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Craftsman 536.772350 Operator's Manual

4.5 horsepower 9 inch blade
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4.5 Horsepower
9 Inch Blade
Before using this
read this manual and
follow all of its Safety Rules and
Manual del usario
4.5 caballos
de fuerza (hp)
de 9 pulgada
Antes de usar este
lea este manual y siga todas
las reglas de seguridad
e instrucciones
de operaci6n.
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179 U.S.A.
www, sears,com/craftsman



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 536.772350

  • Page 1 (hp) de 9 pulgada lamina Modelo 536.772350 PRECAUClON: Antes de usar este producto, lea este manual y siga todas las reglas de seguridad e instrucciones de operaci6n. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. MS-3617MA 02/06 www, sears,com/craftsman...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    When assembled, operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions, if this Craftsman Edger fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within two years from the date of purchase, return it to any Sears store, Sears Parts & Repair Center, or other Craftsman outlet in the United States for free repair (or replacement if repair proves impossible).
  • Page 3: Operator Safety

    Symbols And Warnings This manual contains safety information to make you aware of the hazards and risks associated with edgers, and how to avoid them. The edger is designed and intended only for lawn Read care edging and trimming, and should not be used for Fire Manual any other purpose.
  • Page 4 WARNING WARNING !f there is natural or LP gas leakage in area, d0 When Adding Fuel • Stop the engine. Let engine cool at least 2 • Do not use pressurized starting fluids because vapors are flammable. • minutes before removing the gas cap. Fill fuel tank outdoors or in well-ventilated area.
  • Page 5 WARNING WARNING Operate equipment with guards in place. Keep hands and feet away from rotating parts. Disconnect the spark plug wire and keep it - Tie up long hair and remove jewelry. away fr0m the spark p!ug: Do not wear loose-fitting clothing, dangling Use only c0_rect t0ols: drawstrings or items that could become Do not tamper with governor sPriagl links or...
  • Page 6: Operator Safety Rules

    Ope ate Safety BuSes Before Use • Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. • Read the owner's manual carefully. Be thoroughly • Exercise extreme caution when operating on or familiar with the controls and the proper use of the crossing gravel drives, walks, or roads.
  • Page 7 Repair / Adjustments Safety After striking a foreign object, stop the engine. • Stop the engine whenever you leave the operating Remove the wire from the spark plug, and keep the position. Also, disconnect the spark plug wire wire away from the plug to prevent accidental before unclogging the blade and when making any starting.
  • Page 8: Assembly

    Parts Packed Separately In Carton ControlRod 1 - Owner's Manual (not shown) 1 - Container Of Oil 2 - Hair Pin 2 - Hair Pin 1 - Container of Oil 1 - Control Removal From The Carton WARNING Remove the bottle of oil and parts bag from the carton.
  • Page 9: How To Raise The Handle

    Push down on the handle to tilt the unit back. How To Raise The Handle Insert the other end of the control rod, from RIGHT 1 Loosen the knobs (A) and raise the upper handle to LEFT, through the hole in the depth control lever (B) to the upright position.
  • Page 10: Features

    J Blade A Engine StopLever- Mustbeengaged t o allowtheengine to startandrun,Release K Blade Guide to stoptheengine. L Quill A ssembly B Starter R ope Handle - Theengine is M OilDrainPlug(located o nbottom of equipped withaneasypullrecoil s tarter. engine) C BladeDepth Lever - Controls d epthofcut. N Engine Model N umber D Control R od O Product M odel N umber...
  • Page 11: Operation

    Eye Protection Always wear safety glasses. If you wear eye glasses, put a Wide Vision Safety Mask over your eye glasses. Before Starting The Engine WARNING CAUTION This engine was shipped from the factory without oil. If you start the engine without oil, the engine will be damaged beyond repair and will not be covered under warranty.
  • Page 12 Gasoline Requirements All gasoline is not the same. If a starting or High-altitude performance problem is encountered after new At higher altitudes (over 5,000 feet), 85 octane / 85 gasoline has been used, try another service station or AKI (89 RON) gasoline can be used. Operation at change brands.
  • Page 13: Howto Start The Engine

    How To Start The Engine Push the primer button (A) three times. Wait approximately two seconds between each push. See Figure 9. WARNING IMPORTANT: Do not use the primer button to start a warm engine. Start andruneng ..Do not staA or run enginein enclose d area, even if doors or windows are open/ CAUTION...
  • Page 14: How To Stop

