insert the single wheel casters into the
bottom of the accessory caddy as
shown (2 places).
3. Push on the caster until the end of the
caster stem is inserted all the way into
the socket. You will be able to hear the
end of the caster snap into the socket of
the caddy. The caster will rotate easily
when positioning is correct.
4. Position the dovetail section of one of
the wheel assemblies into the acces-
sory caddy as illustrated. Tap the wheel
support of the assembly with a soft mal-
let if necessary. Repeat for the second
wheel assembly.
Wheel _...._
5. Flip the drum/caddy assembly upright
with the wheels of the caddy resting on
the floor.
NOTE: When emptying debris from the
wet/dry drum, it is not necessary to
remove the vac caddy.

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