    How To Stop Emergency Stopping Release the engine stop lever (A). See Figure 10, Normal Stopping Move the depth control lever (B) forward to raise the blade. Then, release the engine stop lever (A) (see Figure 10). WARNING To st0P the enginel release the engine stop lever.
  • Page 15 How To Use The Index Lever The cutting angle of the blade is control by the index Move the depth control lever to the desired height. lever (A). The index lever has four cutting positions, See "How To Use The Depth Control Lever" in the one vertical cut and three bevel cut position.
  • Page 16 How To Operate The Edger The edger is designed to cut a small trench along Start the engine. See "How To Start The Engine". sidewalks and driveways or to trim close to trees, Move the depth control lever back to lower the flower beds, lampposts, etc.
  • Page 17 Curb-hop feature 1 Stoptheengine. N ever a djust t hewheels whilethe engine is running. WARNING 2 Setthe index leveratvertical c utposition to prevent b ladecontact w iththecurb. T hemaximum height o fa curbshould notexceed 8 inches. 3 Setthe entire edger on the curb. 4 In the correct position, both the right rear wheel (A) and the front wheel (B) are off to the side of the Never adjust the wheels 01the blade While the...
  • Page 18: Edging Tips

    Edging Tips • Edging is best performed when conditions are dry. WARNING If the soil is too wet, dirt becomes packed around the blade causing premature belt wear and decreased performance. If dirt does become packed around the blade, stop the engine and remove the wire from the spark plug.
  • Page 19: Maintenance

    Maintenanc÷ First Before Every Every Every Before Each 5to 8 PROCEDURE Storage Hours Hours Hours Hours Cooling System, Clean * In dusty conditions, clean every 25 hours. ** In dusty conditions or when airborne debris is present, clean more often. Replace air cleaner if it is very dirty. *** Change oil after first 5 to 8 hours of use, then every 50 hours.
  • Page 20: How To Remove The Belt

    How To Remove The Belt The belt is made of a special compound. If the belt becomes worn or breaks, replace the belt with an original equipment belt. 1 Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug. 2 Tilt the machine backwards on the handle. Secure the top of the handle under a bench or against a wall.
  • Page 21: How To Replace The Blade

    How To Replace The Blade The blade is subject to wear and damage, such as NOTE: To remove or tighten the blade Iocknut, nicks and dents. This is normal and does not affect its always use the method shown in Figure 18. function.
  • Page 22: Engine Maintenance

    Engine Maintenance Carburetor Adjustment CAUT,ON AI! the components Used tO build this engine mUst Never make unnecessary adjustments to the [amain in place for the proper operation of this carburetor. The carburetor was set at the factory to engine. operate efficiently under most applications. However, if adjustments are required, see any Sears or other Emission Control...
  • Page 23 How To Change The Oil Change oil after first 5 to 8 hours of use, then 8 To add oil, pour the oil slowly into the engine oil fill. every 50 hours. Change oil every 25 hours when The engine holds approximately 20 ounces (0.6 operating the engine under heavy load or in high liter) of oil.
  • Page 24 How To Service The Air Filter Replace the air filter every 50 hours; more often in WARNING dusty or dirty conditions, CAUT,O. Do not use pressurized air oi solvents to clean the I fi!ter, Pressurized air can damage the filter and solvents will dissolve the filter.
  • Page 25: Storage

    Storage Fuel stabilizer Follow these guidelines when storing the edger for longer than 30 days. • If you do not want to remove the gasoline, add a fuel stabilizer to any gasoline left in the fuel tank. A Edger fuel stabilizer will minimize gum deposits and acids. If the fuel tank is almost empty, mix the fuel Completely clean the edger.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Debris interferes w ithblade Cleandebris fromblade. Need Assistance? Call 1-800-4-MY-HOME ® (1-800-469-4663)
  • Page 27: Product Specifications

    P oduct Specifications Product Model No,: 536.772350 Displacement: 9.67 cu. in. (158.6 cc) Bore 2-9/16 in. (65.09 mm) Power Ratings The power ratings for an individual engine model are differences in altitude, temperature, barometric initially developed by starting with SAE (Society of pressure, humidity, fuel, engine lubrication, maximum Automotive Engineers) code J1940 (Small Engine governed engine speed, individual engine to engine...
  • Page 28 The California Air Resources Board (CARB), U.S. EPA and listed below, provided there has been no abuse, neglect or im- Sears are pleased to explain the Emissions Control System proper maintenance of your small off-road engine. Warranty on your small off-road engine (SORE). In California, Your emissions control system...
  • Page 29 Look For Relevant Emission Durability Period and Air Index Information On¥our Engine Emission Label Engines that are certified to meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Tier 2 Emission Standards must display informa- tion regarding the Emissions Durability Period and the Air Index. Briggs &...
  • Page 30: Illustrated Parts List

    REPAIR PARTS CRAFTSMAN 536.772350 EDGER BLADE ASSEMBLY Part No. Description Part Description Engine 4.5 HP 740297 Blade, Edger 10H902-0121 -El 46023 Nut, 1/2-20 Screw 0025x6 338582 Deflector, Rubber 52052 Pulley, V3L 337792E701 Plate, Rubber Flap 338490 Key, Hi Pro #505...
  • Page 31 REPAIR PARTS CRAFTSMAN 536.772350 WHEEL ASSEMBLY 21 _.. Part Part Description Description Flat washer 71294 120393 Knob, Wing Screw 015x68 180091 Locknut, Flange 45222 Spacer, Sleeve 0020x3 Spring Washer Washer 740091 Rod, Axle Front Tire & Rim 336545 030x20 Pin, Cotter...
  • Page 32 REPAIR PARTS CRAFTSMAN 536.772350 HANDLE ASSEMBLY 20X_ Part Description Part Description Washer 740142E701 Upper Handle 138485 782585 Nut, 1/4-20 315288 Bolt, 5/16-18x.75 339489 1498 Nut, 5/16-18 Cap, Operator Control Lower Handle 314276 Nut, Push On 1701051E701 337744 711558 Bolt, 5/16-18x.75...
  • Page 34: Engine

    BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR PARTS MODEL 10H902-0121-E1 1058 OWNER'S MANUAL] 358 ENGINE GASKET SET 1330 REPAIR MANUAL 428_ 1o8 © 824 O 1095 VALVE GASKET SET 668 g 745 4_ 842 0 524 O 307 _% 718[_ 871 I...
  • Page 35 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR PARTS MODEL 10H902-0121-E1 REF. PART PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Screw 699653 691111 Cylinder Asembly 690959 Pin-Locating 399269 691146 Screw (Intake Manifold) Kit-Bushing/Seal Gasket-Air Cleaner 2711398 (Magneto Side) (Brake) Blade-Governor 299819 Seal-Oil 691912 891870 SeaI-O Ring 690400 Shield-Cylinder...
  • Page 36 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR PARTS MODEL 10H902-0121-E1 2,, [ _ 741 _ 718A 15 @...
  • Page 37 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR PARTS MODEL 10H902-0121-E1 REF. PART REF. PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 792532 Piston Assembly 296676 Valve-Exhaust 698691 Sump-Engine 692218 Gasket-Crankcase 296677 Valve-intake (.020" Oversize) 790909 Ring Set 691680 Plug-Oil Drain 690520 Spring-Valve 692989 Crankshaft (Standard) (Intake) 3914838 Seal-Oil...
  • Page 38 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR PARTS MODEL 10H902-0121-E1 6s3 @ 188_ 190A 578_...
  • Page 39 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR PARTS MODEL 10H902-0121-E1 REF, PART REF. PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 698369 Filter-Air Cleaner Foam 2226988 Key-Flywheel 691859 Spring-Governed Idle 699660 Carburetor 691446 Bracket-Control 698472 Cleaner-Air 691931 Shaft-Throttle 496914 Armature-Magneto 697582 Wire Assembly 691901 Seat-Inlet 691061 Screw 4960468...
  • Page 40 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR PARTS MODEL 10H902-0121-E1 1036 EMISSIONS LABEL 1329 REPLACEMENT ENGINE 48 SHORT BLOCK 661_ 1211 1210 ,_69 d_ 78 '_ 456 _ 613_...
  • Page 41 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR PARTS MODEL 10H902-0121-E1 REF. PART REF. PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 690843 Flywheel (Blower Housing) 1210 499901 Pulley/Spring Assembly 690482 690662 Guard-Flywheel (Pulley) 691209 Guard-Flywheel (Flywheel) 1211 499901 Pulley/Spring Asembiy Short Block 398213 19069 Puller-Flywheel (Spring) 692144 Housing-Rewind...
  • Page 43 DE LA BORDEADORA CRAFTSMAN Si la bordeadora Craftsman se ensambla, maneja y mantiene de acuerdo con todas las instrucciones suministradas, y esta falla a causa de un defecto en el material o en la mano de obra dentro para dos afios de la fecha de compra, Ilevela a cualquier tienda de...
  • Page 44 Simbobs y adve ten¢ias _[]] Este manual contiene informaci6n de seguridad para alertarlo sobre los peligros y riesgos asociados con las bordeadoras, y para indicarle c6mo evitarlos. La bordeadora estA dise_ada 0nicamente para recortar y rebordear el c6sped, y no debe ser utilizada para Leer el Fuego _nanual...
  • Page 45 ADVERTENCIA ADVERTENCIA Si hay una fuga de gas natural o gas propano EP en Cuando a_ada combustible el _rea, no arranque el motor. • Apague el motor. Deje que se enfrie por Io menos No use liquidos de arranque presurizado Ya clue los 2 minutos antes...
  • Page 46 ADVERTENCIA ADVERTENCIA iiiii! • Opere e! equip ° con !os protect0res en Su iugar- Antes de hacer ajustes 0 reParaciones: • Aleje las manos y los pies de las partes giratorias. • Desc0necte el Cable de ia bujia y al6jelo de eli& •...
  • Page 47 IIIHe ma8 de seguddad epe ade Antes de su uso • No coloque las manes o pies cerca o debajo de piezas giratorias. • Lea el manual del propietario detenidamente. • Preste mucha atenci6n cuando maneje la Bordeadora Familiaricese completamente con los controles y e! use cerca de la calle o cuando cruce calzadas, calles o...
  • Page 48 Reparaci6n / Ajustes seguros • Si golpea un objeto extrar_o con la unidad, apague • Apague el motor siempre que tenga que dejar el equipo. motor. Desconecte el cable de la bujia y mantengalo Desconecte el cable de la bujia antes de limpiar alejado de 6sta para evitar un arranque...
  • Page 49 Las piezas estan embaladas en carton 1 - Varilla de control por separado. 1 - Manual del propietario (no se muestra) 1 - Recipiente de aceite 2 - Pin de retenci6n 2 - Pin de retencion 1 - Recipiente de aceite 1 - Varilla de control Las referencias a derecha...
  • Page 50 C6mo levantar la manija Empuje la manija hacia abajo para inclinar la unidad hacia atr&s. Afloje las perillas (A) y levante la manija superior (B) a Introduzca el otro extreme de la varilla de control, su posici6n vertical. Ver Figura 2. DERECHA a IZQUIERDA, a trav6s...
  • Page 51 Conozca 8u producto: Si usted conoce la unidad y sabe c6mo funciona, alcanzarA un mejor rendimiento. AI leer este manual, compare las ilustraciones con la unidad. Descubra la ubicaci6n y funci6n de los controles. Para evitar accidentes, siga las instrucciones de funcionamiento y las normas de seguridad.
  • Page 52 Protecci6n para los ojos Siempre use gafas de protecci6n. Si usted usa anteojos, p6ngase una mascara de protecci6n encima de 6stos. Antes de arrancar el motor ADVERTENCIA PRECAUCION: Este motor se despacha de fabrica sin aceite. Si usted arranca el motor sin aceite, ooasionara dallos irreparables...
  • Page 53 Requisitos de gasolina Uso para altitudes altas No cualquier gasolina es igual. Si detecta un problema arranque o de rendimiento luego de usar una gasolina Se puede utilizar gasolina de 85 octanos / 85 AKI (89 RON) nueva, pruebe con otra estaci6n de servicio o cambie en altitudes...
  • Page 54 C6mo arrancar el motor Presione el bot6n cebador (A) tres veces. Espere aproximadamente dos segundos cada vez que presione e! bot6n. Ver Figura IMPORTANTE" No use el boton cebador para arrancar un motor caliente. _Arranqu e el motory op_relo en exteri0res_ NO arranque el motor ni Io opereenun...
  • Page 55 Como apagar el motor Parada de emergencia Suelte la palanca de parada de! motor (A). Ver Figura 10. Parada normal Mueva la palanca de control de profundidad (B) hacia adelante para levantar la cuchilla. Luego, suelte la palanca de parada de! motor (A) (vet Figura 10).
  • Page 56 Como utilizar la palanca guia NOTA: Para un corte profundo, primero corte la El angulo de corte de la cuchilla se controla por medio de la superficie. Luego, corte a mayor profundidad hasta palanca guia (A). La palanca guia tiene cuatro posiciones obtener la profundidad deseada.
  • Page 57 Como manejar la Bordeadora La bordeadora estA dise_ada para cortar pequer_as zanjas Arranque el motor. Consulte "C6mo arrancar e! motor". a Io largo de las aceras y los caminos para ingreso vehiculos o para recortar alrededor de arboles, macizo Mueva la palanca de control de profundidad...
  • Page 58 Bordeado de aceras Detenga el motor. Nunca ajuste las ruedas con el motor Utilice la palanca de control de profundidad (D) para en funcionamiento. bajar la rueda delantera hasta que haga contacto con la calzada y la bordeadora quede nivelada. Coloque la palanca guia en la posici6n...
  • Page 59 Consejos de corte El corte se realiza mejor cuando la superficie ADVERTENCIA encuentra seca. Si la tierra est& demasiado h0meda, cuchilla se llena de suciedad provocando un desgaste prematuro de la correa y una reducci6n en e! rendimiento. • Si la cuchilla se Ilena de suciedad, apague el motor...
  • Page 60 Antes Cada Cada Cada Antesdel de cada meras PROCEDIMIENTO 5 a 8 almacena- horas horas horas horas miento Controle el aceite En condiciones de mucho polvo, limpie cada 25 horas. Limpie con mayor frecuencia en condiciones de mucho polvo o cuando e! aire contenga muchas particulas.
  • Page 61 Como retirar la correa La correa ester hecha de un material especial. Si la correa se desgasta o se rompe, reemplacela con un repuesto original. Desconecte el cable de la bujia. Incline la maquina hacia atras utilizando la manija. Sujete la parte superior de la manija contra...
  • Page 62 C6mo reemplazar la cuchilla NOTA: Para retirar o ajustar la contratuerca La cuchilla sufre desgastes y dar_os, como hendeduras abolladuras. Generalmente 6stas no afectan la cuchilla, use siempre el metodo que se funcionamiento. muestra en Figura 18. Primero, coloque la Ilave (C) para sujetar la tuerca ubicada detras...
  • Page 63 Mantenimiento del Motor Ajuste del carburador Tod0s los Componentes Uti!izados para Construir este rn0to[ deben manteners e en su !ugar para e I Nunca realice ajustes innecesarios en el carburador. PRECAUClON: carburador ha side calibrado en la fabrica para funcionar funci0namient0 c0rrect0 de este motor.
  • Page 64 C6mo cambiar el aceite Vierta lentamente el aceite en la boca de Ilenado Cambie aceite despues de las primeras 5 a 8 horas uso, y iuego cada 50 horas. Cambie aceite cada 25 horas aceite del motor. El motor tiene capacidad para cuando opere...
  • Page 65 Como mantener el filtro de aire Cambie el filtro de aire cada 50 horas de operaci6n; con ADVERTENCIA mayor frecuencia en condiciones de mucho polvo o suciedad. No use aire a presiOn ni s01ventes para !impiar el fi tr0: EI ai[e a presi6n puede da_ar el filtro y los solventes PRECAUCION: pueden d SOVet...
  • Page 66 Almacenamiento Estabilizador de combustible Siga estas pautas para almacenar la bordeadora durante periodo mayor a 30 dias. Si no desea extraer la gasolina, agregue un estabilizador de combustible a la gasolina que quede en el tanque. Bordeadora estabilizador de combustible minimizarA los depOsitos •...
  • Page 67 D÷t÷ccion de Fa_as &Necesita asistencia? Llame al 1-800-4-MY-HOME ® (1-800-469-4663)
  • Page 68 Espe¢ifica¢iones producto 536.772350 de Modelo del producto: Capacidad del tanque de aceite: 20 onzas SAE-30W Interno 2-9/16 pulgadas (65,09 mm) del Inducido: 0,006-0,010 pulgadas (0,15-0,25 mm) Clasificacion de Potencia La clasificaci6n de potencia para un modelo de motor en diferencias en altitud, temperatura, presi6n...
  • Page 69 La Junta de Recursos Ambientales (CARB), la Agencia de Protecci6n Sears debe garantizar el sistema de control de emisiones en su motor Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (U.S. EPA) y Sears se complacen en por los periodos de tiempo listados abajo, teniendo en cuenta que no explicarles la Garantia del Sistema de Control de Emisiones de su mo- haya habido abuse, negligencia o mantenimiento no apropiado de su tor pequeflo para todo terreno (SORE).
  • Page 70 Busque el Periodo de Durabilidad de Emisiones y la Informaci6n del Indice de Aire PerUnentes en su Etiqueta de Emisiones del Motor Los motores que son certificados porque cumplen con las Nor- mas de Emisiones Etapa 2 de la Junta de Recursos Ambienta- les de California (CARB)
  • Page 72 ¸¸7¸¸7¸¸7¸¸7¸¸7¸¸7¸¸7¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸ Your Home For repair-in your home-of all major brand appliances, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii For the replacement parts, accessories and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.